Remove The Masks


1. Chapter one

Chapter One:

He stood in front of me. His eyes were...well, what have they been?! It was too dark to mentioned all that like; his eyes/his hair/his skin colour... It was a friday night. He saved my life. "Who are you?" I asked. He smiled... ?! I guess. "You have to be careful. You only got one life." His voice was softly. He gave me a kiss on my lips before he finally dissapeared. I was on the way back home when I saw Liam. He is my brother. He grinned and waved me. I waved back and laughed. "You know, little sister, my boys are coming later. Do you wanna watch movies with us?" I thought about it before I nodded. "Sounds cool." "Okay, well, they are coming in two hours. You will help me with the food?" He put an arm around my shoulders so I put one around his waist. I was a lot smaller than him. "Sure... "

            For dinner we cooked potatoes; eggs; ham; carrots; red cabagge; and a big chicken. We needed for all that more time than we had. So we let the boys wait. I brought them wine. I sat down next to Louis. Liam didn't know that we are together so I first looked if he was coming before I kissed him. The other three boys knew it since March. And they promised us that they won't telll Liam anything. Louis grabbed my face and kissed me harder. When Liam came in Louis said, "I will go pee." By then he looked straight into my eyes. I stood up and said, "I will go change. I smell like chicken." I felt that my cheeks got red. Louis and I had our first time last year in a cinema. This time will be the seventeenth time.

            Louis locked the door. "I missed you, baby." He kissed me. We fell down on my bed. His hands slid over my body. We made out wilder. I took off my shirt. Louis kissed my cheek then got down to my collarbones until he reached the upper side of my brest. "We don't got that much time." I whispered and took of my jeans. He nodded and got down to my stomache. I grabbed his face and kissed his lips. "I love you, Louis Tomlinson." "I love you more." "But...we can't keep on doing it like this." I pushed him away and stood up. "What do you mean with that? Do you wanna break up with me?" I didn't know what to say. I smiled and started to take off my panties. "I won't...I will never break up with the greatest guy in this world." Louis took off his shirt. "Thank you..."           We only needed five minutes. That was our record. We tried to make it faster. We practiced whenever we can. I took on a red dress Louis choosed for me. "You look awesome." He grabbed my hand. I turned around to face him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. "I love you." I said. He wrapped his arms around my waist. "I love you more." His tounge slid into my mouth. "And I start to hate both of you." I turned around. "Liam...I..." I started but he interrupted me. "No, I don't wanna hear an explination." Tears started to stream down my cheeks. "I am sorry..." I said and went downstairs slowly. Louis followed me. I looked back and saw Liam still standing upstairs. He shook his head and was gone. I lost my balance. I nearly fell down the last five stairs. Louis grabbed my waist. I let my self fall. We sat there for some minutes. I felt my make-up running down my face. "He will get over it." Louis said and kissed my forehead.                    When we went into the dining room we earned quizzled peeks. "Liam found it out." Louis said. I watched the food. I didn't feel like I need to eat something. I stood up; took on my Chucks and went outside. I cried again. I went to the playground to be alone. But Zayn followed me. I kept on walking. "Come on, Julietta! Stand still..." I stopped to walk and turned around. He wrapped his arms around me. "I am so sorry...I should've stop him to go upstairs. But he was upstairs before I even could say anything." I sobbed and wiped some tears away. "No...It's okay..." I said and we started to walk again. "Where are we going?" Zayn asked. "To the playground. It wasn't used now for six years." "And why?" I looked if no police officer was here. "Because someone got killed here. So the police officer thought they should close it." Zayn looked onto the ground. I pulled him through the hidden way. Grass and plants builded a wall so no light came through. "Do you think it is a good idea?" I nodded. "Yes, I am going often to this place. It's so lovely scary." I felt Zayn shaking. "But there got killed someone." He kept on saying.  "Zaynie, you are 21 years old. Don't you think that you should act like it. Look, I am 17 and I am scared of nothing." "I don't believe you. Everyone is scared of something." "Well, I am not. And now be quiet, we are there." I walked the last centimetres when I saw two people making out. Then I saw another two behind a tree. "We should go now." Zayn said. I grabbed Zayn's hand and walked out. "Hey! Do you got some place for us?" The four looked up. One of the two girls pointed to the swings. I smiled shyly and pulled Zayn to one of them. Then I pushed him onto it. I sat down on his lap and threw my hair aside. Then I grabbed his face and kissed him. He grabbed for my waist and pulled me closer. "We shouldn't do that..." Zayn said and stood up. He carried me to the desk in the corner. "No...we don't." But we kept on doing. Zayn opened my dress. I kissed him with all the power I had. I opened his jeans and pulled him closer. The rain started to fall down, hardly. Zayn got into me and moved. "I can't do that...I am cheating on Louis." I stood up and closed the dress. The other's were staring at us. Then they applaused us. I ran away. "Julietta! Hold on! I am sorry." I ran faster. Suddenly I stumbled and fell over something softly. I unlocked the screen of my phone to look what it was. I screamed. It was a...hand. Zayn already reached me. "What the fuck..." I called the police. Zayn took my hand. He helped me up. I told the officer where I was and my name. After ten minutes he reached. "Good afternoon. Are you Julietta Winston?" A police officer asked. "Yes, I am. And this is Zayn Malik." We shook hands. Another officer came out. I smiled and shook his hand too. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Winston." "Good afternoon." I told them that we were making a little race (a little lie won't be bad; Cause when they find out that I was at the closed playground I could get into trouble) and that I stumbled over the hand. "Did you find anything more?" I shook my head. Then the officers asked me for my phone number. I told them. Then they told us to go. Zayn still held my hand. I let go when Louis came out. I fell into his arms and started to cry again. "What's going on? What did you do to her?" Louis beamed at Zayn. "Nothing...She stumbled over a hand..." Zayn shoved us away and went into the house. I closed my eyes and remembered the first time I saw Louis. I met him two years ago when Liam took me to a concert. I felt that there was something between us.

            Louis stayed with me for the night. He promised to stay in bed with me. He kissed me again and again. I took his hand and put it against my brest. "Do you feel that?" I asked. He nodded. "You're heart is racing fast." "Just because of you." And that was the truth. My heart always raced when we touched; when we kissed; when we took a bath together, and when he looked into my eyes. "What about when you come with me to my place tomorrow and for the rest of the week?" I nodded. "Of course!" I kissed him.      

So the next morning we packed some things of mine. I went into Liam's room quietly and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Then I put a note on his night-table. In it was written:


'I am at Louis'...I'll be back next Sunday.

I love you big brother...See you then.

Much Love, Juli'


We went out of the house. I let slid the keys into my pocket and waited till Louis opened his car. When I got inside I started to shake. Louis got in and kissed me. "Winter's on the way." I grinned. "Yes...I can't wait till Christmas..." I said excited. "That is only one month." "I know, but I already got a present for you." I cranked up the heater after Louis started the car. It wasn't far to Louis' home. It were only thirty minutes.

            When we got inside I sat down on the sofa. Louis sat down beside me and put an arm around me. I rested my head on it. I closed my eyes and played last night through my mind. The sex with Zayn; the hand...everything. But suddenly just the sex flipped in my mind. Zayn knew how to do it. He was such a good kisser. I shook my head and jumped up. I grabbed Louis' hand and led him to his room. When were inside it I pushed him on the bed. Louis grinned and kissed me. I grabbed into his hair and sat down on his lap. "I love you." Louis said and stood up. "You want me to stand up?" I asked. "No, it's okay like this. But I got something for you." I stood up and waited patiently. Louis finally stood in front of me. "Close your eyes." He said. I did. To be fair I let them close. After ten minutes Louis said, "Open them..." When I opened my eyes I started to cry. In every corner was a candle. Wherever I looked I saw rose petals. And a bottle with champagne. "Look, I tried to practice a lot of things to say. But it is not easy to say all that when I stand in front if the girl I always loved." He got down to his knee. I smiled. Tears kept falling down. Louis wiped some away and smiled. "And I will ask you like any other. But I wanna make you feel like a princess; I will help you through bad times; I wanna make a family with you. Julietta, there is no one else that I love..." "I slept with Zayn..." I suddenly said. "What!? Tell me that this is just a joke." He stood up. I shook my head. "We were at the old playground and then..." Louis threw something against the wall. I started to cry. Louis walked out and slammed the door. I stood up and looked for that what Louis threw away. And then I found it. It was a ring. I let it fall. I grabbed the champagne and sat down on the bed. I opened it and drank a bit. I felt the warmth spreading out in my belly.

            I was drunken, totally. I opened the door and slurred into the living room. Everything turned. Louis sat on the couch. He cried too. I found my bags next to the door. I grabbed them and opened the front door. "I will go..." I said and stumbled out. I forgot that there were three stairs so I fell down. Louis came out. "Where do you wanna go?" "I don't know. I will find something." I had pain in my stomach and so I wrapped an arm around my belly. "Are you okay?" I pushed him away as he tried to help me up. "Yes! I am not a baby." He grabbed my hand. Sparks flew through my head. Louis pulled me up. I stumbled and fell into his arms. His eyes glistined. "I am sorry...But look I pushed Zayn  away...I-I..." I started. In Louis' eyes flashed anger. "So-when I get it right-Zayn our Zayn tried to rape you?" I wanted to save this realationship so I nodded. "Yea..." Louis pulled me into the house. I sat down on the sofa. "Why weren't you say anything? I could've talk to him." I shrugged. I closed my eyes.

                        I woke up at the next morning. I laid in Louis' arms in his bed. How did that happen? I was in my pajama. I stood up and fell over one of my suitcases. Louis sat up. He came around the bed to help me up. "You okay?" I smiled and nodded. I got closer to his face and kissed him. He placed one hand on my waist and the other one at my cheek. His hand was warm. We stumbled backwards into the bed. Louis opened the shirt of my pajama. He wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me closer. I wrapped my legs around him and grabbed into his hair. Louis took off his shirt. I pulled down my shorts and kissed Louis. His tounge slid into my mouth. "I love you." He said. "I love you more." We said that over and over again.

                        We were only a second away from our orgasm when Harry came in. He stumbled back and said, "Oh my freaking gosh! I am so sorry." "Close the door and give us some minutes." Louis said angry. We turned around. I sat on him. I gave him a long kiss. I moved faster. He grabbed my waist again and moaned loudly. I came some seconds later. I screamed out his name. We turned around again. I grabbed into Louis' hair and kissed him. He moved fastly and smiled at me. Then Zayn came in. My heart raced. I was so nervously that in my stomach everything turned. I breathed hard. Louis took on his boxers and pushed him against the wall. I stood up; wrapped one of the blankets around my body, and pulled Louis back. "Louis! Stop!" He pushed me away. The push was so hardly that I fell down. My hand hurted. Louis turned around. "I am so-" Zayn pushed him. Louis fell against the bed. "You asshole. Who do you think you are to be allowed to beat me?" I started to cry. It was all my fault.

                        At lunch Zayn and Louis didn't talk. Everytime I saw that they exchanged mad looks I felt tears coming up but I gulped them down. When Louis whipsered, "Bastard" I jumped and slapped him. "Can't you eat without offending him?" I went to the bedroom. Harry followed me on the halfway. "What do you want?" I asked already annoyed. "What is going on here? I thought Louis wanted you to ask if you wanna marry him..." "I know...he did, but we had a fight yesterday and I don't know how it should keep on going." "You could ask him...?!" I thought about for a second when I said, "Maybe you can help me?" Harry nodded.

                                    At midnight I woke Louis up. He wasn't-of course-happy about it. "Louis?" "What?" I had tears in my eyes. "Are you going to break up with me?" Suddenly he was awake. "How comes that you ask?" I coughed and said, "Because it's so hard in the last time." He sat up and stroke through my hair. "Look, nothing is coming between us. I love you like hell. And if anyone would try to split us-I swear to god-I will runaway with you. I never wanna lose you...Never..." I nodded. He laid down again. He kissed my forehead. I cuddled into his arms. He started to sing 'They don't know about us'. I cried. "It's okay...You'll be mine forever."

            At the next morning I still had some tears in my eyes. Louis still slept. I got up and looked around. The sun was shining. I got out of the bed and went into the kitchen. I looked into the fridge even though I wasn't hungry. I wasn't hungry for three days. Maybe it was the stress. I shrugged and went under the shower.

            Someone knocked at the door. "Who is there?" Another knock. I turned off the water and wrapped a towel around my wet body. I grabbed a hand-mirror and waited till another knock would come. But there came no other one. I unlocked the door. I screamed loudly. In front of me stood someone in black-I couldn't see his face. It had a bloody knife in his hand. I pushed it as hard as I could and started to run. "Louis!" I screamed in a high tone. I ran into the bedroom and locked the door. Louis came out of his bathroom. I cried out horribly. My heart raced. I sat down on the floor. "What is wrong? Baby, talk to me..." "Out...There...Is...S-someone....Don't get out here..." Louis kneeled down in front of me and grabbed my chin. "I will look. You! Stay here...okay?" I shook my head. "No, stay here...with me. Don't leave me alone." Louis suddenly grabbed my hand. "Then come with me." I stood up with shaking legs. Louis unlocked the door. We went down the stairs. Downstairs was no one. Louis fastly went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. "Come..." He whispered. We went hand in hand into the basement. There was a pool. Something red was written on the wall. I wanted to read it but something hard pushed against my brest and I fell into the water. I tried to swim up but a hand pushed me down. I saw how Louis jumped into the water. He pulled the person away. I swam up and crawled on the edge of the pool. I saw the knife that Louis held in his hand some minutes ago. I grabbed it. I pushed it into the back of the person. Louis came up. I helped him out. We sat down on the floor. Louis wrapped an arm around me and pulled me closer. "It's over..." I breathed hard. "But who was it?" We pulled the person out. I pulled down the mask. It was a face of a girl. She has been around sixteen years old. I didn't know her. "Do you know her?" I asked. Louis nodded halfway. "What?! Where from?" I tried not to sound jealous because I wasn't. I would've realize it when he would have another one. "She had a V.I.P. ticket with an another friend. Her name was...Elena?! I don't really remember it. But she was crazy for me. She was creepy. I told her that I got a girlfriend. I told her about you...But I never thought she would do something like this." I grabbed his hand. Then I gave him a kiss on his cheek. "Nothing will come between us right?" I smiled. Louis nodded and smiled as well. "Let us go upstairs." I nodded and followed him. Upstairs stood a police officer. "Where is she?" I pointed the stairs down. "She is dead." I said. I thought that the police officer would take us away in handcuffs but he shook our hands. "You saved Five another lifes." "And who were the other ones?" I asked. Louis' arm was wrapped around my waist. "Uhm...let me check..." The police officer flipped through the pages of a little notebook which he pulled out of his jacket-pocket. "Liam Payne; Zayn Malik; Perrie Edwards; Niall Horan; Harry Styles and you two..." I turned around and buried my face into Louis' shoulder. I saved my brother's life. And my best friends one.

            We ate lunch at Zayn's. After we told him the story Louis and him were friends again. Liam missed me horribly. We talked about all that and he was okay with it after all. Well, after the lunch we sat down and talked. Suddely Louis stood up and dissapeared for a second with Liam. Some minutes later they came back. Louis looked me in the eyes. He grabbed my hand. I stood up. I got red. He kneeled down. "I don't wanna start all that again...So I will just ask you... Juli do you wanna marry me?" "Yes! Yes!" I hugged him tight. He kissed me. The boys applaused. "Hey guys, you wanna stay for dinner? I got a new game we can play." We all agreed. The boys played playstation while I sat on Louis' lap and stared at the ring. The boys made over funny jokes. I nearly cried so funny was it. It was a racing game. Niall and Liam always won. Louis but won a kiss of me. He smiled under my lips. "I love you." Louis said. "I love you more." I said back.

            For dinner we ate pizzas we ordered. Liam and me went out to smoke one. He hugged me and said, "I love you, little sister." I laughed and said, "I love you too, Li-Li." Suddenly we heard shattering glass. We threw the cigarettes away and ran inside. Louis stood next to Niall who had a bleeding hand. Zayn held some splinter of glass in his hand.   "What's going on here?" "Louis and Zayn had a fight and they threw each other glasses at their heads." Niall said. I pushed Louis. "Are you fucking crazy?! You both could have died. Look at Niall!" Louis stared at the ground. I turned around to Zayn who grinned. I slapped him and screamed, "And you, dumbass, stop grinning like this! It is both of yours fault. Clean up this mess. I will help Niall!" I wrapped an arm around Niall's waist and led him to the bathroom. I turned on the light. "Wash the blood away while I will look for the first aid kid." Niall nodded and turned on the water with his healthy hand. Two minutes later I came back. Niall sat on the closed toilet. "Are you okay?" He had some tears in his eyes. He wiped them away and nodded. "Yes, it was just hurting." I stroke his hair like a little brother and smiled sympathic. I opened the first aid kid and grabbed a tweezer. "It will hurt a bit." I pulled out some splinters. He had tears again. When I was finished I desinfect the wound. Then I put a bandage around it. He hugged me. "Thank you." "No problem." He walked out. Some minutes later Louis came in. He looked sad. "I am sorry..." "Don't tell me, tell that Niall..." I passed him. "Baby..." I ignored him and said, "Liam? I wanna go home." Liam grabbed his and my jacket. "But first we have to go to Louis' and take my things." He nodded. Louis wanted to stop me. I turned around and pushed him away. "Let me go! I will talk to you when this fight between you and Zayn finally ended." I walked down the door steps. After we took my stuff we drove back home. I looked sad out of the window. Liam seemed to realize. He grabbed my hand. "It'll be okay..." I smiled. But then I remembered the ring at my finger. I took it off and pushed it into the glove compartment. "I don't want that ring."

            The next day I went to school. It was hard to learn anything when everyone was staring at you. They wanted autographs and hugs. I went to the toilet to be alone for some seconds. A girl stood at her locker. She started to walk towards me. "How does it feels like to be the little perfect sister of a star? Do you enjoy the attention? But let me tell you one thing; if you ever should steal me the spotlight I will turn your beautiful dream into a nightmare...Got it?" I nodded.

            At home Liam already waited for me. He already cooked us something. "Hey, Li-Li..." I gave him a kiss on his cheek. "How was school today?" He asked. "Don't ask." I said and followed him into the dining room. "What happened?" "First it was all like everytime..Fans and all that; and suddenly there came such a girl who told me I better shouldn't steal her the spotlight." We sat down and started to fill our plates. Liam was the first. "Don't listen to her. Hey, I invited Niall is that okay? He will come..." A ring at the door interrupted him. "Now..." We laughed. I stood up and ran to the door (like I always did when I was younger.) and opened it. "Nialler!" "Hey, sweetie." I hugged him. "I smell food." "Yea, we are already eating...I will go and get you a plate and so..." "Thank you, Juli."

            After Niall left I went to bed. But I couldn't sleep so I went into Liam's room. I knocked at his door. "Come in!" I looked at him. He wrote something at his laptop. "Hey, honey. What's wrong?" "I can't sleep. Can I come under your cover?" Liam raised his covers and smiled. I crawled under them and cuddled into him. He kissed my head. He wrote with Harry over Twitter about the next concert which has to be in three months. "I don't get it; why is that girl so unfair to me." Liam looked at me. I lost a tear. "She is just jealous." "For what? I am not even pretty!" I hidd my face into Liam's shirt. I heard the Twitter-tone. "He wrote you..." I said and smiled. "Yes, and you are beautiful...Don't let tell you otherways...Do you wanna write him?" I nodded and kissed his cheek. Liam laid his arm on my shoulders. I wrote to Harry; 'You are so beautiful. Maybe we can go on a date? Just you and me.' Liam laughed out loud. "You are so evil." Harry wrote back; 'Err, Liam...Are you serious?' I didn't know what to answer so I wrote a smiley. "I love you, honey." Liam said and gave me another kiss on my head. "I love you too, Liam." We sent Harry a picture of him and I while we made funny faces. 'Pretty...Hello, Julietta...Louis misses you, badley.' Harry sent. I felt this creepy pain in my heart; Like it was broken or so. "You don't have to answer, Juli." "I will..." I wrote 'Tell him I don't care.' I knew that it was cold but what can I say other? I couldn't take the thought that they only fight because of me. "Can I sleep here?" "Yes, sure. The bed is big enough." I looked around. A shelf was standing beside the big window. The big bed stood in front of the door next to the cupboard. The desk with a chair stood in front of the window. The cardigans were closed. At Liam's wall hang pictures with him and the boys. On one he was together with Harry. They kissed each other on the mouth. I smiled.

            We fell asleep around four a.m. Liam told me that I don't have to go to school the next day. I was happy about it because so that girl won't bother me. At ten I woke up again. I heard the shower. So I guess Liam took a shower. I had to brush my teeth so I walked inside without knocking. We always did it like this because we knew how each other looked naked. When I started the person came out. But it wasn't Liam it was the girl who tried to kill me.

            I screamed as I woke up. Liam sat up fastly. "What's wrong?" I breathed hard. "I had a nightmare." I said. Liam put his arms around me. "You wanna tell me?" I told him everything.

            At the next morning Liam was still asleep. I heard voices outside. I walked on my tip-toes to the window. I pushed the cardigan a little aside. Outside were angry fans. "Liam..." I first whispered. But when he didn't move I screamed his name. He sat up fastly like at night. "What?" "You should see that." I pointed out of the window. He passed me. "It is my fault...I am sorry..." "No it isn't." Liam said and kissed my head. He walked over to his cupboard. He got change into black shorts; a white button-down shirt, and a green cap. "Where are we going?" "We are going nowhere. You'll stay here." I stumped and sat down on the bed.

            After around ten minutes he came back. "What'd you do?" I asked. "I talked to them and asked them why they were angry. But I gave them autographs and hugs and all that." I nodded and followed him downstairs. I stumbled back. My mom sat on a chair in the dining room. "What are you doing here? Don't you think you hurted us enough?" I wanted to slap her but Liam held me back. "She is here to take you with her." "WHAT?! And what is with Louis?" "Calm down...He..." I ran out of the front door. I grabbed my phone and dialed Louis' number. "Hello?" "Louis, hey...pick me up at my place, please..." Liam pulled the phone out of my hand. I kicked him in the stomache when he started to carry me in. He let go of me. I started to run down the street. On the halfway I saw Louis. He held beside me. I jumped in and said, "Drive...Go!" Louis drove as fast as he could. When we passed Liam-who stared back us stunned-I relieved. "Thank you so much, Lou-Lou." I gave him a big kiss on his cheek. When no reaction came I said, "Look, I know I acted like a complete idiot. But I am sorry, and I will make it alright. I promise. But you won't see me anymore." Louis stopped hard at a red traffic-light. "WHAT?" "I reacted the same way. My mom is in town. She wants me to move to her to Wolverhampton." "But you can't go...I need you." He had some tears in his eyes. "Let us run away." He suddenly said. "And where to?" I asked. "Wherever you want to." I grinned at that. "I always wanted to fly to Seattle." "Then we'll go to Seattle." I kissed him. The traffic-light turned to green. "I am hungry." We drove into the Oxford-Street. "There is a diner." "I never saw it here." Louis but didn't say anything. I realized that he still wore his pajama as well. He held in a parking lot and got out of the car. I blushed. Louis came around the car and openend the door for me. "My Lady..." I grabbed the hand he reached out. He kissed me long and put his arm around my waist. "Let us go." When we were inside everyone stared at us. Some were snickering. We sat down at a table that just got free. Louis grabbed the menu card. And so did I. On the front side were butterflies in every colour. Louis didn't even need a minute to know what he wanted. "How did you do that?" He looked confused at me. "You didn't even read it....I guess..." "I've been here often." He said. I sighed and looked out of the window. Louis grabbed my hand. I looked at him fastly. "I don't wanna miss you...I hope you understand it." I nodded to tell him that I understood. He started to cry. I realized that I have never seen him crying before. "I will stay with you." I said. "Thank you." A waitress came over to us. "What can I bring for you?" She asked. Louis pointed at me. "You first." "Uhm...I would like to have three pancakes; orange juice, and the applecake with chocolate cream, please." She nodded and wrote down everything."I would like to have a coffee with milk and sugar and scrambled eggs, please." "I'll be right back." She walked away.

            We only had to wait some minutes until she came back with the food. We started to eat. Louis stared out of the window. I followed his look. Some police officers ate a burger. I was finished fastly. I was still hungry. "Can I order more?" I asked. He nodded. I raised my hand. The waitress said, "I am right there." I smiled. Then she came. "I would like to have a fruitsalat with a lot of pineapples, and a milkshake with strawberries, please." The waitress wrote down all that and smiled at me. "You will be lucky parents. You too look so cute." I was confused. "Hold on, what are you talking about?" Louis grabbed my hand. "Aren't you pregnant?" The waitress blushed. "No, I am not...It's okay." I said. The waitress dissapeared without a word. Louis looked after her and turned fastly to me. "What?" I asked. When Louis raised his eyebrow I understood. "No, it is impossible. We watched out, didn't we?" Louis shrugged. I felt tears coming up. "Don't cry..." He raised his hand up. The waitress came. "Yes?" "Could you please pack in the food?" She nodded. After ten minutes we sat in the car. I cried. Louis and me sat in the back seat. My head rested on his shoulder. "We will find it out." I nodded.

            At night we drove to my home. I saw that the light was turned off. Louis and me already were in a hospital. We found out that I am pregnant. I grabbed for the key on the lamp at the wall. "Be quiet." I said. I was tired and sad. When we got in someone stood beside me. Suddenly the light turned on. "Happy Birthday!" Everyone was there; Zayn, Liam, Harry, Niall, my mom, and my dad. I started to cry and ran upstairs. I totally forgot my own birthday! I collapsed on my bed. Some minutes later someone knocked at the door. "Who is there?" I asked before I unlocked the door. "Louis! Can you please open the door?" He didn't sound angry. I opened. When he was inside I locked the door again. I pulled him to my bed. "We have to go! Now!" He shook his head. "Look, dear...I knew all this." I slapped him. "NO! You don't...tell me you didn't lie to me! I thought this between us  is real!" "It is! Everything is real. But you don't have to run away. You can stay here." I went to the window. I opened it. The air was cold. I shook my head. I climbed out. Louis wasn't fast enough. I jumped...


~A Month Later~

I woke up after a month. I was in the hospital. Louis sat beside me. "Oh my gosh...Don't move...I'll go and get a doctor!" He ran out. My head turned. I felt horrible. My rips felt with every breathe like it was going to explode in the next moment. I looked around. Presents; my suitcase; and a sleeping Liam. He had bloodshot eyes. The door swung open. Louis and a doctor came in. Liam woke up. He looked at me. Tears streamed down his cheeks. "Juli, oh my gosh. I thought you would die." The doctor checked out everything. "Can you please give me something against the pain?" I asked. My voice sounded horrible. He nodded. A nurse came in. "Melanie, five milligrames of morphium, immidiatly." The nurse nodded and smiled at me. I smiled back, halfway. "How are you feeling?" The doc. asked. "Except for the pain?" He nodded. "Horrible...When can I get out of here?" "When your bones healed." I wanted to get up. The pain in my rips got worst. I bit my tounge and said, "See! I am okay." I breathed faster. When Louis pushed me softly back I screamed. "Just stay in bed." The doc. said. "And when I have to pee?" I raised an eyebrow. "Then you'll call for a nurse, yes?" I nodded. "Fine..."

            After three weeks they allowed me to go. In the car I asked Louis, "What is with the baby?" Liam stopped at the side of the street. "What baby? Louis! What is she talking about?" I looked angry at him. "You didn't tell him?" He looked down at his fingers and shook his head. I got out of the car and sat down beside Liam on the passenger seat. "I am...was...whatever, pregnant." Liam looked at me angrily. "I'm sorry." I said.

            At night I sat at my laptop and checked my twitter mails. A lot of my fans hoped that I am well. I wrote, Thank you so much, guys. I am really good. I love you. Some minutes later they all answered something like; We love you too or Damn, Juli, why did you do that to us? I suddenly felt bad. Someone knocked at my door. I turned around. Harry stood in my door. I jumped up. I yawnked. "You okay?" I didn't answer, but I screamed, "Harry!" I fell into his arms. "I missed you." We said at the same time. "How is it going with Emmy?" "She broke up." He sat down on my bed. I locked the door so no one would hear us. "Oh no, why?" I sat down beside him. "She said that I am not the right one; and she found another one who is care about her." I looked quilty out of the window. "Is it because of me?" "No! Please don't think that." I turned my face to him. I sighed. Harry grabbed my face and said, "Never think this!" I nodded. His breathe smelled like vanilla. I closed my eyes. "Are you okay?" He asked again. I took another deep breathe. Before I could resist I got closer. But Harry didn't pull away. His lips hit mine. He moved them. I opened my eyes. His were closed and so did I. He grabbed under my shirt and laid down into the pillow. But suddenly I got tired. I laid down beside him. He put the covers over us. "Are you tired?" He asked. I nodded and yawned. Harry put his arm around me. We cuddled together. I turned around. I kissed him again. His lips were so soft like I always imagined. I closed my eyes once again.

            I woke up in Harry's arms. He was asleep. It was midnight. I stood up and opened the door. Louis laid in front of it and slept. "Louis?" I shook him. He woke up. Suddenly he slapped me. I stumbled back. Tears streamed down my cheeks. "No! I am sorry...I..." I ran back into my room and shut the door. Then I locked it. Harry sat up. "What happened?" "L-Louis slapped m-me..." I sat down on the floor; wrapped my arms around my knees, and cried into them. Harry wrapped his arms around me. "It's okay...He won't come close to you." I nodded and put my head on his shoulder. Suddenly he carried me to the bed. "Try to sleep. I will talk to him." I nodded. It didn't need long to fall asleep.

            At the morning I woke up alone. I stood up and got change. Then I went downstairs. I saw Liam sitting in front of Louis. He did something in his face. Louis had a blue eye and bloody scratches. "What-...What happened?" I ran towards him and grabbed his hands. "Yesterday...I am so sorry for it...Harry came out and talked to me, kind of. He punched me some times. And then he had a knife-" His voice broke. "It's okay...Let's forget about it. Where is he?" I jumped up. "Calm down, Juli. He is gone. He didn't say where to." I saw Niall in the kitchen. I went over to him. "Are you sure?" He nodded. I sighed. I grabbed my jacket and walked over to the little supermarket. Louis followed me. "Baby, what is wrong?" I grabbed his hand. "Don't be mad at me but I wanna be alone now." He nodded; kissed me and walked back to the house. I couldn't tell if he was sad.

            I found Harry talking to a girl. She was about 16 years old. I walked over to him. I grabbed his arm; turned him around and hit his face with my fist. He stumbled back. "What was this for?" "You punched Louis! Did you think he wouldn't tell me this?" Harry smiled wickedly. "He deserved it!" I hit him once again. "Oh that is how it's going to be? First you are kissing me and nearly fuck me, and then you are on Louis' side?" "I have always been. Stay away from him AND me." He laughed. "When you want." He passed me. The girl looked at me in shock. "Are you Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend?" I nodded. "Wow! That is so cool. How did you meet?" "Well, Liam is my brother and you can think the rest." "Can you give me an autograph?" "Yes, sure." I signed her notebook and smiled. "Bye, then." "Goodbye."

            Back at home the boys had a discussion. "GUYS!" They looked at me. "What is going on?" Louis said, "Harry wants to leave the band. But he don't wanna tell us why." Harry shrugged and went upsatirs. I followed him after I gave Louis a big kiss. He grinned and bit his lip. In Harry's room we kept on fighting. "Look, this is a mistake!" I said. "How do you wanna know what is right or wrong? You are 17 and I am 20." "So what? I know something better, we don't wanna lose you. I! Don't wanna lose you." I grabbed his hand. I kissed him intensive. "Do you wanna miss that?" He shook his head. "Please, stay." He nodded and let fall the bag he held in his hand. "Thank you." I said. "Can I help cleaning up your room?" I asked and started to pick up his dirty clothes. "Of course. You don't have to ask for that." We laughed. Harry turned on his CD-player and put in their album 'Midnight Memories', The first song started. We sang along, "Maybe it's the way she walked, straight into my heart and stole it." We were finsihed fastly. Harry wrapped an arm around my shoulder. Then 'Story Of My Life' came up. Harry smiled at me. I slowly leaned in. A knock at the door interrupted us. "What are you doing in there?" Niall asked. "Cleaning up Harry's room...Well, we are finished. Come in!" Niall opened the door. He was followed by the other's. "Oh my gosh...You got a floor." Liam said. I laughed and grabbed Louis' hand. "We need a shower." I whispered into his ear.

            At night Louis and me went out for dinner. "Are you sure that the make-up will stay on my face?" He asked and got out of the car. And so did I. "I am a girl...Yes! I am totally sure." I wore a dark-sky blue dress. Louis took my hand and we stepped inside. Everyone stared at us. I felt my cheeks getting hot. "Are you okay?" I took a breath and nodded. A waitress brought us to our table. It was in a quiet corner. Another waitress came. She brought us the menu-card. I smiled. "Mr. und Mrs. Tomlinson! What a luck to have you here." I grinned. Louis shook his head. "My husband recommend this resturant." I said. When he dissapeared Louis said, "We aren't married yet." I grinned. "But soon, I hope." I looked down into the menu-card.

            When we were home again everyone slept. Louis and me went outside to the pool. Louis grabbed my face and kissed me. He started to take off my shirt. "Uhm...I don't want to go into the pool." I said. He stopped and looked at me confused. "Why not? That is warm water." "No, that isn't it. It's just that I am scared of deep water." He suddenly laughed. Then he threw me over his shoulder. "Louis! No!" "That was a really good joke." He said. I started to cry. He jumped in with me still over his shoulder. I held my breath. When were in the water I opened my eyes. It was dark. My heart started to race. I swom to the edge of the pool and climbed out. "Juli! I am sorry." I ran in while crying. I passed Liam and Niall. I ran up the stairs. Harry stood at the door and opened his arms. "I saw it." He just said. We went into his bedroom. We sat down on the bed. My legs laid on his and my head rested on his shoulder. I cried harder. "Why are you crying honey?" Liam stood in the door. "L-Louis jumped with me into the pool. Li-Li, you know that I am afraid of deep water." I stood up and ran into his opened arms. "I know...I will talk to him. Harry, take care of her..." He nodded. "What? With what?" "Get change first, you'll get sick." Harry said after Liam dissapeared. I nodded. After I got changed into my pink pajama I went back to Harry. I closed the door after entering his room. "Can I sleep here?" I asked. Harry already laid under his blankets. He nodded. I crawled under his blankets and cuddled into his arms. "What are you reading?" I asked. "It's a book my mom bought me to my sixteenth birthday. It's named 'The Five Doors'." "Can you read for me?" Harry grinned. "Sure." Suddenly I found myself kissing him. He placed a hand on my cheek. "Ehem, okay..." He started to read. I felt my eyes closed after some minutes. Harry stopped to read and gave me a kiss. "Good night, Juli."

            At the next morning Harry was still asleep. I cuddled into his arms. He woke up then. He smiled at me and gave me a long kiss. "Good morning, Harry." "Hey..." He said. I stood up and said, "I will go downstairs and make some breakfast. You'll help me?" He nodded and stood up. "Uhm..." I suddenly blushed and laughed. Harry looked down and blushed as well. "One time..." I said and locked the door. I kissed him and unbottened my shirt.

            "I wish you'd be mine." Harry said while laying arm in arm. I kissed him and stood up. "We really have to go now." "Really?" I grinned and nodded. I took my underwear on. Harry sat up and looked down to his boxers. "We'll rewind that." I sat down on his lap and grabbed into his hair. Then I kissed him. "BREAKTFAST!" Zayn yelled upsatirs. I stood up again and opened the door after taking my pajama on. "We'll rewind that, I promise." I said and walked downstairs. "Good morning." I said while sitting down. Louis smiled. I looked sad on my plate. "I am not really hungry." "Honey, you should eat." Liam said. I shrugged and grabbed a toast. "Can I have the milk, please?" Louis gave it to me. "Thanks." Then Harry came down. His hair was messed up. I grinned. He made a face to me and sat down next to me. "Promised...?" He asked and held up his little finger. "Promised..." We interwinded our fingers and laughed. Louis looked at me angrily. I ignored it as best as I could. Suddenly Harry held my hand. "Get your hands off my girl." Louis beamed at Harry and jumped up. "Your girl? You are an awesome boyfriend, leaving her broken and hurting her about every day." I started to sob. "Guys! Sit down!" Liam stood now as well. Louis and Harry sat down.

            After breakfast I went outside to take a walk. Harry followed me. He grabbed my hand. "Where are we going?" "The old playground." I just said. Suddenly I saw snowflakes falling from the sky. "Wow! Look at this. Let's make it epic." Harry said and grabbed for my face. One hand was placed on my cheek and the other one on my waist. Then he kissed me. I smiled. "I love you, Juli." He said. "I love you too." I said. "But what is about Louis?" "We have to tell him." Harry said while we kept on walking. This time the playground was empty. "We can't...It would break his heart." "It would more if we didn't tell him." I nodded. Tears came up. I gulped them down and sat down on a swing. Harry pushed me. I laughed. "My mom told me, that when a guy pushes me he likes me." I said in a girly voice. "My dad told me that liking someone is a sign of weakness." He answered. Then he stopped me. He stood in front of me. I stood up. Suddenly he kneeled down. He took my hands and smiled. "Will you marry me, Julietta?" I didn't know if this was real. I nodded and said, "Yes, Harry." He grinned. Then he kissed me. "Did you meant it for real?" I asked. He nodded. I smiled. "What is with Louis?" I asked again. No answer.

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