Just saying

WARNING: squeal to the boy next door.

Danielle just tells her boy friend luke hemmings she is pregnant. How will he react. Will he jump her in the baby. Read to find out


9. dinner

* the next day *

In about two hours luke and I are going on a very special date to celebrate that we are having a boy and a girl. Luke is getting ready at the boys house.

Nikki and Jade are over helping me start to get ready.

" hey girls what's up " I say when I open the front door to see the two girls.

" hey girl ur so big " Nikki say felling my belly.

" hey Dani " Jade says smiling.

We go up stairs and they help me get ready.

Nikki picks out a flowy pink dress that is tight around my boobs and lose every where else. You can only just see my belly bump. I am wearing black flats and some braclets and ear rings.

Jade does my make up. She does foundation, smokey eye, mascara and pink lip gloss.

Nikki does my hair my hair out curled.

I look in the mirror and gasped. I look good.

I go up to Nikki and Jade.

" thanks girls I look so good " I say.

We hear and knock at the door and see its luke. Luke is in a black and white tux and looks hot as fuck.

When the door opens and luke sees me his jaw drops.

" you look beautiful babe " he says. I blush.

" what about your self. " I say going and giving him kiss.

" awwh and so do my babies Benjamin and Dylan " luke says patting my belly.

" yep our beautiful babies. Benjamin and Dylan. " I say.

" ready to go my love " luke says.

We walk to the car.

* skip car ride *

Luke opens the car door and I saw the restaurant we are going was called kravings.

" ready babe " he said.

We walked into the restaurant and ordered. We talked about our babies while we waited for our food to come out. We ate our food.

" so Danielle there's another reason why I toke you to dinner tonight " luke says smiling.

" and what's that babe " I asked giggling.

Luke got out of his chair and came towards me kneeling.

" will you Danielle become mrs hemmings. Will you marry me? " luke asked nervously.

I started crying.

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