Anime 1 Shots!

Anime oneshot request book. Just tell me what ship and how you want it *wink wink*. The fandoms I will include are:
Black Butler
Soul Eater
Devil Is A Part Timer
Death Note
Psycho Pass
Creepypasta (even though it's not tecnicaly an Anime)


2. Undertaker X Grell {for Nightshade Creepypasta}

It all started the moment Undertaker reached into his cookie urn, and found it empty. Slightly upset at the lack of cookies, but still giggling to himself, he retreated into the backroom, cookie urn in hand. He grabed everything he would need, from the sugar down to the bone shaped cookie-cutters and began to bake. As he was carefully closing the oven door, he heard the kitchen door slam open. He looked up to see Grell Sutcliff, the sassy, dramatic, red headed Reaper that liked to pay him visits, pretending he hatted every second of it. Undertaker giggled.

"Did Will send you again deary?" Undertaker asked, untieing his pink apron and hanging it in the cupboard.

This was like a rutine for them, Undertaker would ask, and Grell would pretend to be shocked.

Grell let out a mock gasp. "In your dreams! Will knows better than to make me stay with you!"

"Your sudden apearance says something different deary." The silver haired Reaper replied.

Grell puffed out his chest and crossed his arms but didn't reply. Then he looked at Undertaker and giggled.

"Have you been baking?" He asked walking over to the Undertaker.

"Why, yes I was. Ran out of cookies I did." He replied, giggling. "Would you like some when they're ready?"

Grell pretended to be offended. "No of course I don't want you stupid cookies! You just have flour on your face." Grell told him grabing a rag from beside the sink and wiping his face. Undertaker, unused to affection of any kind from Grell, blushed at the redhead's touch.

"T-thank you, my dear." Undertaker replied face still red. Grell put the rag in the sink as Undertaker took the cookies out of the oven.

Suddenly Grell lept at Undertaker, pulling the mortitian close to his chest. "Oo! You're such a pretty shade of red!" The red head squeeled.

Undertaker gathered his curage before repling. "So are you, my dear." He replied, giving Grell a small but sweet kiss.

They parted and Grell looked up at the Undertaker. "You're much more affectionate than my Bassy."

"I hate to break it to you my dear, but I love you much more, too" Undertaker giggled.

"I already knew, I just don't believe in giving up." Grell told him.

"I don't either." Undertaker told the red head quietly, giving Grell another kiss.

When Undertaker pulled away for air, Grell tackled him, and gave him another kiss. This prosses was repeated, gradualy buliding passion, and when William came to collect Grell he was greeted with a yaoi fan-girls dream.


I nose-bled writing this! My fave ship ever right here. (the other one is Ticci Toby X Clockwork, and Grell X Bassy.)


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