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Hi! I'm a fairly organised person, so this movellas will be a collection of
Oneshots (Unless otherwise stated by me). I hope you guys enjoy!!

(Most of these guys will be Dan, Phil, Chris, PJ, etc... 'cus I don't watch many vloggers :/ )


2. 10 Things I Look For In A Girl |KicktheStickz|PJxChris|

Here's a warning, just like I promised!

This pairing is boyxboy (Means there is a gay relationship). U no like; U no read. But seriously, if you don't like same gender love stories, then just skip it and head to the next one (When it's posted).

Minor swearing

Only a few sexual references and some snogging!

FRIEND-ZONE REFERENCE! D: (Although that'll soon change ;) )

So... Now that's over with, let it begin...


Pairing: PJ & Chris

Relationship: boyxboy [Love/friendship]

Genre: Romance

Mood: Happy/humour, then Le Feelz :3

Setting: Real life (PJ's house)

Age Range: Early 20s- Mid 20s


Also... As for the vid '10 Things I Look For In A Girl' let's pretend it takes place like this... (It doesn't but I needed a set-up. XD Also, this seemed like a good idea at the time. :3 ) If you wanna see the true meaning behind it, check out this tumblr by le almighteh Peej -> .

Aaaannnddd here's the vid:



Chris' POV:

I snigger as I hear PJ's voice from the other room, but it turns into a low chuckle as a stealthily open the door behind his backdrop.

"Hey, guys, how's it goin'?" PJ says his usual intro as I get into position. "So, a lot of people have been sayin' to me 'Hey, PJ? What do you look for in a girl?'" I freeze at this, momentarily forgetting my plan. PJ seemed so unfazed, like he wasn't even doubting or questioning his answer. "So, I thought I'd make this video of my 'top 10 things I look for in a girl'. Here we go!" I snap back to senses. I wasn't going to let myself listen to PJ describe 'his perfect girl', that would probably kill me. Well... Unless the first part is 'their name's Chris'. I shake myself again.

It was showtime!

"Number one, and the most important thing I'd have to say, is-" I dropped the cake and ducked back behind PJ's background, not waiting to see if it hit its target. By the sound of PJ's gasp, it must have. I cover my mouth with both of my hands to stop a giggle escaping. "Wha... What is this...? What is... This is bir... Is this birthday cake? Wha...? This is bir- Wha... Why is there... Birthday cake? Where did that come from...? Where did that come from? This is bir... Why is there bir...?" I hear him cough. "Wha...?" I bit my lip to stop my laughter as PJ keeps trying to make sense of what happened. I hear him trying to compose himself and I know what's coming. I hold back a squeal as I slip out of the door and bolt down the hall. I hear PJ roar and I fail in holding back my laughter anymore, letting it all out in barks of laughter.

By the time I am finished I was on the floor of the living room, my face was red and eyes watering. As a few stray giggles get loose, I open my eyes, my face immediately falling and a squeak of terror escaping. Above me stood PJ, most of his hair caked (pun intended XD) in icing and eyes narrowed as they locked with my own that were widened in fear. I swallowed and when my eyes flickered to the side to look for an escape, PJ pounced. I yelped and PJ pinned down my arms and straddled my waist making me go bright red. PJ grinned as I struggled to free myself, although I soon stopped at it was creating friction *cough* down there.

"Chris, what was that?" He asked, his voice calm. When I didn't respond, PJ leaned closer to my ear, inadvertently pressing his chest to mine. "Do you need to be punished...?" PJ asked in a low tone. I shivered slightly. Seriously? How did PJ not notice how I felt about him?! Was he doing this on per- I yelp as PJ starts tickling me, causing me to writhe beneath him, still pinned down by him sitting on my waist and holding both my wrists above my head. I resume my giggling as I try to free myself. It was times like this I wished I was stronger than him.

"P- Peej! S-stop-p plea- please!" I managed to get out between giggles. PJ grinned as he stopped and sat back, still holding me down.

"Do you give up?" PJ asks with his signature grin. I pout, but nod and wait for him to release my wrists before pushing him and flipping us over to reverse our position. My smirk comes back as I flip my hair out my eyes. PJ hadn't recovered from shock, but, unluckily for him, by the time he did, I had his wrists pinned by his sides. PJ tried to sit up and grinned like an idiot before resting his head back and squeezing his eyes shut.

"Chrissyyyyyyyyyyy... Lemme goooooooo!" PJ complains, making me laugh at his pet-name for me as I release his wrists.

"PJ, stop! You're getting icing on the carpet!" I grin. PJ tilts his head and looks at me with a raise eyebrow.

"I'm getting icing on the carpet?! You're the one who dropped in on me in the first place!" I try to hold in a snigger at the memory of his reaction. PJ rolls his eyes and lowers his head back down to the carpet. Suddenly, I let out a squeak and PJ sits up sharply almost headbutting me. He tilts his head to the side with concern in his eyes. "Chris?"

"Uh..." I swallow nervously and my eyes lower. PJ follows my eyes and lets out a similar squeak to mine when he realizes that his hands were resting on my hips as I sat on his waist. He removes his hands quickly.

"S-sorry, Chri-" I catch his hands before they retract completely, making him freeze.

"I-it's fine, Peej..." I replace his hands on my hips and hear PJ's voice catch in his throat. My mind yells at me to think about what I'm doing, but I mute it. I was done with thinking. I had waited for to long for PJ to notice how I feel about him. Now I had this chance, I wasn't going to back down. I sigh and look back up into PJ's eyes, noting the nervous flicker in them.

"C-Chris...? W-what are you-"

"D'ya know what it's like to love someone who doesn't love you back, Peej?" I drop my gaze again and speak in nothing higher than a whisper. PJ was less than a few inches away, so it didn't matter; he would hear. "It hurts. It hurts so bad..." I whimper and I feel PJ's grip on my waist tighten slightly.

"Chris... I-"

"No." I interrupt him. "Don't..."

"No, I-"

"I know you don't feel the same." I take a deep breath. "But I have to at least try, right?"

With that, I raise my head, not opening my eyes, and press my lips firmly to PJ's. They are soft and cool, tasting of the strawberry jam that was in the cake. He doesn't respond and I feel tears tracing down my cheeks. Had I done the right thing? I pull away and sniff before making a move to get off of PJ. But...

He doesn't let me.

His hands hold me in place and I look at him. His eyes are twinkling and he is holding back a smirk.

"You, Chris, are a bloody idiot." This takes me by surprise. What...? "I do, I do know how it feels, Chris." He pulls me slightly closer and rests his forehead on mine, getting some icing in my hair. "You have no idea how long I've waited for you to do that." He whispers. I freeze. Does that mean he lov-

My whole mind stops when PJ places his lips on mine in a tender kiss, sweetened by the cake. I slowly raise my arms so that they wrap around his neck before kissing back. The kiss turned more passionate by the second, all our pent up emotions finally being released. I smile against the kiss as PJ runs the tip of his tongue against my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I deny and I feel PJ smirk. His hands pinch my waist making me gasp. PJ takes his chance and his tongue enters my mouth, engaging my own in a battle of dominance. I let PJ win and he explores, tongue tracing every inch of my mouth.

By the time I pull back slightly, we a both bright red and panting, our lips slightly swollen from the intensity of the kiss. We rest our foreheads together and I chuckle. PJ raises an eyebrow.

"I love ya, Peej." I mutter, sighing slightly.

"Chris Kendall?" I look up to PJ's smiling face. "I love you t-"

"Chris? PJ? We have something to- HOLY GENGAR!" Phil runs into the room, followed by Dan, but freezes when he sees Chris and PJ.

"Phil?" Dan is confused and looks around him, causing his eyes to widen. "Um.... Did we get you at a bad time?" PJ and Chris look at each other for a second before bursting out with laughter. Phil is bright red and points to the kitchen.

"I'll uhh... I'll go make some tea... Yeah, tea..." He wanders to the direction of the kitchen, slightly dazed. Dan sniggers before turning back to the next couple and tilting his head.

"PJ? Why do you have icing in your hair?"

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