And it started with a haircut

When Marty moves in with her hairdresser Mrs.Becky and her teenage son, she says it would be fun, but would it?


2. Murphy and An Aussie

"Are you sure you want me to meet Michael now?" You asked slightly paranoid "definitely!!!" She said shaking her purple ponytail around excitedly. "He is going to love you!" She beamed "you to would make the cutest couple, I'm just busting for you to meet him!" She laughed and You could feel your face heating up.

We pulled into the drive way and out from the gate came the most beautiful dog You have ever seen in my life, but then again he was your dog, " how did you get Murphy here?" You asked and her face brightened "I called your mom and she had him shipped!" You both looked down at your big saint Bernard and giggled as he liked his nose as he sniffed toward a fly in the air. "Lets go meet my offspring" she said and You just laughed "Mikey get your butt down here boy" she laughed and pointed one finger at the steps. As soon as the 6'3 boy with red hair came down the steps, Murphy tackled him, "who is this?" He asked laughing slowly getting up."Murphy" You said and the he came over to you and said "and who is this?" You laughed "I'm Y/N"

"Y/N and Murphy" he said laughing "ok,laugh it up" You said "and who might you be?" "Im Michael" he said he had so much swagger for being Australian. Mrs.Becky just sat there and let you talk then she said "Y/N is going to live with us!!" Without saying a word Michael grabbed your wrist and pulled you up the stairs.

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