In the end

A girl who has a troubled life she's lost and gained a friendship she was abused, neglected she thought her life would never get better but in the end it did.


3. Rape

It was Saturday night I was getting ready for mine and Damian's date, he had asked me to come to his house and that we'd be spending most of the night in the caravan parked up in the drive way. Which is understandable because he has three other younger brothers and we wouldn't get any privacy.

I got to Damian's house at around 7:30pm which was the time me and him felt was a good time to meet. "Hey Chris come on in, want a drink?" He asked, he said this with a beer in his hand this scared me. "No thanks, I'm good" The night went on it seemed perfect we just ate pizza, drinks, strawberry's. It was turning into a good night. Or so I thought, but all that was about to change drastically.

"So er, Christina have you ever had sex before?" That question, the whole room fell silent, no one had ever asked me this question before not even Jake, but that was because he didn't really like the idea of people having sex before they are married, and nor did I, that's one of main reasons we connected well. "No, I haven't and I wont till I'm older or at least married" I said to him, my voice had an angry tone to it. I felt sick to the bone with him asking me the question. I said my reply to the question very clearly that to be honest even a dumb ass would get the hint, but he did not get it at all.

He started un doing my t-shirt, un zipping the zip on my jeans he was also un doing my bra. He had me down on the bed. I think I must have blanked out half way through because one thing I knew he was on top of me then the next thing I knew he was stroking my hair and kissing my neck. I pushed myself up and chucked him of me.. It was only when I got outside, I realized what had just happened.. I was raped. 

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