Missing You- An Original Song Book

A collection of songs I wrote when I was feeling sad. They mean a lot to me and I hope you can share the emotion behind them.


1. Carried Away

Words of silence 

On the night before December

No one can hear

The pain they cry

Tears were wept 

Long before we remember 

and we watch them fall 

With blinded eyes


We are so lost

Our hearts are slowly rotting 

Gone is every thought of yesterday

What is the cost

For the lives we have forgotten 

Hidden in time and here to stay

No one hears the sighs of the broken

In blood and misery already laid 

Remembering the soft lullabies spoken

Their words and their hopes are carried away


Is love enough 

Or is there no solution 

To the destruction violence has made

How can we trust

There is no retribution

The darkness consumes our guilt and our shame


Open hearts 

Is all we are needing 

To mend the cuts and wash out the stain

Helpful hands 

For those who are still bleeding

Is all we can give for those who were slain

No one hears the sighs of the broken 

Hidden from sight and far from our eyes

Where is the light the shadows have stolen 

While smiles are tight we are living a lie


Could it be

We are not ready

Through losses and triumphs we have not learned

Broken dreams 

Hearts beating steady 

They appear but their faces are turned

No one hears the sighs of the broken 

Calling our names from where they lay

No one repeats but the words are still frozen 

With gentle thoughts they urge us to stay

Listen now to what words were chosen

Hear the sound before they are carried away

And no one will know once they are carried away

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