Can You Feel My Heart?

Just a normal girl? That's what Jessica wishes she was. With her twin, Melissa, hating her guts and plotting her demise, an art teacher, Mr Clifford, caring more than he should; and a few close friends sticking together, what will become of Jess? Will she find that normal life and move to England like she planned? Or will she find a love worth fighting for and stay where she is?


1. Basic Characters

Just the main characters and what not...

Jessica Welsh:

18 years old. Orphaned when she was 10. Has a twin, Melissa. Shy girl. People call her emo, because she seems depressed and shit. She loves art and music and tries to combine the two as much as she can. Gets really agro when her music and art gets insulted.


Melissa Welsh:

Also 18. Jessica’s twin sister. Complete opposite to her sister. Popular cheerleader type of girl. Everyone knows her and she makes sure of it. She hates her sister with a fiery passion and is bent on her destruction. She’s mean and snooty.

Lilly Fox:

One of the four closely knit best friends. She and Jess are the closest of the four. They share everything from music to clothes. Been moving around all her life. When she came to this school she started out popular and was in Melissa’s group of skanks, but then started hanging out with Jess after Melissa ditcher her and they became close. A little rebellious and completely hyper all the time. If she’s not hyper, something’s wrong.


Paige Michaels:

Paige, the type of girl who’s always on the field or court. Name the sport, I can bet you she plays it. She does well in the sports she plays and is always the best in it.

Kahlan Amnell:

The smart kid. The one who always tries to do the right thing and tries to keep the peace. She’s good at her school work and helps the others out when they need it. She gets bullied because of how smart she is and if it wasn’t for the other girls, she would probably have committed suicide.

Daniela Black:

Michael and Ashton’s neighbour, but also Michael’s friend. She and Jessica become friends after an incident at school when Michael brings Jessica home. She’s quirky and has been through a lot of the same things Jessica has.

Obviously you know them...

Michael - Art, Music. Calum - Math (ew). Ashton - English. Luke - PE

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