Across Oceans

~It all began with elementary school pen pals~ Dear Harry,
Here are my conditions;
1. No last names.
2. No pictures.


7. Nervous

The project was finally done. It had been released, Anastasia was back from going all around the world and delivering the clothes and whatnot and November was in full swing. We were all now focused on the winter line that would be released in about two weeks. I was back to my regular routine at work but lately Anastasia had been giving me more work that normally isn’t under my job description. Jo was convinced it had to do with being tested for a partnership with Anastasia but I was convinced it was because Anastasia didn’t want to do it and after finishing two big projects, she knew I could handle it all at once.
“Bethany, you have a visitor.” Jo said through the intercom.
“Who is it?”
“She said it was a surprise; that’s all.” I sighed and put my face in my hands. I was stressed and didn’t have time for the bullshit.
“I guess send this girl in.” I sighed into the intercom. A few seconds later, Carrie walked in. I smiled and got up to hug her.
“Hey you!” Carrie said, hugging me tightly. “Surprise!” She said when I let her go.
“Hey…how are you?” I asked tiredly, sitting back down. Carrie sat in a chair that was across from my desk.
“Don’t you sound all business like and shit?” Carrie said, smirking. I half smiled and tried to laugh but couldn’t. “But I’m alright. You look like you’ve aged twenty years though. I thought you only sounded it but I guess you look it too.”
“Yeah…” I said, turning back to my computer.
“Are you okay? You sound stressed as hell.”
“I am. Anastasia has me writing a piece for us but that isn’t even my job. That’s Mary’s job. She’s our editor. But no…I have to do it. She also has me going over the last minute sketches for our line which also isn’t my job; it would be our designer assistants’ job; Danni or William.”
“Why does she have you doing it?”
“Who the hell knows?” I said, scrambling to book Anastasia’s last minute trip home for thanksgiving.
“Bethany, call, line one, David.” I sighed and held my index finger up, as if to say one minute to Carrie.
“This is Bethany.”
“Hey, how are the last minute sketch reviews coming?”
“I’m almost done with them. I have two left to go over. I have the first four done.”
“Sweet; can you run those four over to my office so Danni, William, and I can get started on them? Our new designer in training is eager to get her first project.”
“I’m sure Riley will take his excitement back after he learns how stressful it is.” I joked, making David laugh.
“I said the same thing but he insists on starting so…”
“Yeah, they’ll be over there in a couple minutes.”
“Thanks darling!”
“No problem.” I said, hanging up. “Jo, my office.” I said over the intercom.
“Take these over to David’s office.” I said, holding out a folder. Jo nodded, grabbed the folder from me and gave me a weak smile.
“Do you want some coffee while I’m up?”
“Yes please. Carrie, do you want anything?”
“I’m okay.”
“Just me then, Jo.” I said.
“Anything for you darling.” Jo said, smiling.
“You’re a lifesaver; love you favorite.”
“No, you’re my favorite.” Jo said back as I laughed before shooing her out of my office to bring David the sketches and for her to get my coffee.”
“So that’s Jo?” Carrie asked me after a pause.
“Yeah, why?” I asked, still focused on my computer.
“She’s why you won’t take my calls anymore?” 
“Carrie, she’s my friend; and my assistant. She comes over on the weekends to help me work.”
“I feel like I’ve been replaced.” Carrie said quietly.
“Carrie; you can’t be replaced. But she is right around the corner from me. You aren’t anymore. You can’t be my only friend.” Carrie went quiet and nodded.
“Are you coming home for thanksgiving? I know your brother would love to see you. He’s getting pretty sick.” Carrie finally asked after a few minutes of painful silence.
“If I have all my work done, then yeah. If not, then I’m staying here.” Carrie nodded and looked down at her hands.
“You haven’t come back to visit once since you left.”
“I have work, Carrie. I can’t drop my work for a social life; even with family. This is a crazy job but I love it and I want to keep it. And if that means missing out on a lot of fun family time, and see old friends, then so be it.”
“Look, Carrie, I don’t mean to be rude but I need to get back to work. I have shit to get done. I can give you the spare keys to my apartment though if you want to go there.” Carrie stood up and nodded.
“No thanks…I’ll just go home.” I nodded, not really paying attention to her.
“Okay; have a safe trip home.” She didn’t respond to me but I did hear my door get closed a little on the louder side which was when I looked up and realized she was gone. I shook my head and turned back to my computer.
When I got home, I grabbed my mail and on the way up the elevator, I noticed I had a letter from Harry. I smiled and tore it open before I even got to my apartment.
Don’t worry; your letter is safe with me. 
Though it sounds like you have quite the interesting job. I work in the music industry with Simon Cowell, though I’m sure you’ve heard of him from American Idol and shit like that. He’s just the same as he is on the show in person so you aren’t missing much. I bet you get to see a lot of interesting things working in the fashion industry. Anastasia Blu is such a big name; you’re really lucky. My sister has always loved her clothes however we can’t ever afford her clothes. The thing that just went viral with her though with the giving away of clothes was pretty cool. I’ve never seen a fashion company that big do something like that. I was really impressed.
Anyway, I hope you’re having a good time at work and having fun!
I got off the elevator after I finished reading his letter and rushed inside so I would be able to replay to him.

I was in Texas around the middle of November, slowly making our way to New York City. Bethany and I had still been writing our letters back and forth but I was still nervous. Just the thought of being in her city scared me. What if I ran into her and…I don’t know. I knew exactly where she worked and she kind of knows where I work. Any girl on the streets of New York City could be her and that made me insanely nervous.
“Harry, are you okay?” Liam asked me. We were sitting in a car on our way out of Texas and off for Florida. I looked down at the letter from her in my hands and shrugged.
“I don’t know.”
“What’s wrong?” Niall asked, joining in.
“New York City…” I said, still staring down at her letter that I have yet to open.
“What? Are you scared you’re going to run into her?” Zayn asked.
“I think so.”
“Why?” Liam asked.
“I honestly don’t know. I don’t think it’s being scared, I think it’s more of being nervous. New York City is huge but she works a high end job…she can be anywhere at any time.”
“You’ll be fine, mate.” Louis said, tapping my knee. “Just read her letter. You’ll be fine.” I nodded and started to open her letter. I was almost scared to read it, though I wasn’t sure why. The closer we got to the East coast, the more nervous I was to even hold a letter from her. And soon we were going to be on the east coast and I knew I was going to be a terrible wreck. I took a deep breath and finally looked down at her letter and started reading.
Well thank you for the company compliment. I’m not even going to ask what you meant by my letter is safe with you; I’m too scared to know to be honest. But work is going pretty good. It’s still busy as all damn hell but it’s also an amazing job. I don’t think I would want any other job. It’s perfect for me in every way. Working here is a dream come true. But your job also sounds pretty damn cool. Simon Cowell is a huge name in music. I’m impressed there. Look at us; both being awesome as fuck! At least it’s awesome for you if you enjoy your job. If you hate your job then I totally take my comment back but…to work for him I feel like you really want to be there, next to him, dealing with him every fucking day. Sorry for all the cursing. It was a long day, as usual.
Anyway, I have another long day tomorrow so I’m going to go to bed now. Goodnight!
I smiled at her letter and pulled a crumpled up piece of paper out of my pocket and a pen and started to scribble her letter back.         

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