Just saying

WARNING: squeal to the boy next door.

Danielle just tells her boy friend luke hemmings she is pregnant. How will he react. Will he jump her in the baby. Read to find out


8. doctors appointment

* 3 days later *

Today is the day luke gets out of hospital and I found out what gender the babies are. Yay!

I haven't heard from my mother since that night.

We checked luke out, then we went home and had breakfast.

" babe what do you want for breaky " luke asked walking into the kitchen.

" I'm so craving toast with Vegemite right now " I said giving luke a kiss on the check.

" it will be the best " he say flashing me his smirk. I laugh and sit down in the dining room.

We eat our toast and get ready for my doctors appointment so we can see what the twins are.

I go up stairs and get dressed in my black jeans and pink nirvana shirt. It's almost too small. It was like two sizes big when I got it.

I put on my natural make up and straighten my hair.

I walked down stairs to see luke in black jeans and a green day shirt. With his blond quiff hair better then ever.

I walked up to him and we had a full make out session for 5 min.

" what was that for " he asked when we were down.

" cause I love you " I said. He gave me a quick peck on the lips.

" omg your shirt doesn't fit u any more " luke said giggling. I pulled down my shirt so it covered my belly more.

" hey it's not funny you don't know what it's like to be pregnant " I asked. He laughed.

We walked out of the house and hoped in the car.

* skip car ride *

We Walked into the doctors. I went up to the receptionist.

" Danielle " I said.

" okay Danielle go straight throw that door " the lady at the reception said.

We walked to the doctors room and I saw luke was nervous. I squeezed his hand.

" it's going to be okay " I said to luke giving him a peck on the lips.

We walked into the room and saw the doctor was already in there. She had long curly brown hair and brown eyes. She looked like she was about 50.

Luke went and sat in the chair in the corner of the room and I sat in the pregnancy chair.

" hello Danielle I'm dr Bri. Will you be finding out the sex of the babies today? " she asked.

I nodded.

I pulled up my shirt while the doctor put the gel on my belly and pulled out her machine to look at the babies.

Luke and I were looking at the tv and saw the babies on the TV.

Luke started crying.

" why are you crying luke " I asked.

" there our babies " was all he could get out. I smiled. The doctor awwhed.

" are you ready to find out the sex of the babies " the doctor said. I nodded.

" you are having having a girl and a boy " she said. Luke and I both smiled.

He came up and gave me a hug.

Hey guys here is a chapter finally but my phone will only let me post it on my old phone not my new so if there's less chapters that's why. Like comment and fav it. Thank you all so much.

From so_i_am_mrs_hemmings xxxxx

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