The Hogwarts Years- First Year

This follows the POVs of Catarneigh Salucci and Louisa Finnigan. It shows them as they go through their first year at Hogwarts. The struggles they face and the people they meet.





After Professor Keytet basically told me to leave, I made my way to the Hufflepuff Common Room. Once in the Common Room everyone was staring at me. I couldn't see Grace or Leah so my thought was that they were in the dorm. I tried to ignore the eyes looking at me as I walked to the dorm.

'Hi, Lucy.' said Grace.

'How's Natalia?' I asked.

'She got sent to the Hospital Wing. She still wasn't moving. Why did you leave?'

'Couldn't stand the tension. I went to see Catarneigh Salucci.'

'Why?' asked Leah.

'To see if she was okay. Why's everyone turned against her? This is all my fault.'

'How's it your fault?' asked Grace.

'If I hadn't come here, Natalia couldn't insult me, Catarneigh wouldn't have got angry, Natalia wouldn't be dead and everyone's lives would be a whole lot easier.'

Nobody said anything after that. I felt really sorry for Catarneigh, to be honest. I knew she had got sent to Dumbledore's office.

She'll probably get expelled. Maybe I should go to Dumbledore's office and tell him it was my fault. Say what I just said to Grace and Leah.

'Where are you going?' asked Leah.

'Catarneigh's probably getting expelled. I should tell Dumbledore what happened.'

'Don't. If anything Salucci deserves it. Well- maybe not, but something needs to happen. She's a hazzard to all of us.'

'Don't call her blood traitor and you'll be fine.' Grace joked.

'How would you like being called a blood traitor- in fact, I don't even know what a blood traitor is.'

'A pureblood who's friends with a muggleborn.' said Grace.

After a while, Grace and Leah left the dorm to join the other Hufflepuffs in the Common Room. They asked me to join but I said I didn't want to.

Nothing deserves to happen to Catarneigh. It was about time something happened to Bluddersmith. Maybe it shouldn't have happened in that way but this could have all been avoided if I never came here.

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