Can You Feel My Heart?

Just a normal girl? That's what Jessica wishes she was. With her twin, Melissa, hating her guts and plotting her demise, an art teacher, Mr Clifford, caring more than he should; and a few close friends sticking together, what will become of Jess? Will she find that normal life and move to England like she planned? Or will she find a love worth fighting for and stay where she is?


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We were late anyway when we finally got to school. I wasn’t bothered, but Kahlan on the other hand was a complete mess.

“Ugh, I hate being late you guys! And it’s only the first day!” she rambled trying to get her locker open.

“Kahlan, chill out. There’s still, like, two minutes left before the bell rings.” Paige said playing with her phone, not worried at all.

“I have Art first.” I sighed wondering if they found someone to teach it this year. “I’ll see you at lunch, yeah?”

“See ya boo!” Lilly called after me as I made my way down the halls toward the abandoned room I knew so well, but not before I made a side trip to the bathroom to apply my raccoon eyes as Lilly called them.

“Black painted eyes, cover the lies.” I sang softly applying the eyeliner and mascara.

For the last two years I’ve been taking Art, where for one and a half of those years we had substitute after substitute teaching it. For the times we didn’t have someone, most of the students took off to smoke weed or do other things. I was the only one who would go to the classroom; listen to music and sketch or paint. It became my own little piece of quiet when everything just got too loud. When Melissa and the hags from hell got too much.

The bell rang just as I was a few lockers away from the door and Melissa shoved me into them. I crashed against a row of lockers and felt a sharp stinging pain coming from my arm. Ignoring it, I walked into the studio.

“Fucking bitch…” I mumbled softly to myself and looked towards the desk where the teachers usually sat at. I didn’t have time to freeze as a rush of people entered the room. I quickly grabbed a seat near a window like I always did. I didn’t understand it. There were never this many kids interested in Art. We were a normal group of 15 most of the time. Now, all the desks were filled. Everyone was talking to each other and making a lot of noise, but instead, I looked back at the guy behind the desk. He was, from what I could guess, tall. Taller than me anyway. He had blue-ish hair just like mine and a piercing in his right eyebrow. My jaw dropped when he stood revealing the Sleeping With Sirens t-shirt he was wearing. Exactly the same as mine, the owl print. He smiled and shushed the class.

“Wow what a turn out!” he exclaimed looking around the class. His name wasn’t on the board so I didn’t know what to call him. “It’s nice to see so many young people serious about the Arts. Let’s go around and you tell me your names.”

That’s when I realised who was in this class with me.

“Melissa.” “Amy.” “Penny.” “Bryson.” I sighed when the hags spoke. They were trying to ruin my life, I swear, and then it was my turn.

“Jessica.”, I said softly.

“Uhm, Jessica, are you alright?” he asked.

“Yes, sir. I’m fine, why?” I replied confused.

“You seem to be bleeding there.” He pointed to my arm.

“Oh.” I mumbled looking down at a small cut right by the curve of my arm. Fucking Melissa!

“Let’s get you to the nurse. Class, do what you want, but don’t break the place down please. I don’t want to get fired on my first day.” he said coming over to my desk.

I sighed picking my bag up and following him to the nurse. I couldn’t help to stare at him as he walked in front of me. Why would a good looking guy like him choose to spend his time at a school? He was still young by the looks of it.

“It’s rude to stare, y’know.” he said turning to me at the door to the nurse.

“Sorry…” I said softly feeling the blush creep onto my cheeks. He smiled and opened the door for me. I hated going to the nurse. Maybe because she knew me so well by now.

“Ah, not the first day already Jessica. What happened this time?” Sue asked motioning me over to the chair.

“I had a little accident with the lockers again. Fucking Melissa.” I sighed. Sue didn’t mind me cussing, she knew about my twin’s acts of hatred. She sighed as she wiped the thin red line with surgical spirits. It stung, but it was nothing I wasn’t used to already.

“Don’t you have a class to attend to Mr Clifford?” she asked looking up from her work. He was casually leaning in the doorway when I snuck a glance at him. I was right; he was taller than I was. He seemed to straighten when Sue addressed him directly.

“Yeah, uhm, I mean yes, I do.”, he stumbled. “Take care of that arm now.” I struggled not to laugh at his awkwardness, but that would have been really bad. I faked a cough as he disappeared around the corner and, I assumed, back to class.

“Don’t even think about it, Jess…” Sue muttered patching me up.


“You know what. I’ve seen that look on teachers’ faces before. It never ends well, I can promise you that much.” she sighed holding two Band-Aids, Barbie and Batman.

“Really? You even have to ask which one?” I said rolling my eyes. She shook her head and stuck the Batman one into place.

“All done. Are you sure you’ll be able to handle Melissa? We can have you take AP Art. There are only about 5 students in the class and it’s by invite only. I think you’re work is more than good enough.” she said disposing of the bloody cotton buds.

“Melissa doesn’t even like Art. I don’t understand why she’s in the class, maybe to ruin another one of my passions the way she did Music.”

“Or because of Michael, er, Mr Clifford.”, she stated.

“Yeah…” I sighed. She was always trying to get into the hot guys’ pants. Be they teacher or student and she always got what she wanted.

“AP?” she asked. I just nodded and grabbed my bag. “I’m sorry, Jess, but things will get better after high school. You’ll go away to London like you planned and do what comes natural to you, while she stays behind and goes to community college.”

“Thank you, Sue. You always know how to make me feel just that teensy bit better about myself.” I smiled and made my way to the music room. 



“Fucking stupid idiot…” I mumbled heading back towards my classroom. I could hear them from the other end of the hall. I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe it was the way this girl intrigued me. I don’t know, but I felt stupid and nervous around her. This was weird, because I’ve only been around her for a total of 5 minutes.

“Dude what are you doing out here?” Ash asked from his door.

“Took a kid to the nurse…” I replied looking over at his students hard at work.

“Oh god no….” he whispered shocked.

“What’s up your butt?” I asked knowing something was on his mind.

“You’re blushing…” he pointed out smiling.

“Shut up, I am not.” I tried to be as convincing as I thought I could be.

“Yeah, yeah. You need to get that class under control soon.” he laughed and looked at one student in particular. She looked up as soon as his eyes were on her and smiled warmly at him. I could’ve sworn I saw my friend blush for the first time in ages.

“Mmm… curious, very curious.” I said walking into the crowded room.

“Guess slut bitch is going home.” Melissa snickered.

“That kind of language will not be tolerated in this classroom. Feel free to leave if you have any problems with that.” I said looking at her. “Here we take the Arts seriously. If you were thinking that this was going to be an effort free class, you need to rethink your choices.”

I saw a few people’s eyes widen and some girls looking at each other. They were silent as I let the thought sink in.

“Okay. Open your text books on page 256.”


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