But i love him

Calum and claire used to be close. They were inseparable since they were 2 but when they hit high school Calum changed and bullied her. But little did she now Calum used to like her. And she used to like him and still does. Calum bullies her cause he thinks she doesn't like him. He always flirts and embarrasses her... Read to find out if they are together or not


1. me!

Hi my names claire I'm 17. I have no friends I get bullied a lot and this may sound weird but I've got the biggest crush on my bully! He's so hot his names calum hood his little gang Is Michael Clifford, ashton irwin and Luke hemmings. Me and Calum used to be close when we were young but we drifted apart we used to be inseparable since we were 2 until he hit high school then he changed. Every night I still think about him and look at my photos of us as kids.thai may sound weird but it's nice he bullied me. I get to hear his luscious voice and see his beautiful face and when he flirts with me it feels amazing. He doesn't bully me but the others do. Anyways I have blonde hair green eyes and my fav bands are Greenday acdc and cold chisel.

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