Across Oceans

~It all began with elementary school pen pals~ Dear Harry,
Here are my conditions;
1. No last names.
2. No pictures.


12. Fashion Show

“Holy shit…this dress; where did you get the money for this?” I  asked. 
“From my signing bonus.” Bethany said as we were getting ready for the fashion show. I was in a black, sleeveless dress from the show and Bethany asked one of the makeup artists and hair stylists to come to her apartment to get us ready for the fashion show tonight. 
“I feel like a princess.” I joked. Bethany laughed from the other room, still finishing up getting ready. 

I was wearing a light pink, sleeveless dress with a slit up the side and nude heels. The makeup was simple and my hair was in curls, Bobby pinned up so it looked almost like a bun. I too felt like a princess. I smiled to myself, grabbed my clutch, and walked into the living room where Carrie was waiting for me. 
“Jared couldn't make it?” I asked. 
“No…its family night but he said he would come by tomorrow to meet you. As soon as I said your name he knew exactly who you were. I guess his sister is a big fashion person; not that you have to be a fashion person to know who you are at this point.” I giggled as we linked arms. 
“Are you ready?” Carrie nodded and we walked down to the limo waiting at the door for us. 
Once we arrived at the venue, there were photographers and fans lining the red carpet, waiting for me to arrive. As soon as I stepped out of the limo, the flashes and screams grew louder, questions flew at me, my name was being screamed at to look in their direction. All I did was pose for a few pictures with Carrie, sign some autographs and walked inside. Once back in the dressing rooms, I met up with Jo and Anastasia. 
“Well look who made it.” Anastasia said. I smiled and we kissed cheeks. 
“I wouldn't miss this moment for the world!” I said. “This is Carrie by the way; the one I told you about.” Anastasia nodded and all her attention went to Carrie. As they started talking, I slipped away with Jo. 
“She seems like a sweet heart.” Jo said. 
“That's my girl back at home. I love her to death. She's visiting for an extended weekend.”
“I wish o got an extended weekend. Now I'm just busting my ass trying to cover for you and Anastasia until she can find another assistant!” Jo cried. I laughed and smiled.
“Don't worry; it'll be fine. How's Harry?” 
“He's over there.” Jo said as she smirked and pointed. 

“Look at Bethany…” Louis exclaimed. 
“I thought she was on a mini vacation?” I asked. 
“I guess she made an exception.” Zayn said. I looked up from my shoes and saw her walking over.
“Well don't you look nice.” She said smiling. “Hoes the hectic lifestyle treating you?” 
“Nothing we aren't used to.” I joked. 
“Well good. I couldn't miss this fashion show for the world so I had to come- forced vacation or not.” Bethany joked. I laughed and just thought how beautiful she looked. 
“You look nice tonight.” I said.
“Thank you.” She said, blushing. 
“FIVE MINUTES UNTIL GO TIME!” Someone yelled. 
“Well I better get going. Good luck tonight.” Bethany said before turning and walking away. 
“Dude…this is your last chance.” Liam said. 
“What are you talking about?” 
“You know exactly what I'm talking about.” Liam said, rolling his eyes. 

After the fashion show was over, I was speaking with buyers who were beyond interested in the line, meeting more people Anastasia worked closely with, the whole deal. It was nerve wracking but somehow I kept my composure until it was over…or at least beginning to die down. 
“That was incredible.” Carrie said as she walked up to me.
“I told you it would be!” I exclaimed. 
“You weren't kidding. Tonight was amazing.”
“There will be plenty more for you to accompany me to.” As we walked back into the dressing rooms I saw Harry pulling a t-shirt over his head, finishing off his ‘out of runway attire’ clothes.
“Are you going to talk to him?” Jo asked, walking up. 
“Yeah, seriously. He is gorgeous.” Carrie said. 
“Guys, come on. We don't even live in the same country and I barely know him.”
“You were the one who said you guys were friends.” Jo said, putting me on the spot. 
“Jo can you show me where the rest room is?” Carrie said suddenly. Jo smirked and pulled Carrie away. I turned around and was almost nose to nose with Harry. 
“Oh hello.” I said.
“Sorry if I startled you.” 
“No it's okay. You did well tonight.” I said, looking at my feet, knowing I was turning red. 
“So I guess this is goodbye.” Harry said.
“I guess so. It was nice meeting you. Even though it didn't exactly follow my terms and conditions.” Harry laughed at my joke then his smile fell. 
“So I'm not gonna see you again?” 
“I don't know. We aren't exactly neighbors.” 
“Well…if you ever wanna talk…here's my number.” Harry handed me a slip of paper, kissed my cheek, and walked away. I watched him walk back to his friends then I unfolded the piece of paper and there it was…his number. 
Later, back at my apartment with Carrie, we were eating ice cream and watching The Duff; weird movie but funny. Carrie was eyeing me down because I hadn't said a word since my interaction with Harry right after the show was over. 
“Are you going to talk to me?” Carrie asked. 
“Harry gave me his number.” I said after a long pause. 
“So…call him. He's gotta be at some kind of after part or something and I didn't come here to watch TV; I came here to fuck shit up with you!” 
“Okay fine.” I pulled my phone out and dialed his number. After the third ring, he finally answered. 
“Harry, it's Bethany.” 
“Wow you called sooner than I thought.” Harry joked. I heard music in the back ground so I figured they were at a party. 
“Carrie and I were wondering what you were up to; maybe wanting to hang out?” I bit my lip, getting nervous. 
“Yeah sure. A bunch of our friend flew in tonight to see the show and we're having a party at our place. I'll text you the address.” 
“Okay, see you soon.” I said, hanging up. 
“So are we going out?!” Carrie asked, all excited. 
“Yup…we're going out…” I said slowly, almost wondering if I actually wanted to do this. 

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