The Hogwarts Years- First Year

This follows the POVs of Catarneigh Salucci and Louisa Finnigan. It shows them as they go through their first year at Hogwarts. The struggles they face and the people they meet.





Me and Shaun were sitting in Professor Keytet's office while she was laying down all the rules of!

'I'm sure I told you at the start of the year that students were not permitted to wonder about the castle at night!' Keytet kept glaring at us every time she stopped to pause.

'But you know people are gonna do it, Professor. My cousin Barney used to do it all the time.' Shaun pointed out. He kept looking at me probably wandering why I wasn't speaking.

'Be as that may, Mr Montosso, but that does not require you to do the same. Tomorrow you will serve detention.'

'But tomorrow's Friday! Come on. It's rest time!' said Shaun, sounding exasperated.

'I want no complaining. Mr Filch! Escort them back to their Houses!'

'Yes, ma'am.'

Filch walked us to the main stairs. After I assured him I would go to my house I walked up the stairs on my own getting a few words of Shaun's 'why does she get to go up on her own and I have to be walked?' I smiled to myself.

Tomorrow should be fun.


Me and Tilly were sitting in the Study Room studying for our end-of-year exams.

'I knew you'd get into trouble, Cat, which is why I didn't come.' there was almost a hint of disappointment in Tilly's voice as she said it. Something I didn't like, though I hid it.

'It was fun, though.'

'These bloody exams!' I heard a girl moan. I looked behind me to see Lucy Finnigan slam her books down, making the ink spill everywhere.

'Lucy!' exclaimed a golden-haired girl.

I turned back around.

'I don't know why she's complaining. They're not even that hard.'

'You've seen her in class, Cat. First day of Transfiguration and she couldn't change her matchstick into a needle.'

'Nor could you.'

'But I did eventually.'

I stared at Tilly. Then that got a bit weird so I looked over at the clock.

'Anyway, Tilly. As much as I love spending my precious time with you, I've got a Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson to get to. Bye.'

I picked up my books and left the room.


At eleven o'clock, me and Shaun were escorted to our detention with Filch. We walked to the dungeons and stopped at the last door. It was a muddy brown colour with a sliver lock. Me and Shaun looked at each other.

'You'll be in here for your detention.' said Filch, unlocking the door.

'What are you gonna do? Lock us in here with no food or water and only a sword?' asked Shaun, sarcastically.

'I wish. No, you'll be sorting all the school papers out, put them in alphabetical order...'

Most people would think she was easy, especially if you had a certain magical device but I knew what was coming.

'...without wands.' Filch added.

Filch opened the door and took our wands off us. Once we were inside, he locked the door.

'You've got to be kidding me,' said Shaun, looking around the room. It was a small room, with no windows and a candle that looked like it was about to go out any second. The room itself was small with a filing cabinet in the corner, the school papers were shoved roughly into the last draw so the draw wouldn't close.

'Be great if we could do magic without wands. I mean, what did people do before wands were created? Hey, you're clever, you should know.' said Shaun.

I made my way to the cabinet and started taking all the papers out.

'I dunno.' I didn't care what people used to do when wands didn't exist and right at this moment, I wan't bothered in finding out either.

'And you were put into Ravenclaw? You're supposed to know these things.'

'Being put into Ravenclaw isn't all about being clever.'

'What else then?'

'Sometimes you just wanna learn. You gonna help me or not?' I asked, turning around to face Shaun.

He learnt against the wall.

Of course he's not gonna help you, Catarneigh. He's going to make you do it all.

'Which one are you?' asked Shaun.


Once I had got all the papers out of the draw, I started sorting them into piles.

It's actually easier on my own. Shaun would only mess it up.

'We're alone in a locked room. Just me and you...'

'If that's your attempt of a come on-' I stopped, before I made a fool of myself.

'Why'd you stop?'

I should have just carried on. Shaun wouldn't have noticed anyway.

'I was gonna say you can get out but you can't.'

I started getting annoyed that he wasn't doing anything useful.

'Will you help!' I insisted.

'Sorry, Meow.'

Shaun knelt down next to me and started to read the names of the students. I only just clicked on what he called me.

'Why Meow?' I asked.

'You said your name was Catarneigh. You know Cat-arneigh. Meow's the sound a cat makes when they want your attention and you do that alot'.'

I shook my head.

At least he didn't called me Catherine.

'Do you alphabetical-order them by their first name or last names?' he asked.

'Normally goes by their surname. And I think the term you were looking for is 'alphabetically-organise.' I corrected- I always had a habit of doing that.

'Alright, Meow. It's gonna take all night to do this.'

'Better start then.'

Nothing was said then for the rest of the night. Surprisingly, Shaun ended up being actually good at this. It only took us two hours to sort all the papers. Filch came to collect us. Again, I assured Filch that I would go to my house. Once in my dorm, I flopped down onto her bed and was instantly asleep and for the first time went to sleep thinking about nothing.

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