The Hogwarts Years- First Year

This follows the POVs of Catarneigh Salucci and Louisa Finnigan. It shows them as they go through their first year at Hogwarts. The struggles they face and the people they meet.




I entered the Great Hall. I had managed to hold back my tears, which was great. As I entered the Hall, I thought it would be easy to find Grace and Leah, but boy as I wrong.

Nobody was sitting in their House Tables. I thought you always had to sit at them but that must be only for announcements.

When I finally found Grace and Leah- who were sitting at the Hufflepuff Table, they didn't actually recognised me.

'Hey!' I said.

Leah and Grace just stared at me.

'It's me, Lucy....'

They carried on staring. I started to feel embarrassed.

Of course they weren't really my friends. I thought.

I was about to sit somewhere else when Grace spoke up-

'You're not exactly the brightest spark in the light, are you?'

I turned around. I thought she meant this as a full-on insult, but then I realised it was a meaningless insult.

'We were only joking.'

I sat down opposite them.

'The mails taking its time.' said Leah.

'And who's gonna write to you. You're an orphan, Leah. No one gives two about an orphan.' said Grace, grabbing a cracker.

'You're an orphan.' I said, surprised.

'Yeah. We both are.' said Leah.

'You're both orphans?'

'Here we go. Tell us we were that unloved by everyone that even our parents didn't want us.' said Grace.

'I'm not going to say that.' It was the truth. It didn't even cross my mind. Just because you're an orphan didn't mean nobody loved you- well, unless you were me. In fact, I wasn't entirely sure if I even was an orphan- maybe I was that ugly that my real mum didn't want me.

But what about my sister? She isn't ugly. What was my ''mum's'' excuse for her.

'Why aren't you going to say that? Everyone else does.' said Grace.

'Because I know what it's like.'

'You're an orphan too!' said Leah, psyched.

'Yeah. Only I was adopted when I was eight. With my little sister.'

'I wish I could be adopted.' said Grace, putting her head down.

'You might be someday.' I reassured.

'Yeah right. Nobody wants an emo as a daughter.'

Grace is wrong. She's only eleven- there's still time for her to be adopted.

I looked up to see an owl flying towards us. Well- not exactly flying- more like falling towards us. It crashed into the cake Grace was about to take a piece of. Everyone started to laugh at the hopeless bird. I went red off embarrassment.

'Where did my mum find this?' I grabbed the package and the bird flew off, but not before hitting Grace in the face with its wing.

I started to unwrap it. After I had I breathed-

'It's a broomstick!'

'First years aren't allowed a broomstick. Does your mum know that?'

'Well, I told her I had flying lesson after lunch. Maybe she didn't want me using the schools- or she thought we had to have our own brooms for that lesson.'

I kept stroking the broomstick with my hand, smiling to myself. I had a really good feeling flying lesson would go really well.

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