But i love him

Calum and claire used to be close. They were inseparable since they were 2 but when they hit high school Calum changed and bullied her. But little did she now Calum used to like her. And she used to like him and still does. Calum bullies her cause he thinks she doesn't like him. He always flirts and embarrasses her... Read to find out if they are together or not


2. school...

Claire's pov~

I woke up had a shower and got ready. I wore black skinny jeans and a Greenday shirt. I put on my black converses and straightened my hair. I grabbed my phone and ran down stairs and out the door. When I got to the bus stop I saw Calum. I put my head down not knowing what's gonna happen. "Hey what's up babe?" Calum asked me "what do you want Calum I know you hate me! So why do you bother! Are you trying to remind me?"I yelled."how do you know I hate you i never said I have!" He said "save it Calum. You do we were Inseparable. Then once we were in high school you left me! I loved you Calum. You were always there for me when I was sad. You were the one who always made me happy. You were the only person there for me!" I said wile crying. Surprisingly Calum hugged me "w-what are you d-d-doing" I asked. "I want to be there for you I didn't know I hurt you this bad I'm really sorry can you forgive me?" He asked. "I nodded and hugged him. We sat together on the bus. But before that Luke came up to me and whispered I my ear "hey babe what's up?" "What the fuck Luke?" I whispered "what do you mean" he asked innocently. " why did you call me that?" I asked concerned "because your hot and I want you" he replied "but you've got a girlfriend!" I said "yeah well she won't know will she?" He asked then pushed me over. Then Calum walked got up from his seat and walked over and helped me up."what the fuck Luke?" He yelled "what?" Luke said with a smirk. "Dude you hate her!" Luke said " no I don't luke I never said I did yes I bullied her but I never once said to you ash or mike that I hated her!" Calum said. "Geez settle down dude she a slut who gives a fuck?" Luke then said. Calum said to Luke with his fist clinched "no she's not you fuck people more than her Luke!" Calum said through grit teeth. "We'll look how hot she is obviously she fucks a lot of people cal just look at her!" Luke said. Before Calum could say anything the bus stopped at the school and he grabbed my hand and dragged me off the bus.

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