The Hogwarts Years- First Year

This follows the POVs of Catarneigh Salucci and Louisa Finnigan. It shows them as they go through their first year at Hogwarts. The struggles they face and the people they meet.


6. Louisa III


Keytet came to visit us again. She gave me my ticket as we walked to Belfast Central. Everybody kept looking at me, probably because I should have really been in school and not walking to a train station.

'What's the platform?' Keytet asked when we got there.

I looked down at my ticket. 'Platform five and a half.'

Wait, I thought. That couldn't be right.

'Are you sure this isn't a typo?' I asked.

'I'm sure.'

Keytet led me platform five and six.

'Now what do I do?' I asked.

'You see that wall?'

I nodded.

'Run towards it. Don't stop, and don't be afraid.'

She must be mental. I thought.

Keytet looked at me.

'Go on.'

I looked at her, then back at the wall. My hands tightened around my trolley. I shut my eyes and ran towards the wall, waiting for the crash. Surprisingly, it didn't happen. I opened my eyes to find that I was on a whole new platform. I looked behind me. Not believing what happened.

I made my way through the crowds of people. There were people talking, owls hooting, cats meowing.

I then saw the train. It was black and scarlet and was bigger than any train in Belfast. I walked towards the door. With all my strength I took my trunk off the trolley and pushed it on the train and left it with the other trunks. I then made my way down the corridor, past compartments that was hardly anyone occupied. Half way down I found an empty compartment. I watched as people appeared by the wall I had just came through.

Strange. I thought. Everyone's from different places yet we all come out of the same wall.

Suddenly, the compartment door opened and a boy was standing there.

'Hi. I don't have anyone to sit with. Can I sit with you?'

'Okay.' I said, shyly.

He sat down opposite me.

'I'm Josh Evans.'

'Lucy Finnigan.'

'Are you a muggleborn?'

I nodded.

'Me too! I thought I was the only one.'

I smiled. Finally someone like me.

'When did you find out about magic?' I asked, starting up a conversation.

'On my birthday. The 4th of April.'

'Me too. Only I found out on the 17th of August.'

The train started to move. We carried on talking about how our lives were before we found out we were magic. Josh told me how he first did magic when he was seven, he asked me when I did but I said I'd never. An hour later the compartment door opened.

'Anything off the trolley?' asked the trolley lady.

I got up, feeling the money in my pocket. I only had two galleons in my pocket so I hoped the Diary Milk was less then that. When I looked at the trolley, I noticed that thee wasn't a Diary Milk or anything from the shops there. It was all strange things like licourish wands and Bertie Bott's Every flavoured Bean and Chocolate Frogs. Chocolate Frogs, there's something I know and they were only twenty knuts.I asked for five and gave the galleon to the trolley woman. After paying for the chocolate frogs I sat down. I then noticed Josh hadn't bought anything.

'Aren't you buying anything?' I asked.

'No. I've got my own food.' he showed me a ham sandwich.

I opened the Chocolate Frog and to my surprise it jumped out and onto the window then flew out of it.

'What?' I asked more to myself.

I opened another packet and that one did the same. After opening my third frog (with that doing the same as the other two) Josh said-

'I don't think you're supposed to eat them.'

'Then what am I supposed to do with them?'

Josh thought for a moment, then said-

'That's what?' he pointed to the packet.

I picked it up and took out a piece of card with a wizard on it.

'I think it's a card.' I said looking at it.

'Maybe you're supposed to collect the cards.' suggested Josh.

I put the card down. 'That's stupid. I spent a galleon on these 'cause I wanted to eat it. Now what do I eat?'

Josh went into his bag and pulled out another sandwich.

'Here, have these.' he said, giving me the sandwich. 'I'm not a fan of ham.'

I took the sandwich out of his hands and opened it.

'Thanks.' I said. Josh smiled.

After two hours the train stopped. We saw people walk past our compartment with their robes on. We took this has a hint that we should change as well.

'I'll get changed in another compartment.' said Josh. He grabbed his robes and left my compartment. After getting changed, we followed the other students onto the platform.

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