Across Oceans

~It all began with elementary school pen pals~ Dear Harry,
Here are my conditions;
1. No last names.
2. No pictures.


6. Drunken Letters

“No, mom I can’t come home this weekend.” I said, sighing. I liked taking weekends for myself but recently it was spent at home with Jo trying to work out this project.
“But your brother is having a lot of problems!” I sighed, feeling slightly bad but my job was a priority. I didn’t work a regular office job like them where I could just take time off for shits and giggles. They needed like weeks in advance unless it was like a funeral or wedding or some shit. But to an extent, you have some warning for those.
“I’m sorry, I wish I could come home but work is slammed. You know about everything I have going on here. I need to be able to pay my bills, mom. And losing my job because Jacob is sick isn’t how to pay the bills.”
“You’re being selfish!”
“Goodbye mom.” I said, hanging up at that point. “Jo, come in here please.” I said over the intercom.
“Yes?” Jo said, walking into my office.
“If any more calls come through from my family, tell them I am unavailable.”
“Is everything okay?”
“No, but we can talk about it at the bar after work. Happy Friday; beers on me tonight.” Jo laughed and nodded.
“All beers?” ‘
“Okay like two or three since you’ve been such a great worker, but not all the beers.” Jo laughed again and nodded.
“I’ll take what I can get.” We both laughed and I nodded, basically saying she could go so I could go back to work.
Around seven, Jo and I grabbed a cab together to our usual bar down the road from our house that we could actually get into without being carded.
“So, how’s shit with this pen pal of yours?”
“We’re literally eighteen years old and still call it pen pals. Can’t we just call him by his name?”
“Okay, fine. How’s things with Harry?”
 “Fine. I’m still waiting to hear back from him.”
“Do you think you guys are gonna meet soon?”
“No…we’ve only been talking for a month. There’s no way in hell I am about to let him come here.”
“Well he doesn’t know your address, Bethany. You send him letters with your address and name plastered all over it.”
“You make it sound like he’s a stalker.”
“You never know; I’m just looking out for you.”
“No, you’re making me paranoid, actually.”
“I’m just simply stating that you haven’t talked to him since elementary school. A lot can change between then and now.”
“At least I know how to defend myself but I doubt that he’s like that. He isn’t weird.”
“You’ve only met him over paper. You’ve never seen a picture of him…do you even know how old he is?!”
“And how do you know that?”
“We were in fourth grade at the same time. And he was a year older than me. I was the baby of my grade so…that’s normal.”
“Okay, fine. What else do you know about him?”
“His parents are divorced and he has a sister.”
“That’s fucking it?”
“His favorite color may or may not still be orange and cats may or may not still be his favorite animal.”
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…” Jo sighed, downing the rest of her beer before being handed another one.
“Look, the few letters we sent back and forth were bullshit; asking how each other was and shit like that; nothing important or serious. I didn’t think we were going to keep talking.”
“So what do you think now that you two are still talking?” Jo asked me, taking a swig of her fourth beer.
“I think we’re becoming friends and that’s it.”
“I would damn hope that that is it.”
“You don’t know him, he lives across the ocean, and he could be a serial killer, stalker, and psychopath, Bethany. You never fucking know.”
“You are literally over reacting.” I said, shaking my head as we both finished off the beers we were on.
“I really am not, but whatever.” I rolled my eyes and we paid for our drinks around midnight before heading back to my apartment to do a little work on the project for a few hours before Jo went home and I went to bed since I was dead ass tired and now a little buzzed.
Around two in the morning, Jo finally headed home and I finally went through my mail, seeing a letter from Harry. I smiled and sat back down on my couch to read it.
I told my sister what you said and she smiled and told her to tell you she said thank you and also said she thought your name was pretty.
Also, I did play football for a long time; soccer to you stupid Americans. Soccer means nothing. You play the game with your foot- football. Instead you guys watch a different kind of football that I will never cease to understand. Although, I have to admit, I’m quite the cheese-head. But don’t tell anyone here that I said that. I played cricket here and there but that was about it. How about you? Any sports?
Also, my next question is what kind of job do you have?
I answered his letter, half asleep and still drunk since me and Jo drank for the last hour instead of working on the project like we should’ve been but fuck it. It was Friday night and we could work on it Saturday for an extra hour or two if it really came down to that. I left it by the table at the door and went to bed, knocked out, drunk.

We were sitting in Simon’s office a couple days later and he was telling us how in about two or three months we were being flown out to California and from there all the way across America we would be making appearances to spread the word. I knew that was going to be a bitch for the simple fact I needed to get my letters from Bethany.
“Wait, what about my letters?” I asked, breaking up the conversation.
“Are you seriously talking about letters you write back and forth to a damn pen pal?” Simon asked, rolling his eyes.
“Well…yeah, I am. They’re important to me. It’s not like it takes any more than 10 minutes out of my life.” I pointed out. Simon sighed and nodded.
“I’ll make sure I have the housemaid checking for the letters and if you get one, she’ll forward it to me, and I’ll overnight it to you
“Promise?” I asked.
“Yeah; though I’m not sure why this is a fucking issue right now. I said this wouldn’t happen for another few months. I just need you boys to be prepared.”
“Well I just wanted to make sure it was covered now, not later.”
“You’re a piece of fucking work.” Simon said, shaking his head. I shrugged as the other guys shook their heads at me.
When I got home that day, there was a letter for me from her, with the priority mail ticker on it. Whoever these people were that handled our letters took priority mail very seriously seeing as I sent the letter maybe a week ago and I already have a response.
I’m a cheese-head myself; Greenbay Packers are my team! But soccer is pretty cool too. My little brother, Jacob, he plays it year round. Or your version of football, I mean. I used to run track and played field hockey. They were both really fun in high school but I never actually went on to college; I just work now. And to answer your question, I’m a fashion assistant at a fashion company; Anastasia Blu, to answer I know your next question that you never actually asked yet but I knew you would if I didn’t tell you so I’ll save you the trouble.
I told my friend Jo about you. She’s convinced I’m not out of my mind not getting any more personal information on you to do a background check. I personally think she’s uber paranoid. She just needs to calm her tits. Oops. That was a silly word. I’m giggling to myself right now. Don’t mind my weirdness right now which isn’t actually weirdness, it’s pure drunk-ness but that’s the best way to be after a long week at work. It’s funny how here in American I can’t legally drink yet Jo and I both got into a bar and got sold alcohol without being carded. I guess that means I’m pretty fucking stunning looking. Not that I actually need someone to tell me. Oh my god I swear I would never say shit like this sober. I’m not even going to read this tomorrow morning. I’m just going to send this because I know I’ll probably tear this up and never write you again out of pure embarrassment; so today’s lesson for you- never show me this, EVER, if we ever meet.
I was laughing hysterically at her letter for a good twenty minutes before I could finally write her back. I sent it out immediately because I wanted an answer from her; and as many as I could get before I made my way across America. Hopefully, by the time I got to New York City on this tour we were doing in America, I would be able to meet her.   

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