Across Oceans

~It all began with elementary school pen pals~ Dear Harry,
Here are my conditions;
1. No last names.
2. No pictures.


16. That Evening

I was sitting on my couch after work with Matthew playing xbox. I had bought him one and had him install it and also got him a couple games so he can keep himself somewhat occupied. I mean, at least until tomorrow morning. 
“So how was work?” Matthew finally asked. 
“It was hectic. I was happy to get out early.” 
“8 pm is early?” Matthew questioned. 
“It used to be like 1 am…midnight if I was lucky.” 
“I guess getting a promotion has its perks.” 
“It was more you being here. Anastasia knows the importance of family…” I said slowly. 
“Right. How about Harry?” 
“What about him?” 
“How is he?” 
“Oh he's okay. Today was our last day working together so I dunno what he's doing now.” 
“You sound upset about it.” 
“We've become good friends.” 
“Yeah, friends.” Matthew smirked. 
“Okay, calm down. We are just friends.” I said, shaking my head. 
“Keep telling yourself that. Even Jacob knows it won't stay that way.” 
“What has Jacob said?” 
“He knows you guys like each other. But whatever. I think I'm going to go to bed. I have school tomorrow morning.” 
“Don't sound so excited.” I joked. 
“Yeah, sure.” Matthew rolled his eyes and headed off to his room. I sighed and turned off the Xbox. I brought my wine glass into the kitchen, debating if I wanted to pour myself another glass. 
“Hey, finally home.” I turned around and saw Carrie walk in. 
“Home? You live here now?” 
“Yeah…I spoke with Anastasia. She gave me a full time job on the spot. I'm going to do college online so…I figured I'd come stay.” 
“Oh good. How is Jared?” 
“Jared is doing better. He has to do some physical therapy for his legs but he's going to be okay.” 
“That's good.” 
“So…I'm guessing Matthew took the bedroom?” 
“Yeah, I'm sorry…I'm already looking for a bigger place. I mean, bigger paychecks, easier to get myself a bigger, nicer place.” 
“Have you found anything?” 
“Yeah…a massive pent house in the middle of Manhattan but I'm scared to get it. I don't know.” 
“It's still mind blowing…like the situation I'm in. I never thought I would be the person who could afford a place like that so part of me just wants to keep this place.” 
“I'll take the couch, you know that. I'm not going to force you into something else.” 
“It won't be force because I already put a years rent down for it. I'm just too scared to move all my stuff there.” 
“Why don't we do a shopping spree? Buy all new stuff? Or maybe hire a decorator?” 
“I did hire a decorator. That's why I'm still here. But I'm more saying along the lines of like my personal belongings, my clothes that I got from work that are extremely expensive…” 
“Damn…you really thought ahead.” Carrie pointed out. 
“I wanted it to be done already but…it isn't.” 
“Wait when did you even start looking?” 
“When I first got the promotion. Once I started fixing things with you and my family I finally sealed the deal on the place. I wanted you to stay and then topping it off with Matthew moving in, I wanted everyone to feel at home.” 
“I would feel at home just being on the couch girl. I don't care. You're helping your family out so…I totally understand.”
“You're the bestest friend anyone could ever have. And now we work together.” 
“Yeah let the hell begin. After what you went through, I can only imagine what I'm about to go through. But the pay is so worth it.” 
“And if you plan on living with me still, you better be pitching in.” 
“Well duh. Will I ever see you during the work day?” 
“No probably not. Anastasia handles the business aspect of the company, hence why accounting is in her wheelhouse. I handle the day to day, overseeing everyone's work. I don't do business anything. That's not my forte.”
“Of course it's not.” 
“But me and Anastasia have a plan; two year online college course and she'll slowly teach me how it all goes for when she wants to retire.” 
“She's only in like her thirties…why is she thinking about retiring?” 
“It's more of like…a head start so when it does happen, I'm not left in the dust. Part of the contract was when she left the business, I got 100% of the company so…I need to know all aspects. But I have time to learn her half.” 
“Yeah that's definitely true. But hey…baby steps. Is she paying for college?” 
“Yeah, she is. But it still is what it is. I know she's only paying because it's her half but I still feel like I should pay.” 
“I see both sides really. I think you should just accept it and move forward. She's trying to help you.” 
“Yeah well she's helping you too. Your position was only supposed to be intern, not full time, permanent.” 
“Hey, after you disappeared at the show, Anastasia and I got to talking and I guess it went really well.” 
“Yeah just keep in mind, you don't report to her. You report to the head of accounting.” 
“Yeah, yeah…well, you should get some sleep. I should too since I start tomorrow.” 
“Alright. Goodnight.” I said, making my way to my room as Carrie made herself comfortable on the couch. 

I stayed back from going out with all the guys tonight. I just wanted to stay in. I still felt really upset about today and I knew there was nothing that could be done. But it did drain me emotionally so I definitely was way too tired to go out and party. Instead, I opened my laptop and decided to skype my mom back home. 
“Hey sweetie…” 
“I'm surprised you're awake…” I said. 
“I haven't been sleeping much lately. Thinking about you traveling so much and Gemma is off traveling as well…it's very quiet around the house. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night constantly.” 
“It's okay. I haven't been sleeping much either.” 
“Constant time change can do that.” My mom tried to joke. 
“I don't think it's the time change. We're so busy I don't have much of an issue sleeping.” 
“Then what is it sweetie? What's bothering you?” 
“I met Bethany…” 
“Really?! Oh what's wonderful! How is she in person? Just as wonderful in person as her letters?” 
“She's…a hell of a lot more amazing. She's the partner for Anastasia Blu fashion company…” 
“Wow…both of you are so successful for your ages. How did you two meet?” 
“It was actually very awkward. She didn't know it was me…and she walked in with a co worker talking about me. It was that new job that got added in New York City.” 
“Yes of course. I remember you saying that. Wow I'm surprised. But how is she besides that?” 
“She's really nice. She's definitely pretty.” 
“Oh so that's the problem…” 
“You like her…” 
“No mom…come on…” 
“Oh please. If it isn't the jet lag getting to you, it's a girl.” 
“Okay so yeah now that we aren't working together anymore I'm kind of sad. I don't know. I enjoyed working with her. She was fun.” 
“Well then what's the problem?” 
“We live across the world from each other, we're both insanely busy…when would there be time for each other? We both see it. Whether she sees it how I do, I don't know. But that's how I see it.” 
“If it's meant to be, it'll happen. What's an ocean compared to love?” 
“Loving someone across an ocean has got to be really hard.” 
“Well I can't say it would be easy but it would be worth it if it was meant to work out. I wouldn't give up so easy.” 
“Well there's also the fact that I don't know her all too well. We've seen each other outside of work a couple times but not many.” 
“So don't let your free time go to waste. Make the time you have count.” 
“Yeah but with what time? I mean, her brother just moved in with her, she's new to being a partner, I'm still touring with a busy would be hard to find time that matches up.” 
“If it's worth it to you two, you'll find the time. That I know for a fact.” 
“I'll see what happens…” I said slowly. 
“Well is that the only reason you called?” 
“No I called because I miss you. And I mean, your advice is always really good too.” 
“Well I miss you too. I wish you could come home for a visit.” 
“Oh believe me…I do too.”
“Well when do you get vacation?” 
“I have no idea. You could always make a weekend trip to London.”
“If this busyness keeps up then I might have to. I miss my favorite son.” I smiled a little; my mom always knew what to say. 
“Mom…I'm your only son.”
“But still my favorite.” My mom smiled back at me that I couldn't help but smile a little more. 
“Okay well I'm going to go to sleep. I love you.” 
“I love you too sweetie. Sweet dreams.” I ended the chat and closed my laptop. I turned off the lamp and fell back into the pillow, ready for a nice nights sleep. 

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