In the end

A girl who has a troubled life she's lost and gained a friendship she was abused, neglected she thought her life would never get better but in the end it did.


5. The wrong crowd

I live with my aunt Cara, is America, not a very nice part of America I have to say even though every other part is lovely and amazing and a safe environment, nah, not this. We live on an estate and there is so many gangs around where we are.. After what happened with Damian I started hanging around with this girl called Stacey and her mates. She seemed nice, she was different to the other people.. Until I found out that she was dealing with drugs, alcohol, and smoking. I didn't know what to do .. "Take one, it'll help you through the pain" I was just standing there, I wasn't really paying much attention, all I heard was "help with the pain" I needed something to get my mind of what happened, she said it was safe so I grabbed some. 

When I got home, I ran upstairs to my bedroom, and took one of the pills that I had been given. It was amazing, it felt good, it felt as if all the pain and misery had gone and had been washed away, never to be seen again. This feeling was the best feeling I had ever had.. So I took another one, and another, and another.. Until I couldn't stop. I had an overdose I don't think it was a big overdose not a big one though not enough to be sent to hospital or anything, but when I woke I had to sort myself out..

I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked a disgrace. Everything was ruined. I looked a mess, I grabbed my hairbrush and chucked it at the mirror it cracked.. My life was over.. 

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