Across Oceans

~It all began with elementary school pen pals~ Dear Harry,
Here are my conditions;
1. No last names.
2. No pictures.


15. Feels Like Goodbye

When Monday rolled around, Matthew had one extra day, and I was back to work. Matthew had already decided to spend the day moping and I wished I could stay home with him but I had work. 
“Are you sure you don't want to come with me?” I said one last time to Matthew. 
“Yeah I'm sure. I'll call if I change my mind.” 
“Uh huh. See you later.” I nodded and walked out to the car waiting for me. I sat in the office texting back and forth with Jo since she was still confused about parts of the job and with Carrie, asking about Jared since he was still in the hospital. 
“We're here, Ms. Bethany.” I looked up as we were parked in front of the building. 
“Thanks Charlie.” I said, getting out of the car. Part of my new partnership, is a driver. Anywhere at anytime, he would be there. 
I walked into work and the place was already buzzing. Even though the fashion show was over didn't mean the work load slowed down. Now it was tracking new trends, making a new line, getting clothes out to the buyers, tracking every single review of the show, new articles, tracking every transaction, reviews of the clothes…you name it, it had to be done. 
“Morning Bethany. So I was tracking one of the shipments to Macy's in California, and the shipment is not only behind but seems to be lost. It was supposed to arrive Sunday night so it could be out today.” Angie said. She was Jo’s new assistant, who reported to Jo and myself. 
“Which warehouse was it shipped from?” I asked as she was chasing to keep up with me. 
“Uh…the warehouse in Austin, Texas. Uh…it looks like warehouse 57.” Angie said, stuttering. 
“Look, Angie, relax. I get it, the first day can be hectic. I was in your position once so you don't need to worry. Warehouse 57, in Austin, Texas?” I asked, confirming. 
“Yes ma'am.” 
“Please…call me Bethany.” I said, walking into my office, closing the door. 

We were sitting down in one of the interview rooms with a writer from Anastasia Blus company. Part of the deal for the runway show was an interview with us to go into their magazine. I was half hoping I'd run into Bethany here since I had to leave pretty early on Sunday only after a couple hours of sleep. 
“Harry? Excuse me?” I snapped out of it and looked up. 
“Sorry, I zoned. What's up?” I said. 
“I was just asking how traveling the world is for you guys and how you enjoy being in an up and coming boy band?” I nodded and gave my answer- short and sweet like Simon said. 
After the interview, I was walking past Jo’s office and saw her on the phone, looking like she was about to lose it. 
“You okay?” I asked, stepping in real quick. 
“Just call me back asap.” She said, slamming the phone down. “Oh my god, my day is shit.” She said, pushing her hair back. “I thought my previous job was hard but now I'm trying to track down a lost shipment because that's above Angie's pay grade but right in mine and I feel like I'm going to puke!” 
“You need to just take a breather. Do you need an Advil? A coffee?” 
“That's Angie's job. Plus, don't you have shit to do?” 
“No, today is our only down day on the tour. I have the rest of the day for whatever.” 
“Then go see Bethany, stop wasting time with me.” Jo said, rolling her eyes. “ANGIE!” Jo screamed over the intercom. “See you around.” Jo said, shooing me out. I smirked and stepped out, right into Bethany. 
“Oh hey.” I said. 
“Shit, hey. Didn't think I'd see you again.” Bethany said, still walking. 
“Uh yeah we had our interview with your magazine today. The rest of the day is pretty much nothing if you get a break at some point.” I said. 
“Are you asking me on a date?” Bethany said, stopping to look at me. 
“I mean…like a lunch, goodbye, type date?” I said, saving myself. Bethany smirked and shook her head. 
“I have lunch around 12 if you don't mind hanging around.” She finally said. 
“Yeah that'd be cool.” I said, trying to be casual. Bethany nodded and walked off. 
“Did you just ask her out?!” Niall said, smirking. 
“Shit how long have you been right here?” I asked, jumping a little. 
“Long enough. Why didn't you just say that it was a date? Why did you cover it up?” Louis asked. 
“God, you too?”
“What, did you think we would just let you wander around here? We know what's on your mind when we're here!” Niall said, laughing. 
“So you have a lunch date?” Louis added in. 
“No, this isn't a date.” I said forcefully. 
“But isn't it a goodbye date?” Zayn through in. 
“Oh my god, are you all here?” 
“Yeah basically.” Liam said, practically showing up out of nowhere. 
“Oh my god…” I said, embarrassed. 
“Dude…just ask her out. It won't kill you!” Zayn said. 
“It can kill me. I explained this the other night.” I pointed out. 
“So? Take risks man! You're taking the shit way out. You don't know if it'll work until you try!” Liam said. 
“You I can't.” 
“You should do it.” Jo said, as she walked by. 
“What the fuck guys?! How long have you been here?” 
“My office is right there. Ask her out.” Jo said as she kept walking. 
“You should follow her advice.” Niall said. 
“Shut up. All of you!” I said as we all walked outside. 

So many issues, and it was only Monday. I spoke with Jacob to see how he was, called Matthew to see how he was holding up, enlisted Jo into her first big job- finding the lost truck, and then I was tracking the rest of the shipments to make sure they were on route or to confirm that they arrived. It was only 10:30 am and I already had a confirmed headache. Jo was in and out of getting me coffee and doing her job that I felt that she was over stressing herself but I knew she would figure it out- I did. 
“Knock knock.” I looked up and saw Harry. I blinked a few times and glanced at a clock, realizing this was the time I normally go on lunch. 
“Oh hey…” I said, cleaning up. 
“Am I early?” Harry asked. 
“No I just lost track of time. I'm sorry, give me a minute, I'll be ready.” Harry nodded and waited the few minutes for me to finish cleaning up. “Okay, ready?” I asked. Harry nodded again as I grabbed my purse and followed him out. 
“So do you have a nice place to recommend for lunch?” Harry asked me. I started laughing and shook my head. 
“You asked me to lunch, remember?” I pointed out. 
“Yeah, than I realized I don't live here and I don't know the area like you.” Harry pointed out. 
“Okay, you have a point. There's a nice café around the corner.” Harry nodded and followed me there. 
We made small talk on our way to the café since we decided to walk the few blocks instead of taking a cab. Thankfully it was a nice day, however something about today was sad. 
“Are you okay? You zoned on me.” Harry said. 
“Oh, yeah. I'm all good. So are you excited about the rest of your tour?” I asked as we sat down in a small booth in the café. 
“Yeah I guess so. I've come to like New York City. It may be dirty and gross, but it's beautiful in a lot of ways.” I smiled, and bit my lip. 
“I always say that. Everyone thinks I'm joking though. I just think…at night time, all the lights are so calming even though everything is still so hectic. I just love it; sorry, I just went on a rant.”
“You don't need to apologize.” Harry said. “I love that you're passionate about where you live. Honestly if you caught me in London, you'd get the same thing out of me.” 
“I've always wanted to go there…” I sighed, thinking of all the places I wanted to go. 
“I mean…you could always take a vacation and come back with me?” Harry said slowly as he blushed. I smiled and looked down, knowing deep down I did have some kinda feelings for him and wanted to get to know him better. 
“I wish but I have work and I don't think that'll happen anytime soon.” I said. Harry half frowned but nodded. 
“That's understandable.” Harry said just as the waitress walked up. We ordered, just a few minutes later got our food and drinks, ate, and then he walked me back to work. The walk back to work felt a little more depressing but neither of us pointed it out. 
“Well…don't be a stranger. Hit me up sometime before you leave town…” I said once we reached to door to our office. 
“I will…” Harry said slowly. 
“Okay…I guess this is goodbye…” Harry said. 
“Yeah, I guess so…but as I said, don't be a stranger.” I whispered. 
“Okay…uh, see you around then.” 
“See you around…” I said as I slowly walked backwards. Harry nodded and waved so I waved back and took one last look at him before turning around and walking inside. 
Once in my office, all I could think about was Harry. How I wanted to get to know him better, how cute his smile was, how his laugh was infectious…I didn't want him to leave and I didn't want to end like this. I wanted to get to know more about him…just so I was sure this was t going to be the end, because it definitely felt like it was. 

It felt like this was goodbye. Even though she said that she wanted to see me again before I left, it still felt like it was over. I hopped into a cab and took it back to the house, trying to keep my emotions in check. 
“How was the date?” Louis asked. 
“It wasn't really a date.” I said. “It was a short lunch and then we said goodbye.” 
“Goodbye? So that's it?” Liam asked. 
“Yeah, I think so. I don't know…maybe we will keep in touch. Just…it felt like it was over.” I said sadly. 
“Give it time. Maybe this just isn't the right time.” Zayn said. 
“Hopefully.” I said slowly. 
“Do you wanna go out tonight, try and get your mind off of it?” Louis asked. 
“Maybe…ask me again in a few hours.” I said. They all nodded and went back to what they were doing and I sat on the couch, still feeling like it was all over. 

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