Across Oceans

~It all began with elementary school pen pals~ Dear Harry,
Here are my conditions;
1. No last names.
2. No pictures.


14. Buried the Hatchet Pt 2

As soon as we got to the hospital, I was out of the car before Harry could full park and turn the car off. I ran right inside and to the front desk. 
“Jacob?” I asked. The receptionist nodded and pointed and I went running. “Mom!” I said, seeing her down the hall. 
“I didn't tell Jacob you were coming incase you couldn't make it…” My mom said slowly. She then got a weird look in her eyes and I turned around, seeing Harry. 
“Oh mom…you remember the kid I used to write pen pal letters to?” I asked. 
“Harry? Yes.” 
“This is him…” 
“Well nice to meet you.” My mom said. “Jacobs right in there.” 
“Hey you…” I said, walking into Jacobs room.” He half smiled and sat up. 
“How are you?”
“I've felt better…” He looked down, and I realized what a stupid question it was. 
“We're gonna get through this.” 
“Mom and dad say that we're running out of money to pay for treatments so I'm not really hopeful. They try and talk about it when I'm not around or think I'm listening but…I hear it anyway.” I felt tears well up in my eyes.
“You must be Jacob.” We looked over and saw Harry standing there. 
“Who's this?” 
“His name is Harry.” I said slowly. 
“Hey man. Bethany has told me a lot about you.” He came over and sat next to me. 
“Are you her boyfriend?” Jacob asked slowly. 
“No. We've just been friends for awhile and have been working together the past couple of days.” 
“Oh, I see. So you're why she's been so busy…” Harry started to frown and saw tears start to spill over. 
“What's your favorite sport?” Harry asked, changing the subject. Jacob part smiled and looked back up. 
“Soccer. Before this happened, I used to play…I haven't had the energy to play much though.” 
“You let me know when you get out and me and you can play. I have some friends that love soccer too.” 
“Really?” Jacob asked, sounding excited for the first time in a long time.
“Of course. Any time; I'll make sure I'm free.” Jacob smiled and laid back down in bed. 
“I'll be right back, okay?” I said slowly. Jacob nodded and I started to walk out. 
“Where are you going?” My mom asked as I walked passed her. 
“I just have a few questions.” My mom nodded and I made my way towards billing. 
“Can I help you?” A lady asked me. 
“I'm here regarding my brother, Jacob…” 
“Oh yes…I know who. What can I help you with? We've given every possible loop hole for insurance. There isn't much more we can do.” 
“I want to make all the payments and I want to make all future payments for his treatment.”
“Let's start with these payments here. Are you sure you can afford these? You look rather young.” 
“I just got a promotion at work…I can do it.” The lady shrugged and handed me the bills. My eyes went wide when I saw they payments were backed up so far to the point where all together, the bills were over $200,000. 
“How would you like to make the payment?” 
“Check, please.” The lady nodded as I started writing out the check. 
“What's going on?” I looked over and saw Matthew standing there. 
“Hey…” I said slowly. 
“What are you doing?” 
“Paying off Jacobs hospital bills.” Matthew nodded and sat down next to me as I finished filling out the check. I handed it to the lady and she went to bring it to another room. 
“I'm going to get his doctor so you guys can discuss future payments and operations.” I nodded and sat quietly. 
“Are you really spending your signing bonus like this?” Matthew asked. 
“Well it's the least I can do. You guys need my help. And you? Failing out of high school?” 
“It's not like mom and dad care. Plus all my friends graduated so I just spend my time at home anyway.” 
“You're gonna come live with me.” 
“Excuse me? I fucking hate the city.” I gasped, hearing Matthew curse for the first time. 
“Excuse yourself. This is how it's gonna be.” 
“Ms. Bethany?” I looked up and saw Jacobs Doctor.
“Yes, that's me. We'll talk later Matthew.” 
“Whatever.” He got up and walked off without another word. 
“So…my brother…” 
“Yeah…he needs a serious amount of surgery done but it its out of your budget so it's just a guessing game on how long he lives now.” 
“It may be out of my parents budget but not mine. I'll pay for this surgery.” 
“Really? You realize it's a few hundred thousand dollars? Insurance won't cover this.” 
“I'm willing to pay. When can he get this surgery?” 
“I can get him in tonight…”
“What if it doesn't work?” I asked. 
“Well he still needs regular chemotherapy and radiation treatments but this surgery will most likely be his life savor. Your parents signed off the surgery papers but said not to do it until they could figure out the payments so…it hasn't been done.”
“I'll sign the bill.” I said. The doctor described the surgery to me and I nodded. 
“Give me the bill. I'll be here to sign it when it's over.” The doctor nodded and reached for his pager, getting the nurses rest for surgery as he walked off. I walked back up to my parents and saw them questioning why they were taking Jacob away. I stood at a distance as Jacob and Harry were still talking. When the doctors walked into my brothers room, they looked over at me with tears in their eyes. 
“You…you did this?” 
“I've been a bad daughter, a bad sister, and I wanted to help. I finished paying off all his medical bills and asked all future bills be sent to me.” I whispered. “I'm also paying for the surgery. I can't watch Jacob…” 
“Sweetie…you haven't been a terrible daughter or sister. We've been stressed, taking it out on you not realizing the stress you were under as well. It wasn't fair to you and you didn't have to do that.” 
“We're family; of course I did.” My parents started tearing up and hugged me close. 
“Thank you.” They both whispered. 
“Now, about Matthew…I want to bring him to stay with me, go to school in the city. He needs out of that house while his happens and a stress free environment.” 
“Sweetie we can't ask you to take more of this on.” My dad said. 
“I'm not asking, I'm saying I will do it. I want to help in any way I can.” 
“Only until we can catch up. I don't need you to put your life on hold for him.” My mom said. 
“You'll talk to him?” I asked slowly. My mom nodded and my dad gave me another kiss. 
A few hours later, Jacob was it of surgery, the bill was signed, he was in recovery, we stayed for a bit, and then went to the house and got Matthews things. My parents were going to take care of the school transfer and Harry was driving me and Matthew back into the city, bringing us home. I already spoke with Carrie and she said she was going to stay with Jared which meant Matthew got a room to himself. 
“Do you want me to stay?” Harry asked, yawning. 
“You can crash on the couch. I know you're tired.” Harry nodded and immediately fell onto the couch, already asleep. 
“You'll get used to this, I promise.” I said to Matthew as he walked to his new room. He was quite for a few seconds before answering. 
“I'm only doing this because I know you're trying to help.” 
“Hey, look at it this way, as soon as everything gets better, you can go home. This is only temporary.” I pointed out. 
“Yeah…but I sure hope you being around isn't.” Matthew said extra quietly. 
“It won't be, I promise. But get s good nights rest. By Monday, latest Tuesday, you'll be enrolled in school here” Matthew nodded, we said goodnight, and he closed his bedroom door. 
Once I was in bed, I was trying to comprehend all that had gone on. Saturday was the show, and now that it was Sunday, almost 5 am…and I had finally fixed things with my family, I almost felt as if things were finally falling into place. 


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