Across Oceans

~It all began with elementary school pen pals~ Dear Harry,
Here are my conditions;
1. No last names.
2. No pictures.


5. Families

For a whole weeks, we had to have spent at least 16 hours a day in the studio writing and recording songs to start on our first CD. It was killing me and making me beyond tired, but at the same time, I was having the time of my life. I didn’t think such insanely long work hours would actually be this enjoyable.
“Harry, letter!” Liam called from downstairs on our first day off in a week. Which didn’t seem like long, but it felt very long with all the hours we put in. I walked downstairs and took it off the counter. I at down at the bar counter and opened it.
Here are my conditions;
1. No last names.
2. No pictures.
3. I want to get to know everything about you and in a year, if we are still talking, I want to meet you.
Those are my conditions and I was wondering if you were okay with those? If not, don’t even bother writing back. However, number three is just going off a whim. If we decided to meet earlier, whatever, but I need to feel comfortable with it. I mean, so do you but…yeah. I guess you get what I’m trying to say here. Anyway, write back if these terms are agreeable and if not, don’t bother. I don’t mean to sound rude, holy shit. I feel like sounded so terribly rude. New York City must be getting to me. I never used to sound so rude. Alright; well…I may or may not hear from you so I keep rambling in case you hate me at this point already because I’m not even talking about anything relevant or entertaining. Yup, it’s so obvious how overly tired I am from work. I’m going to stop writing now.
I was laughing at her letter out loud. It was really funny and not near rude at all. Though I kind of did like her conditions. No last name, no pictures…she could see me on the news and not even know it was me which I actually liked the idea of. She would be the one person who treated me normally while the world slowly began to learn who I was since…well, all of England already did.
I wrote Bethany back, put it in the mailbox and went back up to my room to enjoy the rest of my day off sleeping in bed.

“Can I kill someone, please?” I said, banging my head on my desk with Jo sitting in the chair in front of my desk. 
“What’s wrong, hun?” Jo asked me.
“I’m so tired and I just…ugh…I don’t even know where to start with all of this work!”
“Hey uh…I am your assistant; it’s my job to do the parts of your job that you don’t want to do, remember? At least the parts I’m qualified to do.” Jo added in after I gave her a hopeful look.
“You killed it there, but yeah, that is true.” I said slowly. “Okay, you know what, grab me a coffee while I make you a to-do list.” Jo nodded and stood up.
“Starbucks or shitty lunch room coffee?”
“Where’s a Starbucks?” I asked.
“Right down the block, maybe two blocks away.” Jo said, shrugging.
“Lunch room coffee; I don’t have time for you to walk two blocks away.” Jo nodded and left to go get me my coffee before I exploded.
A few minutes later, Jo was back and I handed her a list of everything I needed done. She looked at it like she would a snake, or a spider, or a relative she absolutely despised, but nonetheless, she nodded and got to work on it. That took about a quarter of my work load off, but not nearly enough to make e less stressed in the slightest.
“Bethany?” My intercom buzzed that was specifically Jo to me.
“Phone call, line one, Carrie.” I smiled a little and picked up my phone and hit one.
“This is Bethany.”
“Hey you!” Carrie said happily.
“Hey you.” I said.
“You sound tired as hell. You also sound like you aged about twenty years. What the hell are they doing to you over there? You’ve literally been gone a little over two months and you sound like death!”
“I’m working on this huge project that’s due in two months and on top of it, my regular job which takes all day to begin with so…there’s a lot of overtime and no sleep.”
“Damn girl; no time for a visit to Jersey?”
“Not anytime soon.” I sighed as I was scribbling down questions for the one on one interviews I had in an hour for the fashion designer assistant position with a few of the girls.
“How about if I visit you? And maybe help you out with this project?”
“I don’t think that’s going to work out either…” I said, slightly distracted.
“Oh…you sound distracted; am I bothering you or something?”
“No, I’m just getting prepared for a bunch of interviews I have with some designers in an hour.” I said, still only half paying attention.
“Designers? Since when do you conduct interviews? You’re an assistant?” Carrie asked, sounding confused.
“The project I’m in charge of involves designing so this is part of the interview process to see who would work best with us. It was my idea to use this as part of the interview so…not only did I get myself into a project way to fucking big, I now got myself into doing interviews which was also my idea, on top of all my other work I have to do which I actually had to pass onto my assistant; at least the stuff she’s qualified to do.”
“Wait, you’re an assistant, with an assistant, in charge of something the CEO should be in charge of? Am I getting any of this right?”
“Yup, all of it actually.”
“Bethany, you’re insane. I don’t know how you do this. I would’ve jumped off a bridge already.”
“Trust me, the thought has crossed my mind a few times. But I knew this industry wasn’t easy, so I knew what I was walking into.”
“That’s true. But…I just miss my best friend.” Carrie said, sounding sad.
“I miss you too…when things calm down, I’ll let you know so I can visit or you can come here or something.”
“Bethany, phone call, line two, June.”
“Thank you, Jo.” I said into the intercom.
“Jo?” Carrie asked.
“My assistant; look, I have another phone call. Can I call you later?”
“Yeah of course. Bye, love you.”
“Love you too.” I switched over to line two, hoping they were still there. “This is Bethany.”
“Hi Bethany, this is June, I’m one of the designers you are interviewing today.”
“Yes, how can I help you?”
“I can’t make it today; my mom got rushed to the hospital. I can bring a note to prove it and everything, I just need…”
“June, not to sound rude and cut you off but it’s today at your given time or never. This is the fashion industry; not some regular office job. If you aren’t here t your given time, you’re going to be cut from the list.”
“I hope to see you today.” I said and hung up. As soon as I hung up, there was a knock on my door. “It’s open!” My door opened and Anastasia stepped in. “Yes?”
“I came to stop in and see how everything was coming along but ended up overhearing a part of your conversation.”
“Oh?” I asked, hoping she meant the one with June.
“I was impressed.”
“How you handled that conversation. You know how this company runs, how the fashion industry works, and I like it. You handled it just right; not too much anger, sass, or niceness. It was the right amount of all three. I’m impressed. Keep up the good work.”
“Thank you.” I said as Anastasia walked out. I breathed a sigh of relief as soon as she shut my door and scrambled to book a secret flight to Africa for Anastasia the day after the deadline of the project so we could travel around, delivering our free line with the very little press that there would be. I felt like somehow, this would be a little more difficult than I had originally planned.
After a weeks’ worth of interviews with possible designers to hire, you could tell I was growing tired and crabby. However, my team worked well with me and they knew how to keep me motivated. They have all been here longer than me so they all knew the struggles of just starting out with a fashion company; we’ve all been the newbie to a fashion company at one point in our lives and they helped me through it.
“How are you holding up?” David asked me, walking into my office with two cups of coffee. He was our head of design here and helping out so much with the project even though I didn’t actually officially ask him to because I knew he had so much more to do.
“I feel tired, cranky; I feel like I aged like thirty years.” David laughed at me and sat down at the chair at my desk.
“We’ve all been there, trust me.” I nodded taking the coffee from him. “So…what girls and guys did you think would be best as our fashion designer assistant?” David asked, leaning into my desk, seeing all the notes on the applicants.
“Well, I narrowed it down but I was thinking you could give them an interview if you wanted or had the time. I mean, they’ve met Danni, so I think it’s time they met you.”
“You have them meet Danni?” David sounded surprised but I nodded.
“Yeah, she said she had a few minutes during my interviews and she personally asked them some questions herself. She helped me narrow down the list a lot.”
“Well…I can’t believe our junior designer decided to actually help with something other than coloring all fucking day.”
“Right? She actually pulled herself out of that fucking room of hers that she fucked up.”
“I don’t even like walking into there. All her inspiration posters and notes all over the damn wall freak me out a little bit. It looks like shitty graffiti half the time.” David said, making me giggle.
“True; I’ve only been in there like twice and every time I like cried from it being so odd.”
“It’s like walking into a god ass awful acid trip.” I laughed again, feeling a little better. I don’t remember the last time I laughed all week. “But yeah, back on topic, I would love to go through these and interview them. There isn’t that many so I should be able to get through these in a couple days.”
“I tried to get it down to the best of the best so if you did agree to it, it wouldn’t be too extensive since you’re already helping me with so much.”
“Hey, after standing up in front of Anastasia and pitching an idea and being the first person to do so without getting fired ranks high in my books. This idea is gold and I will help in any way I can.”
“Thank you so much, David! You’re literally the best!”
“I try; now drink that coffee and keep doing the amazing job that you are!” I smiled and nodded as he walked out of my office. I sighed, trying to refocus myself back on work.
I didn’t get home until about one in the morning and when I did, I had a letter from Harry. This was probably the second thing to make me smile all day, next to the short conversation I had with David today about Danni.
I do agree to your conditions, in fact I love them. I think it’s kind of cool to have a friend you can’t really search for; I like the curiosity of it all. Or mystery. I’m not sure which word works better here.
But alright…you said you wanted to find out everything about me, I’ll start with the basics. And then I guess we can do it like this; I say something, you respond to the same “question” and then ask a new one until we can finally get to the point of having an actual conversation I guess. This is probably the best way to start one at least. Wow that probably sounded insanely lame. Fuck.
But anyway; I have my mom and my sister, my sisters’ name is Gemma and my parents are divorced. I guess that’s about as basic as it gets. Your turn.
I smiled at his letter, like the concept of it. The best way to start a conversation is to ask and answer questions, and then a conversation is bound to come out of one of the questions; or I guess an answer to a question. That probably makes a little more sense. I wrote him his letter back, left it on the table by my door so I could deliver it tomorrow and not forget, totally skipped dinner, and went directly to bed.

“Okay, today you boys are meeting with your newly hired stylist since you can’t have the X Factor stylist forever since they already have a job.” Simon said, trying to make a joke but we were all too dead to laugh. “Okay, boys, this is Lou.”
“Hey boys.” Lou said. “I’m the new stylist for you guys.” We all smiled and said our hellos and introduced ourselves politely.
“Who’s that guy?” Niall asked, pointing at the guy in the corner by the door.
“Your security guard, Paul.” Simon said. We all waved hello to him too and he nodded at us, staying silent. “Okay, so tomorrow be prepared bright and early to be woken up by Lou at your house to get you boys ready for your Radio 1 interview at nine in the morning. Have a nice night. You boys are dismissed; Paul, escort them home, thank you.” Paul nodded and led us out to our car after we said goodbye to Lou and Simon.
“When was our last day off?” Zayn complained on the way home.
“Probably about a week and a half ago, after we started writing and recording a bunch of songs.” Liam yawned out.
“Is this how life is going to be like from here on out?” Zayn asked.
“Yeah…what did you expect?” Louis asked, sassily, but you could tell sleep was calling his name with how groggy his voice sounded.
“Luxury…” Zayn sighed.
“Yeah you get that, along with everything else.” I added in.
“I’m sure we’ll get more used to it!” Niall said, looking at the bright side. We all gave him half smiles, too tired to even form full ones.
“Okay, sunshine.” Liam said.
“Sunshine?” Niall asked.
“Yeah, you’re like a bright ball of sunshine with all your perkiness towards this.” Liam yawned. Niall smiled happily and thanked Liam.
When we walked into the house, a letter was sitting in the mailbox by our door. I grabbed it, knowing it had to have been for me and opened it as I slowly walked inside.
Your sister has a really pretty name! You can tell her I said that too, if you want. But both of my parents are still together. I have two younger brothers, Matthew and Jacob. They’re both so damn adorable, even though Matthew has always been a grump.
Did you ever play a sport?
I sat down as soon as I was done reading it and wrote her back and put it in the mailbox before I could forget and immediately went upstairs to bed before our long day tomorrow at Radio 1; or at least our extremely early day tomorrow at Radio 1. I was, but wasn’t looking forward to it all at the same time. I wanted my beauty sleep; I liked sleeping, but no…work calls. I found myself wondering as I laid in bed if Bethany ever had this problem with work, or if she had a normal nine to six job. I had so many questions I wanted to ask her but my brain finally processed I had to be up early and I fell asleep soon after these thoughts crossed my mind.  

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