In the end

A girl who has a troubled life she's lost and gained a friendship she was abused, neglected she thought her life would never get better but in the end it did.


2. The new boy

After my boyfriends death I thought I wouldn't ever find love again. I thought that if I was to busy thinking these suicidal thoughts and whether I'm perfect then no guy would ever want me. I had these thoughts in my head for about 3/4 weeks after Jake's death. They were just eating away at me. Tearing me up, but then something changed I was wrong. 

I go to Elwood high school (which is also a collage) This new boy, who my friend Nicole knew, was moving to our school after the next term, she said she was an alright guy and that he wouldn't harm a fly. "Damian his name is, we went out when we were younger treated me perfectly, the guy every girl dreams of, we broke up when I moved away" Nicole said with a sparkle in her eyes. I believed Nicole, she was the only thing to a sister I had so I knew I could count on her to be honest with me. Besides she's never been wrong about guys before so my mind was at ease.

After a few weeks of Damian started settling into Elwood high I began to see that me and him had a connection, just a little connection, just a little connection no biggie, but then I began to see we had so much in common. Sam favorite book, same favorite band and same past. Having the same past really made me feel more calm like it wasn't just me going through this shit, I wasn't alone. It was great.

"Hey Christina wanna hang out this weekend.. like a date?" Damian asked. He was grinning so much I hadn't gone on a date since Jake had died but I guessed this once I could make an acceptation. "Er yeah sure" I said, " that'll be great can't wait" I grinned so much. It was amazing he was the first guy who'd set eyes on me since Jake had died and I was finally happy everything was turning out fine my life was finally going up hill *fingers crossed* this happiness will never end.

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