The Five Nights 2

John Matkovic starts his job at the 'new and improved' Freddy Fazbear's pizza. Hopefully he won't end up like the night guards before him.. whatever happened to them.


5. "Just..nervous."

John smiles nervously at the faculty worker as he walks out

"Anything wrong?" the worker asks

"huh? Nah just..nervous. That's all." John chuckles awkwardly

"Hm...alright well...see you tomorrow." the worker says before walking out and locking the door then walking away from the building.

John sighs "Not likely." he says before walking to his office, checking the animatronics on the way. He checks the cameras silently

"I won't let them kill me tonight." he says, winding up the music box. He quickly puts on the mask when Chica 1.0 stands in front of his desk, her mouth wide open

"Go away." he mumbles then takes off the mask when she is gone

"I hate this place..." he says and winds up the music box again, then checks the rest of the cameras. He freezes up when he sees the tan fox standing in the hallway

"You.." he mumbles, the fox twitches and stares at him with black, empty eyes. John looks at the fox a little longer before checking the cameras again, winding up the music box then lowering his camera, jumping and quickly putting on the mask when he sees the fox in front of his desk, poised to jump at him

"Not. Killing me." he says, taking off the mask when the fox leaves. He checks the air vent lights quickly hearing a child's voice say 'Hello.' John shrugs and checks the cameras again. He flashes his light down the hall then flickers it when he sees Foxy. He decides to keep the mask on for the rest of the night, only taking it off to wind up the music box. When the clock turns to 6 am he sits back in his chair and smiles

"I'm alive...I don't know how but I'm alive!" he says and laughs before standing up and walking out out of the pizzeria, taking the pay check the worker hands him on the way out.

A few months later, John met the love of his life and had his first son. He named this child James Matkovic.

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