The Five Nights 2

John Matkovic starts his job at the 'new and improved' Freddy Fazbear's pizza. Hopefully he won't end up like the night guards before him.. whatever happened to them.


3. "I don't remember him.."

John sat at his desk silently, already checking the cameras for animatronics when all of a sudden her sees a tan fox animatronic looking at the camera 

"What the.....I don't remember him.." he thinks to himself before shrugging and checking the rest of the cameras, winding up the music box then checking the air vent lights and repeating the process over and over, putting on the empty Freddy Fazbear head when one of the animatronics stood in front of him.

" surprisingly easy.." John mumbles, looking around slowly then looking in the hallway, seeing the same fox animatronic he saw earlier 

"Which character is that anyway..." he thinks "He's probably just like foxy..." he would think before flickering the light at him then checking the cameras, jumping and putting the mask on when it was in front of his desk, the animatronic grabs him by the collar of his shirt and screeches before leaving as the clock turned to 6 am. John stares, slightly trembling with fear as the animatronic limped away.

"Why did I have to pick this stupid job.." he mumbles under his breath

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