The Hogwarts Years- First Year

This follows the POVs of Catarneigh Salucci and Louisa Finnigan. It shows them as they go through their first year at Hogwarts. The struggles they face and the people they meet.




We waited outside Transfiguration for Professor Keytet to come. I had sort of an idea of what Transfiguration was, mostly from the books but it looked really complicated. Grace and Leah were in another lesson so I had nobody I knew. We had this lesson with all the other houses. When Keytet had finally came, she let us inside.

I decided to sit at the back, that way I wouldn't be noticed.

After half an hour of complicated note-taking, it was time to do the spell. We had to ''transfigure'' a matchstick into a needle.

I looked over at two girls- one with white-blonde and another with brown hair- they were whispering, I wasn't sure what they were whispering about since I couldn't hear them.

Keytet began to speak.

'The spell name is Rerareo. I'd like you to try.'

We all had a go. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't do it. Keytet kept looking over at me. Finally, she spotted the two whispering girls who weren't doing anything.

'Miss Salucci, maybe you could tell me the spell that turns the match into a needle.'

The two girls went quite. In fact, the whole room was quite and was all staring at the Salucci girl. After that seemed hours of the awkward silence, she finally spoke.


Suddenly the door burst open. I looked behind me to see two boys run in saying sorry. Keytet asked them why they were late and they said they got lost.

I bet that's just an excuse. I thought.

Keytet turned her attention back to Salucci.

'I'd like the see this spell in action.' Keytet said, as the two boys sat down.

Salucci picked up her wand and said the incantation. To my surprise and everyone elses, the match turned into a needle.

'Well done.' began Keytet. 'Not so much can be said to your classmates.' she looked at me. I put my head down.

There are other people in the class who can't do it? Why did she have to single me out? I thought.

After the lesson was over, it was time for Potion.


I walked on my own to the dungeons were Potions was talking place, ahead of everyone else.

Let's see if I can mess up in this class, as well. I thought, as I reached the classroom.

I opened the door.

'Hello.' said the teacher. 'I'm Professor Slughorn. Sit. You're not the only one in the class, are you?'

I shook my head, not entirely sure if I was or wasn't.

I hope not. I said to myself.

To my relief I wasn't. It was the same class as my Transfiguration class which again meant I was on my own. I noticed Salucci and her friend wasn't here. After the ''last'' person had came in, Slughorn began to talk.

'Now, I want you to do an essay on the Wolfsbane Potion.' he began.

The class moaned.

'It's okay. You can use your textbooks. Besides, most of you would just copy the brainest person.'

Yeah. I thought, as I took my my textbook out of my bag. If the brainest person was actually here.

After about ten minutes there was still no sign of Salucci and her friend when the door opened and they both walked in. Shaun Montosso said something as Salucci past his table but I couldn't catch it.

'-just doing an essay on Wolfsbane Potion. You can use your textbook.' I caught the few last words of what Slughorn was saying.

The two girls sat on the table next to mine. I noticed that they both just started writing. I thought that maybe they didn't hear what Slughorn had said so I decided to give them some help. I leaned over to were Salucci was sitting.

'We can use our textbooks, you know.'

'We don't need to.' said Salucci, looking up.

I looked back down at my own textbook. I could see out of the top of my eye that Natalia Bluddersmith and her friend were staring at me. I saw her lean over to my table.

'You can't beat the brains of a pureblood, mudblood.' her friend laughed.

For the rest of the lesson Natalia and her friend carried on making comments about me. It was lunch after the lesson so when Potions was over, I walked to the Great Hall, trying to stop the tears falling down my face.

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