But i love him

Calum and claire used to be close. They were inseparable since they were 2 but when they hit high school Calum changed and bullied her. But little did she now Calum used to like her. And she used to like him and still does. Calum bullies her cause he thinks she doesn't like him. He always flirts and embarrasses her... Read to find out if they are together or not


3. thank you

Calum's pov~

When we got off the bus she was crying. " are you alright?" I asked while pulling her in for a hug. "Calum are you going to leave again?" She asked while sobbing into my chest, "of course not I promise bub "I said "ok"she said with a smile. "Let's get to class" I said. Oh yeah just to make things clear were in all the same classes. We walked into class and say next to each other. She put her earphones in and ignored the teacher. "Hey" I said while tapping her shoulder "yeah?" She asked while taking out her earphones "miss granich told us to pick partners and I was wondering if you wanna be my partner?" I asked "but I thought you would of went with ashton?" She said confused "but I wanna go with you!" I said and then pouted "haha I never said no I was just wondering" she said and the ashton walked past and winked, he's the only one who knows how much I like her or that I like her at all.

****************skip to end of school*******************

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