The Child's Question

A Christmas tale...


1. The Child's Question


The Child's Question



The young girl waited, her eyes filled with glee

soon she would have her turn on his knee.

When finally she sat, her words held no cheer

“How will you find me? We just moved here.”


The white haired gent thought and then he smiled.

His answer he knew, would have her beguiled.

“I'm sure that you know,” he said to begin,

“That Santa knows where all children have been.”


“I know where you were as well as are now,

where you came from, and the what, why and how.”

He ended his talk with his wisdom of age,

“Santa will find you, I've marked your new page.”


The little girl smiled, her eyes twinkled at the grand old elf.

“I have no rooftop, no chimney, no entry for yourself.

Please tell me, how will you enter on this Christmas night

with no magical portal fit for such a jolly old sprite?”


Again he thought while his brow showed care,

then suddenly he had an idea, a thought with a flair.

“Santa has a master key, one that will open every latch.

With just a bit of magical dust, your lock is sure to match.”


The girl looked at Santa, her eyes filled with tears.

Her questions were for one older, too far beyond her years.
“Just be sure to leave cookies and carrots for my team.

Go to bed early and have a wonderful sugar plumb dream.”


“In the morning you'll wake to find that I was there,

and granted all of your wishes, found time to care.

I am Santa Clause, Father Christmas, Babbo Natale and Pere Noel.

Since the start of time I've always known where my children dwell.”


The little one stood and then turned to kiss his cheek,

while her mother smiled and thanked him in a silent speak.

Then before the child was led away she took his hand,

“And please don't forget my Elsa and Anna Frozen Playland”...

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