The Hogwarts Years- First Year

This follows the POVs of Catarneigh Salucci and Louisa Finnigan. It shows them as they go through their first year at Hogwarts. The struggles they face and the people they meet.





I was the last to wake up. There was only me, Grace and Leah left- everyone else had gone home for Christmas. When I got up, I found five presents at the end of my bed. After grabbing one of my prestents, I looked over at Grace and Leah who were just sitting there. They didn't have presents to unwrap or anything.

'Didn't you to get anything for Christmas?' I asked.

Grace looked over at me.

'No, we didn't. Christmas doesn't exist when you're an orphan. You should know that.'

I looked down at the present I was unwrapping, feeling guilty.

'We're used to it, though.' said Leah, trying to lighten the mood. 'What did you get?'

I finished unwrapping the present.

'Emily got me a doll.'

'I had a doll once.' said Grace, staring out of the window. 'Until this girl decided to set it on fire.'

I followed Grace's gaze out of the window. It was snowing. Leah looked out of the window too, then back at me.

'Does it snow in Ireland?'

'Sometimes. Though, most of the time, it's just rain. And when it does snow, it's never any good.'

'Let's forget about the presents.' said Leah. 'Let's see if Scotland's snow is better than Ireland's.'

After getting dressed, me Grace and Leah made our way to the courtyard. Above us was the Ravenclaw Tower.

The three of us did all the things you do in snow. In the middle of our mini snowball fight, I noticed something shine.

'Is that snow shining?'

We walked over to it. Leah bent down and scooped it up in her hands.

'The only time you get shiny snow is if it's magical.' she explained.

'Well, duh.' Grace pointed out. 'This is a magic school, Leah.'

'So you're saying the castle made the snow, Grace?' asked Leah.

Grace went red- most likely off embarrassment.

'So you're saying someone made this snow?' I asked.

'I dunno exactly. I know I made a joke of it, but Grace is slightly right. Once a thing enters Hogwarts' boundaries, anything can be changed to something else. Or, there is someone in this castle with ice powers.'

'Ice powers?'

'The power to make ice, snow and everything else which is winter related. It's a really rare ability. Though, those who are born with it were most likely born in the winter. Though, some can have the ability and be born in summer. It's strange. I've never met anyone who has that ability, though.'

Once it had turned seven o'clock, it was time for our Christmas dinner.

'I promised Josh yesterday that I'd sit with him.' I said.

'Okay. That's if we don't have to sit in our House Tables.'

We found out that we didn't have to sit in our House Tables which was good as it meant Josh could sit with us. We decided to sit on the Hufflepuff Table- mostly because of Portia, though she didn't seem to have anything offensive to say so it must be a 'with Natalia' thing.

The Christmas dinner was the best thing I'd ever eaten. I'd became a bit more relaxed around magic now and couldn't wait to learn more about it.

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