The Hogwarts Years- First Year

This follows the POVs of Catarneigh Salucci and Louisa Finnigan. It shows them as they go through their first year at Hogwarts. The struggles they face and the people they meet.




I sat sitting on my window sill staring out at the green fields of Ireland. I had lived here all my life. Born and raised in Belfast, in the middle of nowhere. Nobody else lived near me. It was just me and my sister along with my mum.

It hadn't just been me and my sister alone, though. There was time when we were living in a Care Home. There was about thirty children living with us- we were the biggest Care Home in the whole of Belfast. I was always scared I'd have to live there until I was eighteen- most people only want one child so I thought there would be no hope of me and my sister getting adopted together. I sworn to myself to always stay with my sister. If it turned out I was adopted and she wasn't, I'd never be able to live with myself. In the end, we both got adopted together. I was eight. She was seven.

I had no idea what I was then. It was now I found out. As I stared absentmindly out of the window there was a knock of the door. I walked out of the bedroom and sat on the landing, waiting to see who it was. My mum opened the door. A woman in strange clothing was standing outside the door. Something in me told me had I seen her before but I couldn't make the connection. My mum invited her inside and they walked into the Front Room.

I quietly stepped down the stairs so I could hear properly. It didn't help as much. The door was only slightly ajar so I could only catch a few words they were saying but the one word that made my eyes widen was-

'I believe Louisa is a witch.' said the woman.

'Witches aren't real' I heard my mum say.

'What are you doing?' I jumped and looked up to see my sister standing on the landing. I wanted to tell her what I was but I wanted to hear more of the conversation. As I was about to tell Emily (my sister) I heard my mum shout my name.


I turned around and ran down the stairs.

'Yeah?' I asked as I entered.

'We have something to tell you. Sit.'

I sat down on the chair.

'Hello, Louisa. I'm Professor Keytet. I work at a school called Hogwarts. It is a school for witches and wizards.' said the woman.

'I'm really a witch?' I asked, uncertain.

'Yes. You're what people will call Muggleborn. A witch born from a Muggle family. I guess you'll be wanting this.' I watched as Professor Keytet reached into her pocket and pulled out an envelope. She passed it to me and I took it out of her hands. I looked around, uncertain whether or not I should open it. All eyes were on the envelope so I took that as a hint that I should open it.

I nervously unsealed the envelope and pulled out...paper? Well, it wasn't exactly paper. It was a light brown colour that was rough. Anyway, I unfolded the funny paper and read the contence in my head. It was hard to read. It was written in a sort of old fashioned cursive handwritting but I think I figured out what it said-

Dear Miss Finnigan, you have been accepted to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

I passed it to my mum who also read it to herself. Afterwards, she asked-

'Where is this school?'

'In Scotland. But you can worry about that in September. There should be another piece of parchment.' said Keytet, looking at the envelope.

So that's what it's called. I picked up the enveloped and took out the parchment.

'What does it say?' asked my mum.

'It has a list of things I need. Robes, cauldrons, wand...' all these things were really weird to me. I'd read about witches before. They were portrayed as horrible people who used to get burned. I'd never thought I'd be one.

I'm not horrible. I thought. The people in the Care Home were horrible. Why aren't they witches?

'These may seen strange to you, Louisa, but they are important, especially the wand. You can't do magic without it. You will go to a place called Diagon Alley you get your school supplies. Don't worry- I'll take you. Until the 31st of August.' Keytet got up and and my mum showed her to her door, she then came back.

'So, you're a witch.' she stated.

'I guess so. You're not going to put me back in care, are you?' I asked. I really thought she was.

'Of course not. At least we don't have to worry about a High School now.'

I smiled weakly.

'Maybe you should go up to your room.'

I got up but before I left I said-

'Should I tell Emily?'

'Open the door.'

I did as I was told. I looked at the stairs to see Emily sitting there.

'I want to be a witch!' she cried.

'Maybe you will be. It could run in the family.' I left the room and started to make my way to my bedroom. Once in there, I sat on my bed.

I don't want to be a witch. I thought. The thought of magic actually scared me. What was this school. And it's in Scotland! I live in Ireland! I tried to get some sleep but I couldn't stop thinking about this school. When I finally fell asleep I dreamt that Hogwarts was a horrible school were everyone tried to kill me with their magic. That definitely didn't get me excited to go.

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