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Hi! I'm a fairly organised person, so this movellas will be a collection of
Oneshots (Unless otherwise stated by me). I hope you guys enjoy!!

(Most of these guys will be Dan, Phil, Chris, PJ, etc... 'cus I don't watch many vloggers :/ )


1. Requestsiedoodles



First off, I'd like to say thanks for clicking on this Movellas (Even if it was an accident ;_; FA: Confirmed) it means a lot to me to see people interested in ma stoof!


Getting into the FanFiction side of things, all stories will be clean (Most with kissing scenes) but there will be warnings at the start of those with Trigger Warnings or Smut. I'll put some sort of warning in the title chapter, so there is no excuse for complainers: If you don't like; DON'T READ. On that note, quite a few of these fics will be same sex (E.g. boyxboy), so, again, no hate and if you don't like; don't read. :P


Lastly... ENJOY!





Later on, I will start to accept requests depending on my idea flow, view count, e.t.c... But for now, I'm all set. Keep on checking below this paragraph to see if I need requests or not.


Requests: (WiDe OpEn!)



Pairing: PJ & Chris

Relationship: boyxboy [Love/friendship]

Genre: Romance

Mood: Happy/Fluffeh

Setting: Real life (PJ's house)

Age Range: Early 20s- Mid 20s (If the relationship is sexual, please make the requested age above 16. Thx!)


Pending Requests:







Works In Progress:

PJ x Crabstickz (KicktheStickz) - 10 Things I Look For In A Girl - [Complete]

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