Across Oceans

~It all began with elementary school pen pals~ Dear Harry,
Here are my conditions;
1. No last names.
2. No pictures.


18. Don't Fuck This Up

Vacation is over, and I was back in the studio with the guys. Those three days were not enough but definitely needed. I never called Bethany like I had promised Jess but I didn't know what to even say. It would've been too hard to explain myself.
“Alright guys, take five.” Simon said.
“Is everything all good?” Louis asked.
“Yeah…you guys just have a visitor.” Simon said, smiling.

After I had landed in London, before even going to the company building since I was running a little early, I decided to make a pit stop.
“Hey…” I said, walking into the recording studio where Harry was.
“BETHANY!” The guys all yelled, running out of the studio, hugging me tightly. Harry stood back a little, looking surprised and nervous.
“Hey Bethany…” Harry said slowly, giving me a hug.
“What are you doing here?!” Niall asked.
“Uh I'm here on business. I was running early and thought I'd come say hi. I was assuming you'd be here…knowing the busy life style and all.”
“Someone's smart.” Liam joked. I laughed a little and turned to Simon.
“Well…thank you for letting me come say hello but…I must be getting to our London location and I'm sure you have to get back to work. I'll be in town a couple weeks…so if you guys ever have a free minute.” I said before walking out.
Once I made it outside, I took a huge sigh of relief. I was a little upset when Harry never called me but, I wasn't one to hold grudges. I just assumed he was busy and I accepted that. I hailed a cab, sighing again, and giving them the address for my new house for the next couple weeks.

“You guys can take an early day.” Simon said, after another hour or two of studio work.
“Wait really?!” Louis exclaimed.
“Yeah…you guys have a good friend in town and that doesn't happen often; not with our busy schedule. So I'll let you guys go early. But tomorrow we work double time so be on your best game.” We all nodded and basically ran out of the studio.
“So why did you get all nervous when Bethany shows up?” Liam asked me as we walked down to our car.
“I never called her Liam…I promised her I would call her before we left New York City and I never did…”
“Well she didn't seem to be mad. Give her a call tonight; see if she wants to go out to a bar with us. Or just you, you know…since you never took her out on a proper date.” Liam said, smirking.
“We're still on this?”
“Yeah, because she is here for two weeks. And if she can accept the busy work schedules, I think you should be able to as well.” Liam said. I went quiet, knowing he had a point. So I nodded and we all headed back to our house.

I was overseeing all our workers in London, not sure how the hell I was supposed to fix certain messes. Some things were perfect and others were straight fuck ups. I was exposing to the best of my abilities how things should run and how I wanted them to be run. I was the day to day CEO, so this was all my call which made me nervous since this was my first time going to a new country to boss people around.
“Still scary?” I looked up and saw Mitch, one of the buyers here in London standing in front of me.
“It's still all new to me. You guys are my first outside of the country location I've been to so…it is a little nerve wracking. Is it that noticeable?”
“Yeah, a bit. But we liked the work we saw back in America so I can promise you have our full respect.”
“Well thank you Mitch.” Mitch nodded and turned around and walked out of my office. Since me and Anastasia would rarely travel together, there was only one CEO office in every location, which made sense. But also added on to the stress of all this.
At the end of the day, I walked outside, looking around me. It was early; only 6. But it felt much earlier to me due to jet lag, so I decided to wander around the city, see the sights. As I started walking, I felt my phone buzzing. When I dug it out of my purse, I saw Harry calling.
“Hello.” I said simply.
“Sorry I called a little late…” I smiled and stopped walking.
“Better late than never.”
“I was wondering what you were up to tonight.”
“Well…I was going to wander around and see the city; you know, touristy shit.”
“Want some company?” I felt like he sounded a hell of a lot closer than just speaking over the phone so I turned around and saw him a few feet away. I smiled and hung up, walking over to him.
“Did you plan on surprising me?” I asked.
“I felt bad for not calling and I wanted to try and make up for it…” Harry said slowly.
“We're both busy…so I just assumed you didn't have a spare minute. I know I feel like I don't even have time to breathe so I understood. I was upset but…you can't control work.”
“Liam said you would say something like that.”
“So Liam talked you into this?”
“Sort of. I was so sure you'd never want to see me again after I never called and when you just showed up in the studio…I had a hunch that you understood but I'm in denial.”
“Because…I like you, but I barely know you. And our schedules are both so busy my biggest worry is that work will always be in the way of things.”
“Work is work…it'll always be there. But we can always find ways around it. Like now…I'm here on business, you live and work here, and yet we're making this conversation happen.”
“What about when we actually do have time off? Wouldn't you want to see your family? I know I'd like to see mine…if that doesn't sound totally selfish.”
“No, it doesn't. What would sound selfish is if you said you'd ditch your family for me. Everyone needs family time too, and I understand that as well. But I would like to see if there is something there...” I finally whispered.
“So you like me too…”
“I think so. I don't know. It's too soon to really tell, but I don't remember the last time I got upset if someone didn't call me when they said they would so it means that I care about you to say the least. But what's the harm in seeing if there is something there? And if there isn't, then we part ways as friends.”
“You know, the guys have been telling me the same thing. So have Rita and Cara. I tried to ignore it but they all kept saying you would understand. I just didn't want to believe it myself. I guess I'm just scared of what could happen.”
“Well I can tell you right now I'm scared too but that's the fun in it. You don't get anywhere without taking a few risks.”
“Wow, the guys really did know what they were talking about. You're literally confirming everything they've been trying to tell me since we were in New York.”
“I'm a pretty laid back person…I know life gets in the way some times. It's just how it's handled and worked out that shows a persons true colors and how hard they're willing to fight for something. And to be honest, I've never been much of a quitter.”
“Well I can see that now.” Bethany smiled and looked around.
“Well, as much as I love standing here, I do want to go see this beautiful city of yours.” I said slowly.
“Well do you mind if I'm your tour guide?” Harry asked. I smiled and nodded.
“I would love for you to be my guide.” Harry smiled as we started walking down the street and him telling me the history of his grand city.
Once I was back at my hotel for the night, I was sitting at my laptop e-mailing Anastasia about how things were here in London. There really was not a lot of good news to send back but I had to give her the update either way. I was drinking some wine to keep my nerves down since today was really weird and hectic. After seeing harry and the conversation we had, it was making me nervous. It has been close to a year since Jake and I broke up and this was the first person I’ve talked to since then; not that I’ve talked to a lot of people- I don’t really have friends around here. I haven’t had the time to make any.
After I sent my e-mail, I decided to call Carrie and see how things were since it was still only 4 in the afternoon there. I refilled my wine glass, settled in on the couch and pulled out my phone.
“Hey girl!” Carrie said. “How’s London?”
“It’s nice. The company here is shit and then I also saw Harry.”
“Oh and how was that?”
“It was…interesting.”
“And work?” Carrie asked.
“It was hectic. They seemed to just be running around, doing whatever. So I’m attempting to retrain the manager or fire the manager and get a new one. It all depends how these next couple weeks go.”
“Meet any friends? God knows you can need some. I mean, me and Jo? That’s it? You need some people to talk to.”
“Friends across the world? What’s the point of that?”
“You’ll probably end up travelling more than being here so why not just have friends everywhere?” Carrie asked.
“Because that’s too many people to keep track of.” I said, rolling my eyes.
“Well did you at least meet anyone interesting?”
“One of the guys at the company, Mitch. He seemed nice…but beyond that, I got nothing.”
“Who is Mitch?”
“One of the workers here…we have a thirty second conversation and that was it. So that doesn’t really count for anything at all.”
“You need a social life. Now that you’re a partner at the company, you should be able to have a little more free will and whatever.”
“Not really. I just have more travelling to do so I’ll be out of the office more but I will not get more free will. I’ll be needed there if I’m not out and about so…it is what it is. I love my job, so I’m not complaining but this is the life I chose and I’m not going to regret it. I have my couple friends, and my family. I don’t need much more than that.”
“Yeah, just lonely as hell. Oh I forgot to tell you…I ran into Maxie yesterday.”
“No shit, really?”
“Yeah, she’s living out in Brooklyn. She’s working with a theatre group now. I don’t know where; she only told me where she’s living and she gave me her new number.”
“I haven’t seen her in forever!” Carrie said, getting excited. “We should all go out together sometime when you get back!”
“Yeah, maybe. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens.”
“God you’re so boring.”
“Gee, I’m sorry.”
“It’s all good. I still love you.”
“So how I Matthew?”
“He’s doing fine. It’s barely been a day…he’s fine.”
“I’m sorry…I’m just worried about him.”
“Yeah, I know you are but it’s all good here.”
“That’s good…so how’s Jared?”
“He’s okay. I haven’t seen him recently. I think he’s still in physical therapy…so it’ll be awhile until he can get back to college so he’ll be here in the city for a while.”
“That’s good though, right?”
“Yeah I guess so. I just don’t know if we’re still together.”
“Why do you say that?”
“I have not heard from him and when I’ve tried to get in contact with him he never answers so…I don’t really know what’s going on with him.”
“Well I’m sure you will figure it out.”
“Yeah, of course.”
“Well I’ll let you go. It’s hours later by you so you should get some sleep.” Carrie pointed out.
“Okay, sure. Tell Matthew I said hello.”
“I will…don’t worry.”
“Goodnight.” I said.
“Goodnight.” Carrie said back. I hung up the phone and put my phone down. I sighed, wishing I told her about what happened with Harry but I wasn’t quite ready to talk about it yet.

“So where have you been?” Louis asked, smirking.
“I met with Bethany when she got off work. She wanted to see the city so I showed her around. That was really it.”
“No date, no nothing?” Niall asked.
“No…but it is what it is. She’s going to be here for a couple weeks so…whatever happens, happens.”
“Well it is what it is. You have two weeks before you lose her for good.” Liam said
“For good?”
“She’s a good person. She isn’t going to wait around forever.” Niall pointed out.
“I don’t expect her to…” I said slowly.
“Well then don’t fuck your chance up. She’s good for you…and plus, we like her. She’s better than Jen. She’s just fucking annoying.” Louis said, rolling her eyes. “Why you keep her around is unknown to us.”
“I don’t keep her around…she just is around.”
“Yeah, whatever that means. Why don’t you just tell her to fuck off?” Niall asked.
“That’s rude.” I said slowly.
“Yeah well fuck her. Bethany and Carrie told her off within like two minutes of meeting her so…I don’t see why it is so hard for you to do it. And you’re going to have to if you want to work shit out with Bethany.” Liam pointed out.
“I’ll figure something out.” I said.
“Hey mother fuckers.” We looked up and saw Rita and Cara walk in.
“Hey girls!” Niall said. “What’s going on?”
“We just got off work and were nearby so thought we’d come by, see if you wanted to go out.” Cara said.
“Yeah not tonight.” Liam said.
“Awe shit, why not?” Rita asked sadly.
“Simon gave us basically a majority of the day off so we have to be on top of our shit tomorrow. He already said that we were going to be drilling everything out tomorrow.” I said.
“Well fuck…that doesn’t sound like Simon at all. Why did he give you the day off?” Cara asked.
“Bethany is in town and stopped by the recording studio. I guess he likes her enough that he thought we should have the day to see her.” Louis said.
“Holy shit…she’s here?!” Cara exclaimed.
“Yup…” Liam said.
“Did Harry fuck this up too?” Rita asked.
“I didn’t fuck it up last time!”
“Yeah you did…all she wanted you to do was call her and you didn’t so…yeah, you did fuck up a bit. Did she forgive you?” Cara asked.
“Well…we went out for a bit after she got off work.”
“But you didn’t ask her out?!” Rita practically yelled, rolling her eyes.
“No…but she’s going to be here for a couple weeks so I have time.”
“You better not waste more time. She can literally get anyone.” Cara said.
“Yeah, I’m sure given the chance, Cara would go after her.” Liam said, laughing.
“Fuck yeah I would. She’s gorgeous.” Cara said, smirking.
“See what I mean? She literally has everyone after her.” Niall pointed out.
“Okay guys…thanks. I get it…don’t fuck it up this time.”
“Yeah, forreal. So what’s going on with Jen? Is she still coming around?” Rita asked.
“We already had this conversation. Harry claims he’s too nice to tell her off.” Louis said, rolling his eyes.
“God Harry…don’t fuck this up.” Rita said, rolling her eyes.
“Okay guys, can we talk about something else now?” I said.
“Yeah, whatever. But I really wanted to go out and get drinks.” Cara said.
“We really can’t.” Niall said.
“You guys are such boring fucks.” Rita said, shaking her head.
“Not really…we just focus on our work. This is still new to us, remember?” Liam said.
“Well fuck it. You guys need to have some fun too.” Rita exclaimed.
“Maybe another time. We’re almost done recording our single to make it perfect and then we can have a get together before going out. And before shit gets crazy again.” Liam said.
“Oh please, shit will get crazy again within a couple hours.” Cara said, laughing. “And you know it. You’re just in denial about it.”
“Yeah and we will stay in denial until it happens. We like to believe breaks are still a thing.” I said, making us all laugh. Rita and Cara finally gave in, joining us on the couch in the living room as we watched TV.

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