Just saying

WARNING: squeal to the boy next door.

Danielle just tells her boy friend luke hemmings she is pregnant. How will he react. Will he jump her in the baby. Read to find out


3. $@!?$

I saw luke has hung himself and I didn't know what to do or whether he was alive but then I heard the front door open and I heard someone come in and scream. It sounded like a women.

All I could think about was I told my boyfriend I was pregnant and he tried to hang himself. My beautiful boyfriend he tried to kill himself.

I looked up still crying and saw my mother trying to get luke down. She got him down and checked to see If he was breathing. I was still crying.

" he's still breathing call 000 emergency " she yelled at me.

I hesitated for a second then grabbed my phone calling 000.

" 000 what's your emergency " a lady said.

" I-I-I fo-und my boyfri-r-rend who-o-o had hung himself but h-he is still breathing i-I need a ambulance 21 baseman place Richmond " I said slowly shuttering.

" ok they will be there in a min " she said.

I turned around to see my mother giving him CPR and I saw her put him into a recovery position. I looked down.

I heard a ambulance and people running in. I looked up and saw that they had put luke on a hospital bed thing with a air breathing thing on him and were taking him out of the house.

A man came up to me.

" ma'am are you related to the guy " he asked.

" no but he is my boyfriend. Hi name is luke hemmings " I sobbed out.

" okay would you like to come in the ambulance " he asked.

" yes " I said. I stopped crying.

The man helped me up and was helping me walk to the ambulance. As we were walking I felt a bad pain in my stomach.

I fell to the floor.

" are you ok ma'am " the man asked.

" no I have a pain in my stomach and I'm pregnant " I just got out still holding onto my stomach. I heard a gasped behind me and remembered my mother was here.

" are you pregnant with his baby " my mum asked. I nodded and started crying again.

" okay ma'am we have to take you to the hospital to check the baby is ok because pain stomachs is a bad sign during pregnancy " the man said and took my mother and I in the ambulance to the hospital with luke.

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