Dear ashley

Mealine hawks is in love with the story of gone with the wind and ashley Wilkes so when a boy named Asher Wilkerson comes along mealine is thrown for a tailspin especially because Asher is a dead ringer for Ashley Wilkes will she end up being like the fair and sweet mealine Wilkes and win her dream beau's heart?


2. audition

No no no just stop that's the worst portrayal of Scarlett o'hara I've seen today please isn't there someone who understands the vision and brilliance of Margaret Mitchell's work! Wait, I haven't had a chance to audition yet! Oh it's you my gosh what do you want to perform? Scene 6 act one. Ms.Chinery looked blankly at her. Fine she said but I'm not going to except any less than great! Scarlett I didn't know you love this show too said Asher. I do wish you'd go away you coward. Just because I've never kissed you doesn't make me a coward. Sir you are no gentlemen! And you miss are no lady! Rider don't come down hear asking me for excuses when coach hookfinn specifically told you to come to practice yesterday. You are just priceless. Leave me alone you cad! You were never meant for the part of Rhett butler! Why he's always annoyed you and so have I. Get out, wha I didn't do a thing he replied innocently.

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