The Hogwarts Years- First Year

This follows the POVs of Catarneigh Salucci and Louisa Finnigan. It shows them as they go through their first year at Hogwarts. The struggles they face and the people they meet.





We had all finished our last exam and we were sitting at the Ravenclaw Table with Natalia and Portia, sadly.

'I know I've failed Transfiguration.' I heard Lucy moan.

'Is there ever going to be a day where she doesn't complain?' asked Tilly.

I didn't say anything. I did think that Tilly was a little harsh towards Lucy, though.

After about ten minutes at glancing over at the Hufflepuff Table, I saw Natalia get up and walk over to Lucy. The spot on her nose had gone so I could only imagine that she had popped it.

'Lucy, I couldn't help but over hear your statement about not thinking of passing Transfiguration. It's unstandable. You are a Muggleborn after all.' I could tell in Natalia's voice that she did not mean this in a nice way. This was when I decided to speak up.

'Do you ever stop?' I asked, disgusted.

'What? It's not like I used 'mudblood' or anything.'

'No, but the way you said that you might as well have used it.' I saw icicles had began to emerge in the corners of the room.

'Well, it's not my fault if she's a mudblood. Just sticking up for her, Catherine makes you a blood traitor.'

'You've got no right to say that. I saw your file when I had detention. You're a halfblood, Natalia. That means one of your parents is either a 'mudblood' or a Muggle.'

I noticed the entire room had gone silent now.

'Fine. I'm a halfbloof, but at least I'm not a dirty little blood traitor like you!' snarled Natalia.

Natalia had took it too far. I stood up. The rest was a blur. The only thing I remembered was coming back to Earth, the hall having an icy twinge to it and Natalia unconscious on the floor.

'You've killed her!' shrieked Portia who was now kneeling next to Natalia.

'I- I...' I stammered. I couldn't get my words out. For the first time in eleven years my mind was blank. I looked around the room. A thousand faces were looking at me. I couldn't take it. I ran out of the room leaving everything behind. I knew people were either watching me or Natalia. Once I was out of the room, I cried for the first time in years, my tears turning to hail stones as I ran up the main stairs.


I saw Tilly staring at Natalia- a horrified look on her face. She was terrified at what Catarneigh had just done and become. The Great Hall was completely silent. Nobody knew what to do. In the end, a Prefect decided to get Professor Dumbledore. Not wanting to be there, I slipped out of the room.

I'd better go see if she's awright. She did stick up for my after all.

As I was about go make my way up the main stairs, I realised I had no way of getting into the Ravenclaw Common Room. I signalled Josh by writing a note and creating a paper aeroplane. Once getting the note, Josh slipped outside.

'I need you to get me into your Common Room.' I said, rather quickly.

'I can't do that.' said Josh.

'Please, Josh,' I pleaded. 'I really need to see if Catarneigh's awright. She did stick up for me.'

'Fine,' sighed Josh.

As we were about to leave, I heard Tilly Polo's voice.

'Where are you going?' she asked.

'I need to see if Catarneigh's awright. You coming?' I asked back.

'You're actually going to talk to her after what she did? Finnigan, she could have killed Natalia. What if I had annoyed her and it was me? Or even you.' Tilly added.

'I'm still going to see if she's awright. You should be the one doing this. Don't you think this is the right time to be a friend?'

'You can do what you like, but I'm not being friends with someone who almost murders people over a petty insult.' I watched as Tilly opened the door and went back inside.


Josh guided me to Ravenclaw Tower. Once there we were confronted with a door that had no handle on it and only a knocker in the shape of an eagle. Suddenly, it spoke.

'What is beautiful, powerful, dangerous and cold, strong enough to smash ships and crush roofs, yet it's worse enemy is the sun?' asked the knocker in a sing-song sort of voice.

Surprising, I knew the answer which was strange since I'm not actually good with riddles.

'' asked Josh, I heard a hint of uncertainty in the way he said it.

Seconds after he said it, the door swung open.

'Even I guessed that.' I stated as we walked into the Common Room.

'And not because of the events which had just happened? What does the Hufflepuff Common Room have to keep people out?' asked Josh.

'You've gotta tap a barrel in the rhythm of Helga Hufflepuff, if you get it right, it leads down into the Common Room.'

'And if you get it wrong?'

'Dunno. Never got it wrong.' I laughed.

Josh stopped in the middle of the Common Room. Nobody was around. Probably because they were all in the Great Hall.

'There you are. All the dorms are upstairs. You can't miss them.' Josh sat down on a chair. 'I'll wait here.'

I put my foot on the first step but changed my mind and turned around.

'Thank you, Josh.'

Josh smiled. I turned back around and headed upstairs. Once there, I knocked on the door once and opened it.

'Catarneigh?' I looked around the room. The moment I had opened the door, I got an icy blow. The temperature in the room was beyond hypothermia. The room at a snowy look to it. Ice covered the walls, floor and ceiling especially the corners. I looked at the bed nearest the door. Catarneigh was lying on it quietly crying with snow falling on her. Due to the cold, I closed the door but left it open wide enough for Catarneigh to hear my voice.

'It's me; Lucy. The girl you just stuck up for...I'm not gonna lie to you, everyone's shocked at what you did.'

I paused, waiting for Catarneigh's reply. I only got more crying. I carried on.

'Tilly's decided not to be your friend. Reckons she's gonna be next.' I laughed and carried on. 'I'm not going to leave you, though. I'll be here...' Cheering people up was not something I was good at, especially people I hardly knew. 'If you're wandering why I'm not coming in, it's because it's really cold in there...' I laughed again. 'Please come out, Catarneigh. It's only me. Josh's downstairs but we could sit out here. You don't have to see anyone-'

The door opened and I saw Catarneigh standing there. She wasn't crying anymore. In fact, she had no emotion on her face. Neither me or her said anything for what seemed like forever until-

'How true is that, though?' asked Catarneigh, emotionless. 'I don't have to see anyone but you? It's not true. Somebody will be up here to collect me.' Catarneigh shut the door and sat on the floor. I joined her.

'So, Tilly's deserted me?' asked Catarneigh, sounding almost as if she expected it.

'Yeah. I tried to change her mind but it wasn't changing.'

'And you came to see if I was okay. Somebody I didn't even know. That's what a friend's supposed to do.' I looked to see Catarneigh staring at me. I stared back. Suddenly hypnotised by her icy blue eyes that were just mirrors of her icy soul.

'Well...?' asked Catarneigh.

I snapped out of it.

'Yeah, I came...'

The there was just silence. The frightening kind of silence. The silence everybody fears. The one that makes you want to scream and rip your eyeballs out.

In the end, we ended up waiting. We weren't sure if we were waiting for somebody to come, or nobody to come. Perhaps we were waiting for something that would never happen. We just knew we were waiting...

To me, the silence that was once there still lingered. I knew it would never go away, no matter how much noise I made.


To me, well...the world had just stopped. I stared into space thinking about nothing. Everything was gone. Lucy. Natalia. My family. Hogwarts. The world...It was just me, floating weightless as a snowflake falling to the ground silently in the dead of night along with the other snowflakes who had left the world...

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