Across Oceans

~It all began with elementary school pen pals~ Dear Harry,
Here are my conditions;
1. No last names.
2. No pictures.


1. Prologue

~~Across Oceans

“Alright class, so as a year-long assignment we are going to have here, my sister, who teaches at a school in England, you will each be paired up with a student in her class and you will write letters back and forth to each other. You don’t need to hand the notes in, but whenever you receive one from them, bring it in so I can mark down that you got one.” I nodded, listening closely. “Okay, so listen for your name and after I say your name, I will say your pen pals name; sound good everyone?” We all nodded again. “And today in class you will write your first letters. I’ll give you their addresses and an envelope and you can bring them home and mail them from home.” We all nodded again as Miss. Coly started listing off our names with our pen pals.
“Hey sweetie; how was the first day of fourth grade.”
“It was good. We got pen pals with Miss. Coly’s sisters’ class over in England.” I said, sitting down at the table to have my snack.
“Well that sounds exciting!” I nodded as I ate my cookies.
“Yeah; we wrote our first letters today and we have to mail it. Every time we get a letter from them, we have to show her and then we have to respond.”
“That sounds fun.” I nodded and continued eating my cookies. 

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