Across Oceans

~It all began with elementary school pen pals~ Dear Harry,
Here are my conditions;
1. No last names.
2. No pictures.


9. 50/50

After everything was done at work, Bethany and I walked to a coffee shop down the street for her work and sat down with coffees. She was very quiet, and I was very nervous. All she could do was stare at her coffee and all I could do was stare at her. I was in awe of how beautiful she was. I mean, when I pictured her, it was totally different. She was so much more beautiful than I could ever imagine.
“Sorry I never wrote you back.” She finally said quietly.
“You were busy, it’s completely okay.” I said. She looked up at me and nodded.
“So how are you?”
“I’ve been better.”
“Your brother?” She nodded slowly then looked back down. “Do you want me to leave and pretend we never met?” I finally asked after a few minutes. She looked up at me with sad eyes and gave me a sad smile.
“You’re okay. I just…didn’t expect to meet you like this. So I’m still kind of in shock.”
“Well when you announced you were going to get drunk in your office, I figured that you were shocked.”
“What did you think I did if you didn’t think I was actually in a band?”
“I thought you were like a producer or an assistant or something like that. I didn’t actually think you were this big recording artist for Simon.”
“So you knew I worked with him, but decided to get a band from his company anyway and didn’t even process that I could possibly show up?”
“Hey…shut up. You had more time to process that you were most likely going to meet me then I was about meeting you. You shouldn’t have looked so surprise when I figured it out.”
“Well I was trying to hide it but when you and Jo came in talking about me, I couldn’t help but go pale.”
“What did you think? That you wouldn’t meet me?”
“Well you do work for one of the largest fashion companies in the world. I figured there were so many people working there, the odds of me actually seeing you were slim. I didn’t know you were as high up in the company as you actually were.”
“I’m literally an assistant with CEO jobs.”
“Why’s that?”
“Everyone thinks it’s because I’m going to become the partner in the company. I think it’s because I just know what the fashion world is outside of the office since I’ve followed it for as long as I can remember.”
“Why won’t you give yourself any credit?”
“Because I’m an assistant. I don’t really get any credit.”
“How long have you been working there again?”
“Since August.”
“And its December…you’ve been there long enough to know how fashion works inside and outside of the office so I wouldn’t be surprised if you were promoted.”
“I just think you’re all crazy.”
“No, we all just believe in you.” She rolled her eyes and looked back down at her coffee.
“Okay whatever; so tell me about your job?”
“I don’t know; right now all were doing is working on our first album and traveling the world and promoting our album and our band. It hasn’t been anything overly exciting. Only a lot of work.”
“I don’t know; travelling the world sounds pretty exciting to me. I’ve always wanted to travel everywhere in existence.”
“Really?” I was a little surprised since she only moved one state over and never even tried to go anywhere else; that and she never mentioned this to me before.”
“Well yeah…there’s a whole world out there, full of wonders and different things that I’ve never seen.”
“Then why don’t you travel?”
“Because I’m not Anastasia. I don’t have the money nor the time to do that. And even if I did have the money, I wouldn’t have the time because I’m an assistant. The higher ups are the ones who do all the travelling. I just sit behind a desk.”
“I’m sure it won’t be like that for too much longer.” She half smiled and looked back down.
“How did we get back on the topic of me?” I shrugged and took a sip of my coffee.
“I don’t remember. But it’s cold as hell with that door constantly opening. Is there anywhere we could go where I won’t freeze my ass off?”
“My flat, your flat…not many places. It’s New York City…what do you expect? There are doors in every building.”
“Okay smart ass…” Bethany smiled again and sighed when her phone started buzzing. She glanced down at it and sighed.
“Hold on.” She said as she answered her phone.

“Yes Anastasia?”
“Where are you?”
“I finished all my work for the day…”
“Well I have to talk to you. Where are you?”
“I’m right down the street.”
“Well come back. Your date with famous boy can wait.”
“Yes ma’am.” I said, not bothering to correct her. “I’ll leave now.”
“See you in a few minutes.” Anastasia said right before hanging up.
“You’re leaving?” Harry asked sadly.
“Anastasia said she needed to see me at the office. I’ll see you at the office tomorrow.” Harry nodded and I stood up, said goodbye, and walked back to the office.

“Hey mate; how was coffee with them mystery girl?” Zayn asked.
“It was alright. She had to leave though because her boss called her.”
“Is that you’re back early?” Niall asked, being clueless as ever.
“Well…yeah?” I said slowly.
“Right!” Niall said, finally making the connection.
“So are you going to see her again?” Liam asked me.
“We didn’t make plans. All she said it that she would see me tomorrow at work.” I shrugged, not thinking too much into it.
“Mate…you didn’t ask her out?!” Louis exclaimed.
“No? I didn’t plan on asking her out.”
“Why?” Zayn asked.
“Why should I?”
“She’s gorgeous. Would you really want to pass her up? It’s obvious you’re attracted to her physically and mentally.” Louis said.
“Like how she thinks, her personality; you obviously like her.” Liam added in.
“What makes you think that?”
“If you didn’t like her personality, you wouldn’t be so concerned about her writing you back or not. And it’s obvious you’re physically attracted to her or you wouldn’t have stared her down like crazy when you met her.” Zayn said, almost laughing at me.
“I don’t see how any of this is funny or relevant.” I said slowly.
“Just ask her on a date.” Louis said shaking his head.
“Alright then…” I said slowly. After that conversation, they all started talking about the other female models that were at the fitting. I just rolled my eyes and joined them on the couches, not joining in.
The next day after we had arrived at Anastasia’s building, I had immediately started looking for Bethany but she was nowhere to be seen.
“Have you seen Bethany?” I asked Jo, and Jo smirked.
“Yeah, last night I was at her place. She was stressed as fuck though.”
“Why is that smile worthy?” I asked, kind of upset.
“You’ll figure it out later.” Jo said as she continued working with me.

“Are you ready for the press release?” Anastasia asked me. I nodded, jittery as hell. “Put on a smile please and stop looking so nervous. You know what you’re doing.”
“Two minutes, ladies.” We both nodded as the make-up artists did last minute touch ups.”
“Do you remember what we’re going to say? There isn’t a teleprompter. No one knows what’s about to happen here.” Anastasia pointed out.
“Yeah, I remember.”
“If you forget, please improvise, but make it sound good.”
“I can easily do that.”
“I know you can. That’s why you’re here with me.”
“I know…” I smiled at her and she gave me a half smile.
“Just remember…I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t think you could do it. I trust you.” I smiled up at her and she smiled back at me again.
“Thirty seconds!” This snapped me back to reality and I got nervous all over again.

“GUYS IT’S ON!” Jo screamed. Everyone dropped what they were doing and turned to the TV. The guys and I looked at each other, confused as hell but turned to the TV.
“And we’re back; we are about to welcome our special guests and one of my best friends, Anastasia Blu!” Everyone started screaming and clapping and Anastasia walked out onto stage, waving. “And welcome back!” Justice said, hugging Anastasia.
“Thanks darling; how have you been?”
“Wonderful actually.”
“No extra stress from all the extra work your company has suddenly been pumping out?”
“Well it wasn’t really me; it was my assistant.”
“You’re assistant did all that? Well damn, sign her up to be my assistant.” Justice said, making everyone laugh. “If I understand correctly, she’s here?”
“Yes she is…we both had some news we wanted to share and since you’re my best friend, I felt you deserved to know first.”
“Well first along with the rest of my viewers.” Justice pointed out.
“Well I thought it was talk show worth over newspaper worthy.”
“Well that’s some serious shit there. Shall we welcome out Anastasia’s assistant, Bethany!” The crowd started clapping again and Jo started getting all excited. Bethany walked out, looking more business-like than usual and was smiling and waving. She sat down next to Anastasia and smiled over at Justice.
“Thank you for having me.” Bethany said. You could tell she was nervous as hell, but wasn’t trying to show it.
“No thank you for coming here; if my best friend has some news about her company and brings someone along, she has to really like that bitch.” Bethany started laughing and genuinely smiled.
“Well I’m glad I’m a liked bitch then.” Bethany said, making Justice and Anastasia laugh.
“Alright, I like her. How old are you? You certainly don’t look that old.”
“Oh I’m extremely old; I haven’t even hit my twenties yet.”
“Shit, calm down. You’re going to be in a walker soon.” Justice said, leaning back in her chair as she waved her hand.
“Tell me about it.” Bethany said, shaking her head.
“So about this news…what’s going on?” Justice asked, turning serious.
“I think I need our third quest for this announcement.” Anastasia said.
“Wait…what? I didn’t know you brought another person along?”
“I didn’t tell anyone, except Bethany. Can we bring out Pam?” Anastasia asked. Everyone in the office immediately started looking at each other in shock.
“Who’s Pam?” I asked Jo.
“Just watch.” Jo said, not taking he eyes off the TV.
“Who’s this?” Justice asked, confused.
“This…is my lawyer.”
“Why do we need a lawyer?” Justice asked, still confused.
“Here you go; I’ll let you be the first to know.” Anastasia said as she handed her a stack of papers. She was reading the papers and suddenly her eyes went wide and she stood up, hugging both Bethany and Anastasia.
“Congratulations to you both!” She then turned to the crowd and smirked. “They didn’t get married, don’t worry.” Everyone started laughing and everyone turned to Bethany and Anastasia.
“Care to explain, boss?” Bethany asked, smirking. Anastasia smirked and nodded.
“I’m announcing that I no longer own 100% of Anastasia Blu Fashion Companies.” Everyone gasped and started whispering; in both the crowd and here in the room. “I’ve decided to give Bethany 50% of my company; she’s now my partner.” Jo screamed and started clapping, along with everyone else. “Pam is here to allow us the sign the contract. We’ve reviewed the contract over already, we just wanted to sign it in your presence since you’re my best friend.” Justice smiled and hugged Anastasia again.
“Bethany, what do you have to say about this?” Justice asked her.
“Well on a serious note, I’m insanely scared and nervous but I know I can do it. If I can handle being an assistant to her, I can handle working with her hand in hand. On a joking or sarcastic note, I’m fucking pumped being 19 half running a company.” Everyone laughed and clapped.
“Pam?” Justice said, handing the papers back to her. Pam smiled and handed both Bethany and Anastasia pens.
“Anastasia, please sign here, Bethany please sign here then turn to page 13.” They nodded and both signed then turned through the contract. Pam repeated the same thing a few times but for different pages before taking the contract back. “You two are now officially partners. Congratulations Bethany.”
“Thank you.” Bethany said, smiling. Everyone stood up, screaming and clapping. Everyone in the office jumping around, hugging each other, and screaming, overly excited. I smiled, happy for her; insanely happy for her actually.
“That’s why she’s stressed out; that’s what she found out yesterday when she had to leave your coffee date early. Anastasia had drawn up the contract and asked her if she was okay with becoming her partner.”
“Holy shit…” I said slowly.
“Yup…which means I’m up for a promotion soon.” I laughed at Jo and everyone turned off the TV and went back to work.
A few hours later, Anastasia and Bethany had arrived back at the office. Everyone was congratulating Bethany and Anastasia for everything and I just stood there looking at her. I was smiling to myself, wanting for nothing more than to go congratulate her but if I moved, I would have seven pins shove into my leg. So I just stood there and watched.

After all the commotion died down, I was making my rounds around the room to see how everything was working out. After I had finished my rounds, I finally made it to Jo and hugged her tightly.
“Congratulations girl!” Jo said to me.
“Thank you. I guess you were right.” I said quietly.
“Of course I was!”
“Don’t push it; or your salary won’t move.” I said, pointing in her face.
“Yes ma’am. So what is my new job?”
“You’re still my assistant, you’re pay is just a hell of a lot better.”
“Seriously? By how much?”
“By about $30,000 a year.”
“Stop fucking with me.”
“I’m not, I’m being deadass serious; but after today, you and I have a meeting first thing tomorrow morning about your new responsibilities since you’re now a higher-ups assistant.”
“Alright…sounds good to me.”
“Good; finish up here and then you have some paper work to fill out.” Jo nodded and turned back to the guys. I nodded at the guys and half smiled then walked out of the room and went to go move all my stuff from my assistant office, to my new office right next to Anastasia’s that was also three times the size of my office now. I could probably fit a whole bedroom, living room, and bathroom in there, plus maybe some kitchen appliances if I really wanted to. It was insane but I was excited and I was going to do everything I could to keep this position.

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