Just saying

WARNING: squeal to the boy next door.

Danielle just tells her boy friend luke hemmings she is pregnant. How will he react. Will he jump her in the baby. Read to find out


7. baby names

Luke didn't respond.

" why did you try to kill yourself Luke " I asked again.

" I-I-I-'m sorry it's just I never told you that I'm in a band. The bands called 5 seconds of summer. I'm in it with Calum hood, Michael Clifford and ashton Irwin......" He said stopping.

" OMG really " I said.

He continued " yeh well the day you told me you were pregnant. The boys and I got news that we are going to be going on tour with one direction " he said quickly.

" congratulations luke that's great. " I said.

" well the thing it is we have to move to London for a few months then we go on tour for 9 months. I felt so bad that you were pregnant and I was going to leave. I thought I wasn't good enough for you and the baby. That's why " Luke said bursting into tears. It was hard me seeing Luke cry so I started crying too.

After 5 min of crying. I gulped and spoke up.

" I got some news today. There's not just one maybe we have two on the way. " I said.

" oh that's really good two little Luke's " he said sitting up giggling. I just giggled too.

" what are we going to do about tour babe " he asked me.

I sat there thinking for a little while. When I thought of a plan I jumped out of my seat but was careful so I wouldn't fall over and hurt the babies.

" why don't the babies and I go on tour with you " I said excited.

" great plan. Now let's get down to the dirty business. Thinking of names. We will need at least two boys names and two girls names" he said giggling again.

" okay I will think of one girl name and one boy name you do the same. " I said and I went and sat in the hospital bed with luke hoping into the blankets.

" I got it for a boy Benjamin and a girl Courtney. " luke said.

" there so cute. Okay my names are caleb for a boy and Dylan for a girl. " I said.

" VERY CUTE " Luke yelled in my ear. I giggled.

We both sat there cuddly watching the crap hospital tv until we fell asleep.

Hey guys I hope you like Thai chapter. I love this chapter because it's starts sad then ends happy. Please like comment and fav it for next chapter. Thx u all.

From so_i_am_mrs_hemmings xxx

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