The Five Nights 2

John Matkovic starts his job at the 'new and improved' Freddy Fazbear's pizza. Hopefully he won't end up like the night guards before him.. whatever happened to them.


4. "Why won't you old robots leave me alone?!"

John walked around the pizzeria silently, flashing his flashlight around when he hears a sound.

"I was so wrong. This place is creepy at night." he says, hurrying to his office and sitting behind his desk with a soft sigh, checking all the cameras, winding up the music box quietly. He shivers a bit when he feels a rush of cold air, causing him to get goosebumps

"It's getting cold.." he says to himself then checks the cameras again, seeing every animatronic except for Bonnie 2.0 and Chica 1.0 are not in Parts/Service.

"Oh, great.." he mumbles, winding up the music box again "This is gonna be hard.." he sighs, then checks the air vent lights, quickly putting on the mask when he sees Chica 2.0, soon doing the same with both bonnies. He flickers his flashlight in the hall after seeing Foxy  1.0 then puts on his mask again when he sees Mangle hanging over him

"Why won't you dumb robots leave me alone?!" he says. Once Mangle is gone he goes to the cameras, checking them then winding up the music box. He leans back in his chair and sighs once the clock changes to 6 am, honestly surprised that he survived the night.

"Something tells me I won't survive tomorrow night.." he says

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