Dear ashley

Mealine hawks is in love with the story of gone with the wind and ashley Wilkes so when a boy named Asher Wilkerson comes along mealine is thrown for a tailspin especially because Asher is a dead ringer for Ashley Wilkes will she end up being like the fair and sweet mealine Wilkes and win her dream beau's heart?


1. overture

Mealine wake up get your ass up its time to get your lazy ass to school. I'm coming Janie darling you go on ahead I forgot my tafida skirt. Stop calling me darling already it doesn't make a differance if Asher sees you melly your still from the twenty first century like it or not. Oh Janine , here it is she said reaching for a pale white long piece of fabric. Come on melly we're late already. When they got to school mealine went searching for Asher in the hall. Asher Asher wait up I have something I must ask you. Oh hello mealine it's wonderful to see you. Um what do you want? Oh I wanted to ask you to prom. Uh will you go with me to..prom? Oh mealine I'm so sorry but I can't go I have an audition. For what? Gone with the wind he answered.

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