Lovely: Moments of Buttercup

Moments of Buttercup a traveling christian musician.


1. Prologue

"For God so loved the world,

that he gave his only son,

to the people of the land:

To show them how it's done;

How to live a Christian life;

What to do when you face strife;

How to help one another to aspire the light


For God so loved the world,

that he wanted you to believe,

so you could stop hurting yourself;

stop looking for ecstasy;

stop looking for "the one"

stop looking for "the fun"


Just look for God and he'll show you ,

that he's better than the substitutes

no side effects,

no broken hearts,

no cheating and no burns or scars

He'll keep all his promises,

He'll never leave you,

and even when you back out on him

he'll be waiting still

for you to come back...

for you to relax...

for you ...

for you....

always for you....

He will be there waiting,



always waiting,

watching, waiting





for... you...."

            I finish the song and after the applause, I see people crying, others were screaming, crying out to the Lord with all their hearts, others looked hopeful, there were still a few that looked uninterested, many were busy looking at their phones, texting, talking , completely oblivious to their peers who had just been saved. I get off the stool that I had been sitting on and move to put my guitar back into its case when the hostess of the event hurries up the steps to the stage and pulls me into an aggressive hug. I hug her back and she relaxes, when the hug lasts a bit longer than expected, it takes me a few seconds to realize that she's weeping.

"Thank you..." she sobs. She repeats this harshly in softer whispers a few more times while her shoulders shake uncontrollably. I smile, my song might not have reached everyone but I'm sure the Lord got it. I stare up at the ceiling of the observatory. The dome was off today, it was sunny outside and the sun's gentle rays seemed to smile from above. I could see the puffy white clouds sitting in the sky, gradually moving, and then I saw IT. My eyes nearly bulge entirely out of my head when I see a particular cloud unusually shaped, it could have been my imagination but ... it looked like ... a thumbs up. 

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