Just saying

WARNING: squeal to the boy next door.

Danielle just tells her boy friend luke hemmings she is pregnant. How will he react. Will he jump her in the baby. Read to find out


4. the baby-er-ies

When we arrived after a long 10min drive they toke luke out and rushed him somewhere. The man who was talking to me before toke my mother and I to a hospital room. They didn't tell us where luke went.

" you two stay here. The doctor will be here soon. " the man said and left.

After a few min of silence. Mum spoke up.

" you seriously got yourself pregnant with him " she asked. All I could do was nod.

" why didn't you come tell me I could of helped you " she said putting her hand on my shoulder.

" don't pull that shit on me. Your the bitch that kicked your 16 year old daughter out of the house because you thought she was pregnant well now I am. Luke and I were happy. I-I-I love him " I said yelling at her.

She didn't respond.

" proves my point " I snapped.

The doctor walked in a few min after.

" how's luke? " I said the second he walked in.

" Um I'm so sorry miss but due to the stress we are not allowed to tell you incase it makes you stress and lose the baby if you haven't already " the doctor said. I nodded.

" well I'm dr jigglypuff and we will start now with checking the babies heart beat " dr jigglypuff said pulling out a weird machine.

" sit down on the bed and pull your shirt up so we can see your belly please ma'am " the doctor said.

I did as I was told. While I was waiting my mother walked over to me from the corner she was sitting at. She then held my hand when the doctor but one part of the tool on my belly.

The doctor was putting the tool over my belly. He looked at me confused.

" are you sure there is one baby " he asked me. My mum squeezed my hand and whispered in my ear " it's going to be okay ".

" yeah " I said back trying to hold back the tears.

" well there is some news you might want to know is that I have found 3 heart beats one being yours. But the other two being two babies. You are having twins. The pain was probably just from stress. " he smiled at me. My mother gasped squeezing my hand.

" oh my fucken god are you serious " I almost yelled.

" yes ma'am. It's a good thing that we know that both babies are alive. But we will have to take more tests. By the way you will find out about Mr hemmings within the next few hours. " he said leaving the room but before shutting the door he said " I will be back soon ".

Hey guys so sorry this is late I have been at my nans house which is in the middle of no where so no internet and we went into twon today so I am going to post this. Hope you like it. Please like comment as fav it. Thx.

From so_i_am_mrs_hemmings xxxxx

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