Dear ashley

Mealine hawks is in love with the story of gone with the wind and ashley Wilkes so when a boy named Asher Wilkerson comes along mealine is thrown for a tailspin especially because Asher is a dead ringer for Ashley Wilkes will she end up being like the fair and sweet mealine Wilkes and win her dream beau's heart?


3. riders request

Scarlett smiled at rider. You think your Rhett butler huh? Yes I do that old phony boy chase doesn't know what he's doing! Alright, fine you think your good and I need a Rhett show me what you've got. Ok scene 28 you should be kissed.... Oh hell no said scarlett your nose hairs love you more than do. Well if you want to play Scarlett I need a Rhett. Miss chinery I can't possibly kiss my brother that's just wrong on so many levels!

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