The Hogwarts Years- First Year

This follows the POVs of Catarneigh Salucci and Louisa Finnigan. It shows them as they go through their first year at Hogwarts. The struggles they face and the people they meet.




The moment me and Tilly got off the train, we heard a loud, gruffed voice.

'First years this way! Come on! Hurry up!'

Me and Tilly followed to where the voice was moving too. After walking down a few steps we were confronted with boats.

'We're going by boats?' I had imagined something a little more magical.

We started to climb into the boat. The moment everyone was in the boat and seated, we started to row across the water with the oars magically moving by themselves.

Soon, Hogwarts was in view. It was just a giantic grey stone castle but it looked amazing all the same. It had two tall towers and a couple of smaller towers. Light was shining through most of the windows which gave it the look of a floating city. Once everyone now had a view of it there was just a wave of ''wows'' from everyone, even those who knew about Hogwarts, like me, were still taken by its magnificence.

The boated ported in the boat house. Only now that we were in brighter light did I get to see what the boat man looked like. He had long straight hair that was blackish-brown which was pulled back into a ponytail and a beard that was tied in a low ponytail.

We all walked up the stone steps were we were greeted by someone else.

'Here you are, Professor. I don't think I left or lost anyone.'

'Thank you, Pepper.'

I watched as ''Pepper'' tugged back down the stairs then I looked back at the Professor.

'Welcome to Hogwarts,' she said. 'In a few moments you will walk through these doors and wait patientally to be sorted. You will be sorted into either Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Once sorted you will quickly go to the House Table.'

The Professor turned around and walked through the golden doors.

'You know, I don't think the Sorting Hat sorts mudbloods.' said a girl, louder than needed.

'You know it does, Bluddersmith.' said Shaun from the train.

'Oh, you know me.' said the Bluddersmith girl.

'Of course he knows you. Everyone knows the Bluddersmiths.' said Leo.

Leo was right. Everyone who was a pureblood or even halfblood knew about the Bluddersmith family. Nobody knew if they were halfbloods or purebloods but everyone knew they definitely were not Muggleborns. They had this view that Muggleborns shouldn't be allow to learn magic as they weren't 'worthy' of it. Nobody else believed it so their rants and raves ended with nothing getting done. This one was called Natalia Bluddersmith, and she was no different.

Natalia made her way through the crowd so she was at the front. She looked at me but gave me no recognition. She then quickly looked at me again and realised who I was.

'Oh, so you're letter finally came, did it?'

I was shocked. I didn't know how Natalia found out about my letter coming late.

'You stopped it coming, didn't you?' I accused her.

'If I did that, don't you think I would have stopped it so it didn't come to you at all? God, I don't know how half of your family are Ravenclaws if they've got brains like you.' joked Natalia.

She turned around to face the others.

'Who here is a mudblood?'

Nobody put there hands up. Natalia sighed.

'Okay. Who here is a Muggleborn.'

A few people put there hands up, this time. I knew most hadn't though. They must have made the connection that Muggleborn and mudblood meant the same thing.

'Well, I think you lot should go home!'

I felt a shadow linger on me. I looked up to see the Professor standing behind Natalia. She put her hand on Natalia's shoulder. Natalia turned around to find the Professor glaring at her.

'We're ready now.'

The doors flew open and the Professor led us down a pathway between the two middle tables. I stared around, taken in by the enormous golden room.

'A sky indoors.' I heard a girl say.

I looked up to see the sky indoors. I noticed candles were floating in the air, and I mean floating- nothing was holding them up. I then went back to look around the room. There were four tables; green, red, blue and yellow. I knew these were the house tables. In front of the tables was a long table which I also knew was the Teachers Table. In the middle of it all was a with a hat sitting on it. It was old and a muddy brown colour. The whole thing was covered in stitches. The funny thing was, was that it had a face. It had eyes, nose and a mouth. I found this quite amusing.

'When I call your names, you will come up and I will put the Sorting Hat on your head and you will be sorted into your houses. Natalia Bluddersmith! Called the Professor which I had found out was called Keytet.

Natalia walked up to the hat and sat on the stool. Keytet put the Sorting Hat on her head. After a minute or so the Sorting Hat screamed-


I watched as Natalia ran off to the Ravenclaw table which was the blue table. I was annoyed at this. Mostly because I knew that that was the house I was going to be sorted in.

'Antonia Blake!' called Keytet.

A little red-headed girl ran up to the front. She was a Hufflepuff. Terrence Bootham with blonde hair was a Ravenclaw.

After about ten minutes of names being called we were down to the Fs.

'Louisa Finnigan!'

I saw a shy girl with blonde hair and green eyes walk slowly to the front.

'Hufflepuff!' the hat shouted.

I looked over to the Ravenclaw Table to see Natalia snicker. I was happy for this Louisa girl as it meant she didn't have to cope with Natalia 24/7. I knew she was a Muggleborn, mostly by her name.

'Leonardo Jekk!'

Leo walked up to the front. Before the hat even touched his head it screamed Slytherin.

'Shaun Montosso!'

Shaun ended up being a Gryffindor which I wasn't surprised by.

After a little more time, Keytet finally got down to the S's and finally to my name.

'Catarneigh Salucci!'

I walked up to the front. Why am I so nervous?

'Aha! I was waiting for the next Salucci to come along. I know where to put you...Ravenclaw!'

I felt the hat come off my head and I ran to the Ravenclaw Table, happy that that was over.

'Hi, I'm Amanda. Ravenclaw Prefect.' said Amanda. She had light brown hair that was tied back into two braids.

'Hi, I'm Josh Evans.' said a I boy ended up sitting next to.

'Catarneigh Salucci.'

After the sorting was over, Professor Dumbledore said a few words about the first years not being allowed in the Dark Forest. Then, out of nowhere, food had appeared. There was very bit of good you could imagine and I wa even convinced I saw a bit of foreign food as well. We all got our timetable as well. I found out I had Transfiguration first with Tilly which was good. After we had finished eating, Dumbledore said it was time for us to go to bed. Amanda then led us to the Ravenclaw Common Room.

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