The Five Nights 2

John Matkovic starts his job at the 'new and improved' Freddy Fazbear's pizza. Hopefully he won't end up like the night guards before him.. whatever happened to them.


1. "This place is so boring at night.."

John sat at his desk silently, looking around the room. The room included his desk in the back two air vents on the left and right and a dark corridor in the middle. He had a flashlight but the light couldn't reach the end of the hall.

John sighs "This place is so boring at night..." he mumbles and jumps when he hears footsteps. He turns on the flashlight, seeing Chica in the middle of the hallway 

"Huh....weird.." he says to himself before checking the cameras, seeing all the animatronics except Bonnie and Chica where they're supposed to be

"Where's bonnie.." he mumbles and jumps again when he sees Bonnie 2.0's face up to the camera

"Woah.." he mumbles then checks the air vent lights, seeing chica in the left air vent. John puts on his empty Freddy Fazbear head until Chica goes away then checks the cameras again, staying absolutely silent. Eventually 6 a.m comes along, he sits back and sighs softly

"Night Night animatronics." he snickers as he walks out of the pizzeria just as one of the workers walks in.

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