Across Oceans

~It all began with elementary school pen pals~ Dear Harry,
Here are my conditions;
1. No last names.
2. No pictures.


13. After Party

“Who was that?” Jen asked sitting down really close to me. I scotched  away a little and cleared my throat. 
“One of the people I've been working for, for the past couple of days.” I said. 
“Hmm…must be that Bethany girl?” 
“What does it matter?” 
“You've been super distant since I've overheard you and the guys talking about her. Who is she?” 
“Just a girl I've sort of know for a long time.” 
“Sort of?” Jen smirked and raised an eyebrow. 
“Yeah.” I said, not offering anything else up. 
“That's it? I get nothing else? Not how you met, anything about her, what kind of competition I have? I don't get a heads up?” 
“Competition? Jen there is none because we aren't together and we won't be.” 
“Oh come on? Where's the fun Harry that left Cheshire?” 
“He works.” 
“Mate, Beth is here with someone.” 
“Someone?” I said, standing up off the couch. I walked to the front of the house and almost sighed with relief when I saw Bethany with a girl. 
“Hey…this is Carrie. I would've introduced you at the show but…”
“No you were busy, I got it.” I hugged them both and led them into the kitchen. “Drinks?” 
“Hell yeah!” Carrie said, laughing.  
“So this is her, huh?” Jen came back into the room and held onto me. 
“I'm sorry, who are you?” Bethany asked. 
“Jen…his girl.” 
“You don't seem like his type.” Bethany said. I could hear the calmness in her voice but I knew claws were about to come out. 
“Oh, what's his type?” 
“Not an air headed slut who knows when she isn't wanted around.” 
“What did you just call me?” Jen said, taking a step towards Bethany. 
“I think he'd also want someone who'd listen as well…from the looks of his stance, he's too nice to tell you that you annoy the fuck out of him, and he probably has tried in the nicest way possible but…you just don't give a fuck because you think you're on top of the world.” 
“Well excuse you bitch, my daddy owns a very large line of high end hotels…” 
“And I own a big fashion company…so you just use daddy's money.” 
“How old are you? Five? You are so delusional; you don't own a fashion company.” 
“Actually, she does.” Carrie jumped in. “See?” Carrie pulled out her phone and showed pictures of Bethany on TV signing the contract with Anastasia. Jen suddenly went quiet and took a step back from Carrie. “You know, she also really knows how to kick someone's ass. She doesn't take well to petty sluts.” Jen coughed and little and turned around and walked away. 
“I'll fucking rip her pretty face off.” Bethany said, downing a shot. 
“So much I don't understand about you.” I said. 
“Oh you have no idea.” Carrie and Bethany said at the same time, smirking. 
“Now that's creepy.” Niall said, walking up. “You know, Jen is pretty pissed. What just happened?” 
“Bethany and Carrie out her in her place.” 
“So does that mean she's leaving our place?” Niall joked, making us all laugh. 
“if she doesn't, Bethany might kill her.” I said. Bethany smirked and looked around. 
“You know this is kinda nice for a temporary stay.” Bethany said. 
“Simon doesn't…” 
“SHIT!” Bethany screamed, cutting me off. I watched as she dug through her purse. “Where can I find Simon?” 
“He's upstairs…in the sound proof loft. Probably packing. Why?” Niall asked. Without another word Bethany ran off. 

How on earth could I forget to give Simon the checks for their work? I was killing myself at the thought of this. I definitely couldn't be this stupid, especially with someone like Simon. I sighed and knocked on his door and a couple seconds later, he opened the door. 
“Yup that's me…delivery from the one and only.” Simon cracked a smile and took the envelope. 
“You know, I remember what it's like to forget.” 
“Excuse me sir?” 
“Hey I've been in your position before. I've forgotten my fair share of important things. At least you remembered and didn't have to come up with some ridiculous cover story.” I laughed and little and looked down. 
“I don't think I could've fooled you even if I tried.” 
“Probably not…but nonetheless, one of your writes contacted me so that's the last thing that we needed to have covered.”
“That's good. I would've had their asses if no one called you.” 
“Spoken like a true boss.” I laughed and stepped back. 
“Have a good night, sir.” Simon closed the door as I walked back down the four flights of stairs. 
“What was that about?” Carried asked, waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. 
“I almost forgot to pay the guys for their work. Anastasia and Simon both would've had my ass.” 
“Yeah I'd probably run…maybe even fake my death and flee the country.” 
“Probably.” I said, taking the drink from Carrie’s hand. 
“Yeah and that was mine.” 
“Mine now.” Carrie laughed and we walked into the living room. We sat down on the floor, kind of joining in on the conversation. 
“So this is Bethany?” 
“Who are you?” I asked. 
“I'm Rita, this is Cara…flew in from England girl. These are my boys.” Rita said. 
“I took a cab…I live here.” I said. 
“I'll be right back- Jared is calling.” I nodded as Carrie walked off. 
“So this is letters girl?”
“Letters girl? That's my name now?” I looked over at Harry and he shrugged.  
“I never called you a letter girl. I always called you Bethany. They're just insane.” 
“Not insane.” Cara pointed out. “We just needed to put a name to a face and since we only have one of those…” 
“Bethany, we gotta leave.” Carrie said, walking back in. 
“Why?” I asked. 
“Jared got in a car accident…he's in the hospital.” I flew off the floor without saying goodbye, grabbing Carrie’s hand and pulling her out of the house and to a cab. 

“Where did Bethany go? Louis asked, walking in. 
“Uh her and Carrie had to go. I guess someone got in a car accident.” Rita said. 
“Damn…Harry didn't even get to ask her out.” Zayn said, smirking. 
“Seriously guys? We still haven't let this go?” I demanded. 
“Nope…you only got a week and a half left to do so.” Liam pointed out. “You better get her quick. She's gonna be picked up so quick, you have no idea.” 
“We're friends, and people who worked together. That's it.” I said. 
“Yeah keep telling yourself that.” Cara joked. “She was here, what, an hour? And you were drooling  all over her. You have a crush.” 
“Okay, I'll put it this way instead. She's a partner at this huge fashion company, and were traveling the world…and to throw on top of that, we live on opposite sides of the world. What little time we do have off, most likely would be spent with family. So…does that simplify it all for you?” I said slowly. 
“Depressing as hell, but yeah…” Rita said slowly. 
“Shit, it's not gonna change the fact that I think she's hot as hell. I would do her.” Cara pointed out. 
“Yeah there’s that typical Cara response I was waiting for.” Louis said, rolling his eyes. 

“Hey mom…” I decided to call my mom while Carrie was waiting to see Jared and I was outside trying to hold myself together. 
“Hey sweetie. How are you?” 
“How's Jacob…?” I asked. 
“We just got to the hospital.” 
“Why didn't you call me?!” I yelled. 
“You haven't been taking our calls. We always get told you’re busy, you're working, you're in a meeting…so we stopped calling.” It was then I realized how much I had been distancing myself from everyone who mattered. 
“What hospital? I'm coming.”  
“St. Clare's. I'll see you soon.” 

“Bethany's here again.” Rita said, walking in with Bethany behind her. 
“You okay?” I asked since it looked like she had just been crying. 
“I need a car…” 
“I asked why she couldn't just take a cab but she said she had to get to Jersey for a family emergency.” 
“Jacob?” She nodded. “Hold on.” I ran up to my room, grabbed my keys and grabbed her arm, pulling her out to my car and floored it to Jersey while she was staring out the window, tears in her eyes. 

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