Anime 1 Shots!

Anime oneshot request book. Just tell me what ship and how you want it *wink wink*. The fandoms I will include are:
Black Butler
Soul Eater
Devil Is A Part Timer
Death Note
Psycho Pass
Creepypasta (even though it's not tecnicaly an Anime)


3. Sebastian x Reader (Baby Fox)

Your mother had just died, leaving her young Neko (cat in Japanese, or in this case half cat half human) daughter alone in the world. You walked to the Undertaker's to arrange her funneral, long, silky (h/c) tail brushing the ground. You walked into his shop without even knocking, only realizing your mistake when you walked right into a tall, and thin, yet attractive, butler.

"I-I'm sorry." You stuttered quietly, blushing as his gaze swept over your tail and cat ears.

"Pardon me, are you alright?" He asked, blushing as your tail gave a small wave.

You nodded.

"Sebastian, who are you talking-" A young boy was in the middle of asking before he sneezed.

"Young master, I was talking to this fine young lady." He said, giving you a small glance.

"Very well, as I was saying, Good day Undertaker." The boy said goodbye to the giggling man at the desk before turning back to Sebastian. Sighing he continued. "Sebastian, you may walk your...lady friend home but you must come back to the mannor. Are we understood?"

Sebastian gave a small bow. "Yes my lord."

"Good." The boy replied coldly before leaving with out giving you a second glance, only stopping to sneeze once again.

Sebastian stayed close to you as you talked with the Undertaker, holding your hand gently when he could tell you wanted to cry. You were extermely glad for his support. On the way to your home you began to have a bit of small talk with the butler.

"I've always had a fondness for cats." he told you looking at your ears. "May I?" he asked

You nodded, and began to purr as he scratched just behind your ears. Before long you were pressing your head into his chest much like a normal cat, causing the butler to blush a bright pink.

Sebastian, blush growing more intense by the momment, began to gently stroke your tail. 

"S-Sebastian." You moaned, bushing as he stroked your sensative tail. "S-Stop."

"I apoligize, my lady." Sebastian said, relasing you. "I did not mean to cross a line."

"It's alright." You told him. "We just arived at my house is all."

Indeed, your back was almost touching your front door.

"Goodbye Sebastian." You said standing on your tip toes and kissing him.

"I never said it had to be goodbye my lady." Sebastian replied as you broke appart, blush still lighting his face.

"But your master told you to go back to the manor." You reminded him.

Sebastian got close to your face, you could feel his breath on your cheek as he spoke. "He didn't say to come back imedetly." He wispered opening your door, and catching you at the same time.

Almost three hours later Sebastian arrived back at the mannor, with messy hair, covered in lipstick stains. He continued to appear like that every morning, and Ciel began to question his butlers nightly activities.


I don't know if I'm any good at this, but I would apreciate comments!

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