The Hogwarts Years- First Year

This follows the POVs of Catarneigh Salucci and Louisa Finnigan. It shows them as they go through their first year at Hogwarts. The struggles they face and the people they meet.




'Tranfiguration is one of the most complicated and dangerous subject taught at Hogwarts. Anyone caught messing around will leave and never return. You have been warned.' Keytet made her way up to the front.

I saw Tilly looking around the room.

'I wonder where Montosso and Jekk are?' Tilly whispered to me.

'Probably bunking.'

'Miss Salucci, maybe you can tell me the spell that turns a match into a needle.' said Keytet, swooping on me.

I had no idea what the spell was.

Think, Cat. Think! I told myself. I looked down at the Transfiguration book and notes. It started to slightly come to me. I knew it began with R...Rare...Rerareo. That's it!

'Rerareo.' I said. I hope it was that.

Keytet raised her eyebrows, then suddenly-

'Sorry we're late, Professor!' called Shaun, sounding out of breath.

'Perhaps you would like to tell me why you're late.' said Keytet, she was now focusing on Shaun and Leo. Most of me hoped she would just forget about me.

'We got lost.' explained Leo.

'Maybe it would be better if I taught you how to transfigure yourself into  a map maybe that way you'd know where this lesson was taking place.'

'Yes.' Shaun said randomly. I could see on his face that he was asking himself why he said it.

Keytet turned back to me as Shaun and Leo sat down.

'I'd like to see this spell in action.'

I picked up my wand and looked around the room. Everyone was looking at me. I gave a nervous smile to Tilly and then said the spell-

'Rerareo.' I aimed my wand at the matchstick.

The matchstick turned itself into a needle. I saw Keytet's eyebrows raise again. Even I was surprised I'd done it.

'Well done. Not so much can be said to your classmates.' I saw her look at the Finnigan girl. 'Ten points to Ravenclaw.' Keytet walked back to the front.

Natalia learned over towards me.

'Show off.'

'Shut up, Bluddersmith. I just got Ravenclaw ten points.'

Natalia didn't say a word after that. After Transfiguration was over, me and Tilly made our way to Potions.


'You're like the luckiest person ever. I didn't even think you'd get the spell right, never mind actually transfigure the matchstick.' said Tilly, as we walked towards the dungeons.

'Thanks for having so much faith in me.' I said, sarcastically. 'Besides, it wasn't that hard.'

'I know, but still...I'm a Ravenclaw and even I had difficulty doing it.'

We entered the classroom...slightly late.

'Ah, glad for you two to join us.' said Slughorn, though he didn't sound angry.

'Sorry, Professor.'

'Now look who's the late one.' said Shaun, smugly.

'I didn't say anything about you being late.' the moment after I said it, I realised I said it in a snotty way.

Ahwell. I thought. He'll get over it.

'We're just doing an essay on Wolfsbane Potion. You can use your textbook.' said Slughorn. He then went back to writing.

Me and Tilly didn't need our textbooks so we just started writing.

'We can use our textbook, you know.' said the Finnigan girl, learning over to us.

'We don't need too.' I reassured the girl.

I saw the girl look down at her own textbook. I knew she thought she was stupid because she had to use hers. I then heard Natalia say-

'You can't beat the brains of a pureblood, mudblood.'

Portia laughed.

I decided to ignore what was going on between the three of them. I wasn't the one being called mudblood so it didn't concern me.

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